It will have happened to someone often. You are there, in front of your smart TV, your PC or your tablet. You want to watch something on Netflix or HBO, must-see series and movies that keep you glued to the screen, and you end up falling into the usual trap: you spend the whole evening browsing the catalog, peeking at the trailers overwhelmed by indecision and an offer in which it is easy to get lost as in a labyrinth. This is how the evening ends, leafing through TV series without seeing one.

Well, since we’ve been there too, we’re here to remedy that. We are here to guide you through a dense jungle of episodes and seasons, twists and cliffhangers. We are here to give you a practical and essential guide to the TV series to watch.

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The 100 Greatest TV Series Of All Time

Since the tastes of viewers are now clear to everyone, The Hollywood Reporter recently wondered which TV series is preferred by television professionals. To remove this atavistic doubt, the magazine asked 779 actors, 365 producers and 268 filmmakers to elect their favorite series.

This is how at the top of the ranking we find Friends , the famous TV series of the 90s with Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler and Monica. After 10 years of episodes, the show ended in 2004, but despite this, reruns of the episodes continue to air.

The second position is instead occupied by a new generation series. Yes, you already understand what it is: Breaking Bad. Much appreciated by both the public and critics, BB reached the top despite his young age. Just behind the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman series comes another glory of the 90s: The X-Files, whose fans are eagerly awaiting the tenth season scheduled for 2016. GoT is immediately at the foot of the podium, while Twin Peaks does not exceed the 20th position. Here are the top 100 positions:

1. Battlestar Galactica

Epic reboot of the sci-fi series on the cult of the same name from the 70s: the Cylons, perfect machines created by man, rebel against their creators by destroying the 12 Colonies of Kobol and forcing the survivors, just 47,000 souls, to flee to look for a new planet to live in, the legendary thirteenth colony: the Earth. Hunted, hungry, plagued by religious visions, will Commander Adam and President Laura Roslin be able to lead humanity to salvation?

2. Loki

At the moment the official plot of the series is not yet known, but it will center around the adventures of the character of Loki, Thor’s adoptive brother, who lived as an Asgardian prince until the events of the first feature film dedicated to the character played by Chris Hemsworth.

3. Breaking Bad

Chemistry teacher Walter White has received a terminal diagnosis of cancer and desperately decides to go into the production of meta-amphetamines to ensure a “financial cushion” for his family after his death. But the path of lawlessness will change Walter forever, transforming him into a dangerous character feared by all who will consume his humanity until it is unrecognizable.

4. Young Royals

Prince Wilhelm must adjust to his new life at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school, but following his heart is more difficult than he expected.

5. The Band of Brothers

Dramatic mini-series that tells the historically events that happened to the ‘Easy’ Company, part of the 506 Infantry Regiment of the 1st Paratrooper Division of the US Army during the Second World War, from the landing in Normandy, to the Battle of the Ardennes until the end of the conflict.

6. The Simpsons

The hilarious, and often surreal, adventures of the best-known American family on the small screen. Between hilarious moments, satirical jokes and irreverent scenes, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie lead their “normal” life in the city of Springfield.

7. Star Trek

Legendary sci-fi series that has made entire generations travel with the imagination developing on the big and small screen: it all stems from the five-year journey of exploration of the spaceship Enterprise to explore strange, new worlds, under the command of Captain Kirk; the crew also includes Vulcan Spock, Doctor McCoy, Lieutenant Uhura, Chief Engineer Scotty, Navigator Chekhov and Helmsman Sulu.

8. Game of Thrones

Fantasy series adaptation of George RR Martin’s literary saga narrates the battle to conquer the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, between political intrigues, bloody wars, alliances and betrayals between the various Houses of the kingdom, while the truth lies in the north of the Great Wall, enemy of men, a race of frigid and monstrous creatures that possess enormous power over the living and the dead. Who will triumph in the end? And who will sit on the legendary Game of Thrones?

9. The West Wing

The professional and private affairs of the staff of the President of the United States, located in the West Wing of the White House. Between budget problems, clashes with Congress, international intrigues, subterfuges and anything else to carry out the administration of the country. Sometimes at the expense of private life, sometimes at the expense of one’s morality.

