When we find ourselves trying to involve a person, be it a man or woman, we must not forget that the human brain works with very specific rules. This means that at the base of the strategies of seduction or simply of the reconquest of partners, there is a rule of its own which often also follows psychological bases. However, we are not interested in the scientific part, but we are interested in understanding how the sensation of love works for the human brain, and therefore it will be the one that we should recreate to make sure that a person can miss us, and therefore get involved.

It is very important to create this situation, because if a woman or a man misses you, perceives that he needs you, and this need in his head makes him identify your person as something he cannot do without, from here on the mechanism that then generates love, affection, not being able to live without that person, after all, you will have heard this sentence a million times. It is not a random sentence, it is a sentence that expresses what people feel when they are really in love.

Sometimes the feelings you have for someone are not mutual. Are you madly in love with your partner when he, for his part, is simply attached? How to make your man fall in love? Follow our 15 tips.

The best ways to make him miss you

Nothing is more enjoyable than hearing someone you care about tell you that they miss you. Whether our last meeting was 24 hours or several weeks ago in the case of a long-distance relationship; separation (of bed) can always be beneficial.

Not only is being separated from your loved one an opportunity to spend time with yourself or with your friends, but it is also an opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the health of your relationship the qualities. So let’s get to the heart of the matter and find out how to make him miss you and make him impatient to meet you!

Fight his fear of losing him

If you are in love with a man who is not, you probably have to worry about losing him at any time. Fault. Because your actions, your attitude, your way of accepting everything from him exudes this fear. And if your partner understands it, he will profit bluntly. Admit that a man chasing you constantly is distracting but not exactly attractive. The solution: keep in mind that a person can be perfectly fulfilled in a relationship, without necessarily being in love with their partner. So, stop believing that you are in danger of him leaving you every moment. It is by stressing that you will provoke this heartbreak yourself.

Give him space

When he is in love, the two of you will probably have a long time together. But, until then, give him some space. Forcing someone to see you regularly doesn’t make them feel more attached. On the contrary. Allow him to be away from you, to wonder why he hasn’t heard from you, to reflect on your relationship. Out of sight out of mind ? Not necessarily.

Have your own thing

Any relationship is an exchange. And for a man to fall in love, there is no question of letting you get caught up in his only areas of interest and nod at the slightest of his proposals. Let him discover your world. Whether it’s country music or palace bars, it doesn’t matter. The essential ? May he have the impression that he is learning things by your side and that your presence can only enrich his existence. It also involves some particular signs: extravagant make-up, a mania – funny – which is specific to you, an immoderate taste for the color red… everything that can define you in her mind as “the girl who …”.

Don’t try to change him

While fine detail can be changed, an individual’s deep character is one to take or leave. If you have too many complaints about which to charge it, 2 solutions: accept his nature or leave it. Overwhelming him with criticism will not change him. Worse, this behavior risks a priori to scare him away. When faced with a desperately cold partner, don’t praise the couple. It won’t convince him to fall in love. Because these things cannot be controlled.

Don’t be impatient

If love at first sight exists, they are not numerous. Feelings are cultivated with patience and, in order to mature, sometimes need several seasons. Sprinkle your relationship with kindness and avoid oppression. Those who know how to wait do not necessarily come at the right time, but the more persevering put more chances on their side.

Play the game

Since you want to prove to him that you are a “good girl”, do not play with fire by being seduced in front of his eyes. But allow yourself to slip him that you are having dinner with a friend, that you are going to join your confidant, that you are celebrating the birthday of an old acquaintance – male, that goes without saying. In short, let him discover – almost for himself – that he is not the only male around you. Isn’t the fear of losing the other one of the breeding grounds for true love?

Be part of his daily life

To mark the heart, you have to mark the mind. Insinuate yourself casually into his daily life. Create rituals. The cinema on Sundays, a naughty text message in the morning, discovering new restaurants, registering for a joint activity … it’s up to you to find what will create a special bond between your two souls.

Keep a part of the mystery

By being mysterious, he will want you even more. If when we watch a trailer we can’t wait to see the entire movie, it’s for good reason! It’s because we get a taste of the film, without knowing all the twists and turns. We clearly don’t know the end. And the same thing happens when you meet a man for the first time. (This is especially true if you’re using dating apps where there’s a good chance you know a lot about her life, career, story even before the first date!)

Do not confuse sex and tenderness

If the stories of buttocks sometimes give rise to many demonstrations of tenderness, it is very rare that they lead to deeper feelings. Of course, nothing is impossible, but if you feel that your partner dreams of a sexual friendship more than a relationship with rose water, run away before – really – attaching yourself.

