Ayn Rand is widely considered one of the most influential philosophers of the modern era. Her writing career spans decades and her works have been the source of much debate and discussion. If you’re wondering how many Ayn Rand books there are, this article will give you the answer.

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist and philosopher. She is best known for her two major works, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Her writing heavily influenced the libertarian movement of the 20th century, and she is still widely read today.

Ayn Rand’s Published Works

Throughout her career, Ayn Rand published several novels and novellas, as well as numerous essays and other non-fiction pieces. While some of these works were published under her birth name, Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, most are published under the name Ayn Rand. Here is an overview of her published works:


  1. We the Living (1936)
  2. Anthem (1938)
  3. The Fountainhead (1943)
  4. Atlas Shrugged (1957)


  1. The Strike (1925)
  2. Red Pawn (1927)
  3. The Early Ayn Rand (1928)
  4. The Unconquered (1940)


  1. For the New Intellectual (1961)
  2. The Virtue of Selfishness (1964)
  3. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (1966)
  4. The Romantic Manifesto (1969)


  1. Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology (1967)
  2. The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution (1971)
  3. Philosophy: Who Needs It (1982)

Ayn Rand’s Unpublished Works

In addition to her published works, Ayn Rand also wrote several unpublished works throughout her career. These works include novels, novellas, and essays which were never finished or released. Here is an overview of her unpublished works:

Unfinished Novels:

  1. The Little Street (1938)
  2. The Unconquered (1940-1941)
  3. The Fountainhead (second version, 1941)
  4. The Wreckage of Agathon (begun 1949)

Unfinished Novellas:

  1. Ideal (1954-1959)
  2. The Profiteers (1966-1967)

Unfinished Essays:

  1. Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World (1960)
  2. The Goal of My Writing (1961)
  3. The Left: Old and New (1962)

So, to answer the question of how many Ayn Rand books there are, we can conclude that there a total of 11 published works, 4 unpublished works, and 3 unfinished works. With such a wide variety of work to her name, Ayn Rand is definitely one of the most influential writers of the modern era and her works continue to challenge and stimulate readers.

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