1o. The Sopranos

Drama series about Tony Soprano, a classic middle-aged businessman. Sure his job is to be a mafia boss, but he’s still a normal person: he has a diligent wife, a rebellious son, an uncle who’s out of mind, a rash nephew and his mistress is, like cliché, his secretary. And like all self-respecting stressed men, he also goes to the analyst to treat his anxiety and panic attacks.

11. The Wire

Crime series, with an extremely realistic tone, set in Baltimore, Maryland, one of the cities with a frightening crime rate second only to Detroit; The plot follows the struggle between a gang that controls drug trafficking and distribution in the city and a special unit of the police force that tries to obtain the evidence to arrest the leaders of the group and ensure their conviction.

12. Mad Men

Mad Men – Drama series that follows the lives of some advertisers who work for the Sterling Cooper agency on Madison Avenue, with a particular focus on creative executive Donald Draper. Set in the 1960s, during the presidential campaign that saw Democrat John Kennedy and Republican Richard Nixon challenge each other, the series describes the social changes taking place in those years.

13. Dexter

Crime drama about Dexter Morgan, a Miami forensic hematologist who hides a terrifying secret: behind his friendly smile, Dexter is a relentless serial killer. His prey is part of the usual categories targeted by these human monsters, thanks to his father’s teachings, Dexter only kills criminals who have escaped justice. But how long will he be able to escape the law?

14. The Firefly

Cult sci-fi about the adventures of the crew of the Serenity ship, a Firefly-class spaceship under the command of Captain Malcolm Reynods. Together with the other crew members, Reynolds deals with smuggling and trafficking at the limits of legality, defying the laws of the Alliance that governs the galaxy. After welcoming two fugitives on board, the Tam brothers, life on board becomes even more complicated …

15. The Shield

Detective Vic Mackey leads a select unit called the Assault Squad, made up of crime-fighting cops willing to act by Vic’s rules. But these rules often cross the vague boundary between legality and illegality. The new district captain disagrees with these methods and would like to get rid of Vic … except to turn to his help whenever the situation becomes critical.

16. Doctor Who

Resume the adventures of the most beloved and long-lived Time Lord of the small screen: the Doctor is back among us, regenerated and ready to travel in time and space with his new adventure companions, Rose, Mickey, Martha, Donna, and still others with whom he will live new, amazing adventures, fighting enemies old and new, including the fearsome Daleks, the Cybermen and even the ancient nemesis of the Doctor: the Master.

17. The Walking Dead

Apocalyptic drama about a devastating virus that has exterminated humanity, transforming the face of the planet. The story follows the misadventures of a group of survivors of the rampant hordes of zombies: led by former policeman Rick Grimes, they wander in search of a safe place to take refuge, but the “wanderers” are not the only dangers in their way. survival can come at a very high cost.

18. Supernatural

Supernatural – Horror drama that revolves around the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, two “hunters” of monsters, ghosts, vampires, demons, whose lives are intrinsically linked to the fate of the human race.

19. True Detective

Series of an anthological nature of a detective subject; each season has its own story, a new group of characters, a new mystery or crime to investigate.

20. The Dark Angel

A group of genetically enhanced kids manage to escape from the research lab where they were born and raised. Years later, Max, one of those guys, works as a delivery boy at a delivery company in a company pushed to the limit by an electromagnetic catastrophe.

21. Time Travel

Sam Beckett is a brilliant scientist who has invented a way to travel through time. Eager to prove the validity of his work and to get the funding confirmed, Sam enters the quantum accelerator and vanishes. Traveling through time, taking the place of the people he ‘jumps’ to, Sam tries to make up for the mistakes of fate. His only guide is Al, his friend and collaborator, who in the form of a hologram helps him to rearrange the ‘mistakes’, at the same time looking for a way to bring him back home.

22. Ash vs. Evil Dead

Horror-action series, sequel to The House: Ash is a monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, refusing to mature and escaping the horrors of the ‘House’. But when a deadly plague threatens to wipe out mankind, Ash is forced to deal with his own demons.

21. 24: Live Another Day

The most electrifying action-drama ever produced: the heart-pounding adventures of Jack Bauer, a federal agent in a constant race against time to thwart yet another attack that risks triggering conflicts on a global scale. Each episode is an hour in Jack’s life, an hour lived to the last second. Reopened by Fox for a further season in 2014, after closing in 2010.