Surprise him

One of the big reasons for separations: weariness. On the contrary, the surprise seduces and intrigues. Show yourself elusive, both in your demeanor and your looks – boyish on Monday, flower girl on Friday. Show him that you are as interested in decoration as in video games, that you know how to be wise on certain occasions and deeply sassy on others, take him to the green then to the opera, reveal yourself as sensitive as it is strong. It is not about disguising you – he would fall in love with someone you are not – just to make him feel that he will not have made the turn of your personality in some evenings and that with you, he will not be bored.

Know how to give up

When you’ve tried everything, time has passed, you’ve struggled to show yourself in your best light and your feelings don’t change, you have to know how to give up. Love is not an exact science. This is undoubtedly what makes its charm. If you feel that your man will not exceed the simple bar of attachment, take your courage in both hands and walk off the stage with your head held high. All human relationships are based on compatibility. You will probably find a partner more suited to your character.

Don’t have expectations

It’s a common mistake every girl makes when she expects a man to be as attached to you as you are on him, or that he’ll be exactly like your man-lousy ex-boyfriend’s son. Remind yourself why you abandoned your ex. If it doesn’t come to your door with a dozen red roses every day, that doesn’t mean it’s not you.

Be honest

Make him feel like he has found his soul mate in you. The idea is to be honest. Listen sincerely to what he has to say. Ask questions and keep in mind what and who he is talking about so that the next time he brings it up, you can show him that you actually listen.

Don’t accept last-minute dates

This is a more subtle variation of the first way to make him lose even more. Never, I repeat, never, ever will it seem like you are hovering on the edge of your car seat waiting for him to find time for you. Not only does it make you look like the ultimate underdog, but it will make you take it for granted. You should never accept the option of being Plan B.

Great perfume

Pick the perfect perfume and remember that the key word here is subtlety. You will know it worked when it keeps leaning out. But remember to take it slow and don’t forget about perfumes. You also want to leave a trace of him on him so that he remembers you after he pushes you home.

Does he really love me? 15 things a man in love does

Does he really love me ? What is the clear evidence that your he is seriously in love with you? Well, traces may be difficult to spot in the early stages of a relationship, particularly if you’ve just met. New relationships are often complicated in the starting phase, but they are also super exciting. After all, no one wants to waste time on a “dead end” relationship or with a man who isn’t really interested in giving it all. So how do you know if your partner is really tempted to let go in the long run and fully open their heart?

Visual contact

If your partner is constantly on the lookout for your gaze and maintains eye contact, this is considered to be one of the biggest signs that he is in love with you. Eye contact is part of body language, it is the first sign to notice and applies to both men and women. In fact, most men look away when they’re not really interested in something. If you look at a man long enough you will begin to understand the precise moment when he loses his interest: when his eyes are distracted from you.

He cares about you

In the event that your he begins to really and deeply dive into who you are on the inside rather than your exterior, this means that he is in love with you. When a man loves a woman he wants to know her deepest secrets, her desires and her dreams. When he starts to analyze you deeply it means that he is falling in love even if he still does not want to admit it! Read Here


Among the irrefutable signs that testify to his falling in love it is worth noting that when a man cannot stop touching and cuddling you, then he is surely in love with you. If so, you should learn how to seduce a man with mutual words and pampering.

He introduces you to his friends

When a man truly respects a relationship, he can’t wait to introduce you to friends. A man in love is not afraid to introduce his woman to friends. He doesn’t care what others think, in fact he can’t wait to show them how happy he is with in his new relationship. So meeting his friends is one of the very first signs that he’s in love with you.

He introduces you to his family members

After friends, there are family members. Normally, men don’t introduce their women to family members so easily, especially mom and dad. In case your boyfriend introduces you to his parents, it is clear that this is a great sign of love and in this case he should be ready to admit it.

He makes you laugh

Being in love doesn’t have to be stiff and boring all the time. On the contrary, you have to have fun. If your partner makes you smile and laugh, makes you feel special, then it could be that man who ends up at the end of a church aisle waiting for you, he wants to marry you!

Spends his time with you

If a man doesn’t feel something special for you he might not want to spend his time in your company. If your partner is constantly looking for time to be around you it could be love. Whether it’s quick lunch meetings or whole weekends or days… well you should do the same thing too, spend your time with him.

He’s a little jealous

In reality it is completely normal for a man to feel a little jealous in some specific situations as long as this falls within the norm, that is, it does not become pathological or obsessive and above all it does not limit your freedom. The desire to have a woman’s attention all to oneself is an involuntary feeling when one is in love.

Talks about your future

If your boyfriend often mentions plans or future steps to take together, it is likely that he is in love with you and wishes to have a long-term relationship with you. So if he imagines long-term plans with you or even just simply jokes about what the two of you will be in the next 10 years, it means he probably wants you as his bride. No man thinks and talks about the future together unless he is sure of his love and his feelings for his woman.

Make compromises

The obvious sign that a man loves you deeply is when he is ready and willing to compromise even when he doesn’t want to inside him. Altruism is considered one of the first signs of falling in love.