25. The Witcher

The new Game of Thrones? Yes and no. Yes, precisely because it is not Game of Thrones. It does not intend to be. That of The Witcheris an old-fashioned “sword and sorcery” fantasy, dedicated to reluctant anti-heroes and dangerous witches who roam an inhospitable land. Yes, because The Witcher is a long-lived saga, in which the characters have a broad and traumatic evolutionary arc. Yes, because Netflix will be able to delve for a long time into a fascinating, murky and cruel imagery, full of myth, stories and folklore with a Slavic flavor No, because The Witcher does not (deliberately) have the epic breath of Game of Thrones. At the center of the story there is no collective design but intimate and personal events. No power play, no hunger for conquest, just people trying to find their place in the world.

26. Dollhouse

The young Echo is part of a group of select human beings in whom artificial memories are implanted, and who are then employed in particularly dangerous and delicate missions. When strong suspicions begin to arise in her, the girl begins to investigate her own past and that of the other ‘dolls’.

27. The Magnum PI

Thomas Magnum, a former marine veteran of the Vietnam war, decides to change his life and move to the Hawaiian Islands. He meets the famous Robin Masters, author of best sellers, who hosts him in his dream mega-villa and gives him full access to Ferrari. Magnum decides to capitalize on the skills accumulated during his years of military service and begins working as a private investigator. He will find valuable help in his friends Rick and TC and in the reticent Jonathan Quayle Higgins, Butler of Villa Masters, whose love for old guerrilla stories is matched only by that for his beloved Dobermans.

28. Inspector Coliandro

Inspector Marco Coliandro is a somewhat particular, ironic and self-deprecating investigator. He combines all the colors, he is impulsive but pure of heart, he often finds himself in trouble but in the end, thanks to his stubbornness and meticulousness, he goes through with his investigations and always deals with the most complicated cases.

29. Yellowstone

Yellowstone – Drama series about a farming family in Montana who find themselves fighting for their land.

30. Dr House: Medical Division

Under the executive production of Bryan Singer, a new series about the mysteries of medicine is born, in which the villain is a disease to be overcome and the hero a combative and unconventional doctor who does not trust anyone, much less his patients.

31. Your Honor

The son of a New Orleans judge is involved in a car accident, a situation that starts a game of lies, deceptions and impossible choices.

32. Starsky and Hutch

Two policemen who have nothing in common, if not a sense of justice and duty, fight against crime aboard the legendary red Ford Gran Torino with a white stripe on the sides. Despite the diversity that separates them, Starsky and Hutch become great friends, and the differences between them soon become a strength of the intrepid duo.

33. Miami Vice

The exploits of two undercover cops, James ‘Sonny’ Crockett and Ricardo ‘Rico’ Tubbs, who fight crime in an atmosphere full of glamor and charm typical of the 80s.

34. Westworld

The sci-fi drama revolves around a futuristic western-style amusement park where the “attractions” are made up of androids so realistic and technologically advanced that they pass for humans. Guests pay hefty bucks to live out their fantasies, but what happens when the androids begin to suspect the truth about their true nature?

35. Black Sails

Captain Flint is the most feared pirate of the seven seas and together with his crew lives on the island of New Providence, a paradise for adventurers, thieves, prostitutes and desperate seekers of fortune. Flint takes under his wing the new member of his crew, a young man named John Silver, in possession of a map indicating the location of a Spanish treasure that Flint wants to get his hands on.

36. Twin Peaks

Crime series with supernatural tones, Twin Peaks is a television cult following the investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer, an apparently innocent teenager loved by the whole city. FBI Agent Dale Cooper is convinced the killer is the same serial killer he’s been hunting for a year, but the investigation will uncover all the rotten, and mysterious forces, hiding behind the smiling. mountain town.

37. Spartacus

The story of the greatest Roman gladiator, separated from the love of his life and forced to live in a bloody arena where he must fight to survive, seduced by power and tormented by revenge.

38. Vikings

Historical drama about Viking tribes revolving around the figure of the legendary warrior Ragnar Lothbrok: we follow his rise from simple farmer and fisherman to the throne of Sweden and Denmark. Ragnar is an almost mythical figure in Nordic history and embodies the pure Norse tradition; legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war.

39. The Star Trek: Enterprise

A century before Captain Kirk, humanity boarded the Enterprise to depart for unknown space under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer and handsome Vulcan second officer T’Pol.

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40. Ginny & Georgia

Ginny Miller, a tormented 15-year-old, often feels more mature than her 30-year-old mother, the irresistible and dynamic Georgia Miller.

41. Rescue Me

Recently divorced, Tommy Gavin faces fears of his job as a firefighter and the restlessness of seeing his ex dating other men.

42. The Buffy Vampire Slayer

High school student Buffy Summers discovers she is the “chosen one”, a girl with special powers and destined to fight against the vampires and all evil creatures that threaten the Earth, along with her friends Xander and Willow and the Observer Mr. Giles. But fate is cruel and among the many battles he will have to face, the most difficult will be the one against his love for Angel, a vampire “cursed” by the gypsies, who has stolen the heart of the fearless Slayer.

43. Poirot

The adventures of the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot born from the pen of Agatha Christie, who solves the most heinous crimes based on the logic and the help of the faithful Captain Hastings.

44. Outlander

Historical drama with a fantasy background: in 1945 Claire Randall is with her husband in Scotland for a second honeymoon in the Highlands. On a walk, Claire crosses an ancient stone circle and suddenly finds herself thrown back in time, suddenly a foreigner in a Scotland torn by war and clan conflicts in the year of the Lord 1743.

45. Batman

Based on the comic of the same name, the series tells the story of Bruce Wayne, a man who lost his parents as a child to a criminal. Heir to the immense fortune of the Waynes, Bruce grows obsessed by the trauma that marked him and decides to use his billions to fight the forces of crime, assuming a secret identity: Batman. With the help of trusted butler Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and friend Robin, Batman becomes a legendary figure, champion of justice and nemesis of all Gotham City thugs.

46. Friends

One of the most beloved television comedies ever about a group of six friends in their thirties, the plot takes place mainly in two apartments and a Coffee-Bar: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey share dreams, loves, disappointments and hopes between hilarious gags and fast-paced jokes.

47. Tru Calling

A college graduate who works in the city morgue is able to relive the same day in order to prevent murder or other disasters.

48. A-Team

Four veterans, accused of a crime they did not commit, help the innocent while on the run from the army.

49. Longmire

Based on a series of novels by Craig Johnson, the series tells the story of Walt Longmire, a sheriff of a small town in Wyoming. Walt has been a widower for a year, but while the pain of his loss is still fresh, he buries him under his overwhelming irony and his affable smile.

50. The X-Files

A sci-fi drama that has won over millions of fans around the world, follows the investigation of two FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who are committed to solving “bizarre” and seemingly inexplicable cases often linked to “third party” encounters. like, “without knowing that they themselves are involved in a mysterious conspiracy to colonize Earth by an alien race.

51. Lady Oscar

Year of grace 1755. Three lives are born in three countries of the European continent that fate will bring to Versailles: Marie Antoinette, the youngest child of Maria Theresa of Habsburg empress of Austria; Hans Axel von Fersen, son of a noble representative of the Swedish Hattars and Oscar François de Jarjayes, daughter of a general in the service of Louis XV of France who wanted a son at any cost.

52. Modern Family

Comedy about the daily tribulations of Jay Pritchett’s family. The family includes Jay’s second wife, stepson, a young son, and the families of his now grown children from their first marriage.

53. The Adventures of Lupine

Lupine III together with his companions Jigen, infallible sniper, Goemon, skilled swordsman, through very ingenious shots manages to seize great treasures and fortunes …

54. Sons of Anarchy

Drama series set in the micro-cosmos of “outlaws” on two wheels: Jackson Teller, for friends Jax, struggles to find a balance in his life as a young father, between his responsibilities towards the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club and towards his family … but walking a tightrope is very risky and sooner or later you risk slipping into the abyss.

55. Boardwalk Empire

The legendary origins of the gambling mecca, Atlantic City, from a small beach resort to the casino empire of today.