He comes out of his enclosure

If for him to move away from his fence of habits is not a burden to make you happy, then he is in love with you, this is a sure sign. Men often don’t go out of their world for just anyone.

He is protective

The next sign on this list is that he tries to protect you. Usually when a man is protective of his partner’s well-being it means that his feelings and emotions for you are very strong. If he knows that you are out with friends or you are away on a trip alone and waits until late to know you are safe and sound (and not to control you) surely he is in love with you, even if he does not want to admit it.

He can’t stay angry with you for more than a day

If your partner can’t stay angry with you for more than a few hours, then it’s a sign of love. People, in general, and men in particular, who are in love, cannot stay angry with their loved one for a long time without repenting. Therefore, if he makes the initial move to make peace or to apologize even when he didn’t make a mistake and worries and why he loves you.

Your opinion is important

If your he appreciates your opinion and everything you say to him is a sign that he loves you and values ​​you as a whole. Especially if he talks to you before making an important decision or talks to you if something is bothering him.

Says “I love you”

In the end, the last but the biggest sign that he is in love with you is that he says “I love you”. When a man admits that he loves, he does so with certainty. Normally, it is not easy for a man to tell a girl he loves her. Men often, not all of course, have a hard time expressing their emotions and feelings.

6 small signs that make you understand that he is no longer in love with you

Do you have the impression that your relationship is going through a difficult time and want to decipher the signs that tell you that your boyfriend is no longer in love with you? Ok, first of all it must be said that every relationship has its ups and downs, so it may well be that in reality your him is still crazy with love for you, only that the feeling he has towards you is currently being stifled by others. problems that go beyond the couple and that may be related to work, health or his finances. But if you don’t feel safe in love right now , try looking at the situation with clarity.

He needs space

Until some time ago he was stuck to you like a mussel to a rock but now your he finds a thousand excuses not to see you, either because of a sudden business meeting or for that pizza with friends that he just can’t miss. The excuse of his sudden detachmentthen it could also be attributed to your too symbiotic and exclusive relationship during the first periods that, in the long run, made him distance from his dearest affections, making him put aside all his greatest passions such as the gym, soccer or evenings at the bar with friends. Having your own spaces is essential, so if at some point you choose to live moments of your own, because you have never lived them, it is not necessarily a bad sign, but if you have been balanced so far and each has had their own space and now he wants more, raises his antennas. If then, due to his sudden need for space, the phrase “ I have to find myself again ” came out of his mouth”, Then know that it is a very clear signal, only that he does not know how to tell you because he does not want to hurt you or, much more simply, because he is afraid of being alone.

He stopped doing things for you

A boy who loses interest in his partner becomes selfish , making her miss all those little attentions that were once fundamental. Whether it’s a surprise gift as well as a flower placed on the pillow or a love message stuck in the car door, it doesn’t matter, everything makes it clear that his desire to make you happy and see you smile is disappearing, just like the ‘ love that test (is) for you.

Talk about your relationship in a negative way

A man in love wants to settle conflicts within the couple and so, even when he vents with his closest friends, between one complaint and another, he still looks for a smart way to solve it by asking his BFF for advice. to iron out the problems. On the contrary, if he sees your relationship in a negative way and if his constant grievances no longer have the purpose of finding a solution but only to put you in a bad light this is not a good sign, as he is looking for the support of his friends to find the courage to leave you.

He has lost interest in keeping in touch

A loving couple seeks contact and when they are not together they always find a valid excuse for a short call or a ‘useless’ message. However, if he starts to flee from this point of view also disappearing for hours and hours, then it means that he is already starting to live his life without you.

Doesn’t treat you with respect

A relationship that is about to end brings with it resentment, sorrow and nervousness. If he has become impatient or even rude even about trivial things, be prepared to deal with an unpleasant situation and perhaps even a breakup. All your quirks that he once found funny and witty today no longer attract him and on the contrary, they almost start to annoy him, just like anything you say or do. But when the situation is so compromised, is it really worth trying to put the pieces back together?

He is strangely protective with his cell phone

Ok we do not want to alarm you more than necessary but if you have noticed that your partner has an unusual connection with his cell phone, here cat hatches us. In fact, if once he made you put it in your handbag and when he received a message he opened it quietly in front of your eyes, today the display always keeps it turned downwards so that your eyes cannot fall on the sender’s name. this or that WhatsApp. That he has something to hide? Probable, indeed we say that it is almost certain. Of course, this does not mean that you have betrayed or otherwise, may also be that he is ‘just’ doing the cock with an old flame or a girl known recently, the fact is that all those attentions that he once dedicated to you is addressing them to another or, alternatively, to his mobile phone, to which he is attacked 24 hours a day in a decidedly suspicious way.

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