56. Castle

Crime series that follows novelist Richard Castle: mystery writer who has just ‘killed’ his best-known character, Castle finds himself without inspiration at least until he finds himself involved in a murder case and is struck by Detective Beckett, a a charming woman with a formidable flair who will soon become, despite herself, Rick’s muse.

57. Lie to Me

The story of a fraud artist who helps the FBI, local police and law firms uncover the truth in single-handed cases.

58. I was hoping de died first

The last year and a half of Francesco Totti’s career. Between present and past, public and private, “Speravo de morì prima” traces very seriously, but with the tone of comedy, the eighteen months that go from the return of Luciano Spalletti on the Rome bench to the most poignant farewell to the ball in the history of football. A year and a half of war against two opponents who do not even discount Francesco Totti: time and the coach. A war that divides a city and the football community. A war fought with passion and torment by a footballer who does not want and above all fails to put an end to a dream career, all lived wearing always and only a shirt.

59. Lost

The survivors of a plane crash are stranded on a seemingly deserted island that will soon reveal its dangers and mysteries.

60. The Carnivale

Set in the 1930s during the Depression, the series tells the story of Ben Hawkins and Justin Crowe. Ben is a boy with strange healing powers who, after his mother’s death, is greeted by a walking carnival while Justin is a Methodist pastor who lives with his sister Iris in California. Brother Crowe also has strange powers and believes they are a gift from the Lord. In reality, both are engaged in a battle between the forces of good and evil and must find out which side of the board they are on.

61. ER – Doctors on the front line

The life and work of a team of doctors in a Chicago emergency room.

62. Smallville

Years before becoming Superman, Clark Kent is a teenager struggling with school, love, the discovery of himself and his superpowers.

63. House of Cards

Political drama about Francis Underwood: After helping to get the President elected with the promise that he would become Secretary of State, Underwood is betrayed by the new commander-in-chief who refuses to keep his word. At this point all that remains is to plan a ruthless revenge by targeting the presidential chair.

64. American Horror Story

Anthological series with horror themes: we start with a haunted house, we move on to the inhumane conditions of the mentally ill locked up in institutes during the ’60s, to alien abductions, genetic experiments and even to the witches of Salem. Click here for the best horror books in history.

65. Prison Break

Sentenced to death for the murder of a powerful Washington man, Lincoln Burrows claims he is the victim of a conspiracy. The only one who believes in him is his brother Michael Scofield, a construction engineer, who has concocted a plan to make him escape, but to put it into practice he must be locked up in the same prison. From here begins a long, daring escape for freedom for Michael, his brother and the others who will join them.

66. The Wonder Woman

Diana, the Amazon princess daughter of Queen Hippolyte, leaves Themyscira island to build a life among humans by assuming the false identity of Diana Prince, using her superpowers to fight the forces of evil and oppose the injustices that are unleashed on the innocent.

67. The Incredible Hulk

Dr. David Banner, a brilliant scientist specializing in molecular biology and genetics, is widowed after a car accident. Overwhelmed with guilt for not being able to save his wife, David buries his pain in research to make the most of human physical strength. Following a bomardination with gamma rays, the molecular structure of Dr. Banner transforms, giving birth to a monstrous being of green color that takes over the poor scientist whenever he is in the grip of anger or fear. Hunted by an unscrupulous journalist who gets him accused of murder, David is constantly on the run from the authorities; in search of a cure for his problem, Banner crosses the United States under a false identity.

68. Mother Father Son

The story of Max Finch, a man who started from nothing and became a media tycoon. After the end of his marriage with Kathryn, a wealthy heiress, he decides to abandon his empire and give it to his son Caden. The boy is a thirty-year-old who already runs one of his father’s newspapers, which has a self-destructive behavior that causes many problems and could also affect the kingdom that Max has built over the course of his life.

69. The Six Feet Under

Drama series that follows the events of an unusual American family, which privately operates in the funeral parlor sector in Los Angeles. When the head of the family dies, his wife Ruth, children Nate and David and daughter Claire find themselves grappling with the routine and peculiarities of the family business.

70. Homeland

Spy drama about Carrie Mathison, a brilliant CIA agent who suffers from a behavioral disorder that often creates problems with her work. Carrie has an incredible instinct when it comes to solving the puzzles that come before her, but often puts aside common sense in order to achieve the desired results, such as starting a relationship with a suspected terrorist, the sergeant of the marines Nicholas Brody. …

71. The Mentalist

The series tells the story of Patrick Jane, a detective who serves as an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. He has honed his observation and deduction skills to perfection, and lends himself to the CBI as a tool for solving the most complex cases. The team that works with him is made up of Teresa Lisbon, Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt.

72. Ralph Supermaxieroe

Ralph Hanley, is a high school professor who has a close encounter of the third kind while on a field trip with his students. The aliens study Ralph and decide he is a human being worth rewarding. They give him a red costume, complete with a cape and logo, which gives him superpowers and invulnerability. With the help of his girlfriend Pam and Special Agent Maxwell, Ralph decides to use his new powers to fight crime. Unfortunately, however, the new superhero has lost the instruction manual for his costume and this will cause a series of disasters especially related to his first take-offs.

73. Leverage – Illegal consultations

A group of thieves and scammers decides to change their lives thanks to the intervention of a former bottle-lover insurer who has full the pockets of the powerful who crush the weakest: in the footsteps of the legendary Robin Hood, Nate Ford guides Sophie, Parker, Eliot and Hardison in the crusade to punish rich thugs by helping out those who can’t afford it.

74. The Addams Family

The Addams are not what they call a normal family and take pleasure in many things that scare so-called ordinary people.

75. The Handmaid’s Tale

Dramatic series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, tells of a dystopian future in which women have lost all civil rights and are reduced to slavery. The story is told from the point of view of Offred, a woman belonging to the category of “handmaids”, forced to be used only for reproductive purposes.

76. Hawaii Five-0

Crime detective, remake of the famous 70’s series that follows the events of an elite group of the Hawaiian police who follow only the most sensational crimes and report directly to the Governor.

77. Continuum

Crime series with sci-fi tones about the character of Kiera Cameron, a detective from the year 2077 who finds herself trapped in modern-day Vancouver in search of a group of criminals from the future.

78. Lucifer

Based on the character from DC Comics, the fantasy series follows the exploits of the Lord of the Underworld, who, tired and bored of his realm, abandons the throne for the sunny beaches of Los Angeles. Once in town, Lucifer decides to open a super exclusive piano bar called LUX.

79. Banshee

Drama series about Lucas, a former convict and con artist who assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff assigned to a small town. However, his past continues to haunt him and he finds himself facing those he has previously betrayed during his criminal activities. Nonetheless, Lucas uses his new position to administer his own vision of justice …

80. The Andromeda

Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda ship were trapped on the edge of a black hole and frozen for three centuries, until they are freed by a mercenary vessel that arrives at the site. Finally free, Hunt is shocked by the idea that the confederacy is in crisis and that all known galaxies have fallen into barbarism, so he decides to embark on a journey into the cosmos to try to restore order.

81. Merlin

In a fantastic kingdom populated by dark creatures and mysterious characters stands the legendary city of Camelot, where spells and magic, at the behest of the cruel tyrant Uther Pendragon, have been banished from the kingdom forever, penalty: death. When Merlin, a young wizard with extraordinary powers, arrives in the kingdom, he immediately makes many enemies, including Prince Arthur, a young and stubborn heir to the throne. Thanks to the guidance of Uther’s medical sage, Gaius, Merlin will learn to use his powers not only to survive, but also to reveal the occult secrets that the mysterious Camelot hides. He will discover that his destiny and that of the heir to the throne Arthur are inextricably linked.

82. Burn notice – die hard

A renegade spy from the US government uses his special training to help people in need.

83. Stargate: Atlantis

Spinoff of the Stargate SG-1 series, the sci-fi action series tells the daily adventures – and misadventures – of the team led by Colonel Sheppard: Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex and scientist Rodney McKay. As they travel around the Pegasus galaxy battling the terrifying Wraiths, Atlantis remains under the watchful eye of Dr. Elizabeth Weir.

84. Another Life

Sci-fi drama follows astronaut Niko Breckenridge and his crew as they face terrible danger as they are on a mission to explore the genesis of an alien artifact.

85. Life On Mars

After being involved in a car accident, Chief Inspector Sam Tyler awakens in 1973. He will find himself collaborating with his colleagues from the past, facing the obstacles represented by investigative and scientific techniques more than thirty years behind. those he is used to.

86. Bosch

The plot centers on the figure of a LAPD detective and his unstoppable determination to get his hands on the killer of a thirteen-year-old boy. However, as he stubbornly continues his intent, he faces a murder trial, where the federal court finds him guilty of killing a serial killer in cold blood.

87. American Gods

Adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman: the plot tells a war between divinities, old and new: the traditional ones with biblical and mythological roots are losing the faithful who prefer the new entities that reflect the love of modern society for money, technology, media, celebrities and drugs.

88. 12 Monkeys

The sci-fi series, freely inspired by the film of the same name with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt , tells the adventures of a time traveler who from a post-apocalyptic future is sent into the past – our present – to search for the origin of a deadly plague that has virtually destroyed the human race.

89. Elementary

A modern reinterpretation of the character of Sherlock Holmes, here a former Scotland Yard consultant who solves crimes for the NYPD with the help of assistant Joan Watson.

90. Mayans MC

Spinoff of the famous Sons of Anarchy series, the show is set in the same universe created by Kurt Sutter and illustrates the story of the group of bikers “outlaw” Mayans, once rivals of SAMCRO and later allies. The series closely follows the tribulations of Ez Reyes, a probationary wannabe in the chapter of the California Mayans.

91. Commissioner Manara

Commissioner Luca Manara is young, capable, intuitive, nonconformist and very handsome. Of a beauty that one cannot fail to notice and of which he himself is almost unaware, receiving more troubles than advantages both in his private life and in his work. Manara finds herself collaborating with an old acquaintance of hers, the expert “crime scene” inspector, Lara Rubino.

92. Ragnarok

A small Norwegian town seems to be experiencing events of exceptional magnitude: hot winters, terrible and sudden downpours. Could Ragnarock be approaching? Can someone intervene in time?

93. Blue Bloods

A drama that takes place in the environment of the New York Police Department: for generations the Reagan family has worked in law enforcement and like his father before him, Frank has reached the rank of Head of the Department. His three children have followed the family tradition and together fight against crime and the pitfalls of corruption and politics.

94. Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Producer Dick Wolf has made another successful series in the wake of Law and Order, much loved by the public. The proven typology of the previous series is expanded, this time the public has a 360-degree view of the crimes. It is not the usual hunt for cops and thieves, we enter the criminal’s head and follow the story also from his point of view. The team of lawyers and investigators is under the command of Captain James Deakins, a competent professional who also knows how to juggle the world of politics, but who often has to deal with the deputy prosecutor Don Carver, a stubborn man, obsessed with quibbles and bureaucracy.

95. Alias ​​

Spy-action following the adventures of Sydney Bristow, a brilliant CIA agent engaged in a complex double game to bring SD-6, the organization that ruined her life, to its knees. Between missions, Syd will discover that she is personally connected to the prophecy of Milo Rambaldi, a 16th century inventor whose artifacts are the main focus of SD-6 …

96. The Expanse

Dramatic thriller set in the distant future, when the solar system is completely colonized: Detective Miller is tasked with investigating the case of a missing young woman, Julie Mao. At his side James Holden former first officer of an icebreaker ship. The two discover that Julie’s disappearance is linked to a vast and dangerous conspiracy …

97. NCIS – Crime Unit

Procedural crime originating as a spin off of JAG, NCIS describes the investigations of the United States Navy’s Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

98. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

The story of the famous Ludus of Batiatus and his first champion, the Ceticus Gannicus, who reached fame and glory by fighting famous gladiators on the sand consecrated by blood before Spartacus set foot there.

99. Ray Donovan

Drama series about the character of Ray Donovan, a fixer, the person to turn to to make all sorts of problems disappear. Ray is so good at his job that his clients are mostly celebrities from the star system. However, his talent fades when it comes to solving problems in his private life, especially when the demons of the past come back to haunt him …

100. The Bitten

Elena Michaels is a werewolf, indeed to be more precise she is the only female werewolf that exists. After leaving Stonehaven, her pack and the supernatural world behind, Elena receives a call from her Alpha asking her to return to the Sanctuary. Leaving Toronto and her job as a journalist, Elena returns home, a place of magic and rules where a man she has been trying to forget for years awaits her.

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