Expensive, laser hair removal is still the long-lasting solution to put an end to waxing and all other hair eradication methods. operation, prices, precautions for use… you will know everything about the laser! Today, there is a great demand for laser hair removal among teenagers, for safe, long-lasting and effective hair removal. The choice of laser is the best option for reducing the amount of hair on the body in the long run. It is indeed one of the great sensitive subjects of youth.

Like most women, you make a point of keeping your distance from any form of unwanted hair. However, if nowadays many methods of hair removal are available, not all are equal in terms of constraints and disadvantages. And above all, few of them can claim to offer you what you really dream of: permanent hair removal.

Are you looking for the best technique to remove your hair effectively? If you want to save time and make an informed choice, here’s what you need to know about the different options available to you.

What is laser hair removal?

LASER stands for “Light amplification by Simulated of Radiation”, understand “Light amplification by amplification of radiation”. The laser sends radiation captured by the melanin contained in the hair. These radiations run along the hair to its root and destroy it by heating it and ensure permanent hair removal (including “long-term”, one or two remedial sessions to be provided every 8 years).

What to know before going to the laser

Laser hair removal is considered a medical act and can therefore only be provided by a doctor who has received dedicated training; dermatologists are the specialists. The risks associated with the laser are numerous: the burn in the first place, which can occur in the event of improper adjustment of the machine, or worse, affect organs such as the eyes; the depigmentation, then, which may be caused following exposure to the sun or the use of the laser on too dark skin; used on very fair skin (red type), the laser will not work properly (it will not find melanin to follow); the “paradoxical regrowth ” again, if used in an area where the hair is too fluffy or if the patient suffers from hormonal disorders, the laser can stimulate hair growth instead of destroying it. Finally, laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women.

First of all, you must make an appointment with a dermatologist and / or with one of the managers of the laser center of your choice. He must make a mandatory quotefor the areas to be treated and test the machine on said areas. This first contact is sometimes free, sometimes paying (at the price of a classic consultation); the prices and services offered vary greatly from one practitioner to another, and several quotes should be made before making a choice. Dermatologists who work in private practice are more reassuring than large dedicated centers which see dozens of patients pass a day, but their prices are often higher.

How does it work?

The greater the contrast between the color of the hair and that of the skin, the more effective the laser will be. This hair removal technique is therefore particularly suitable for people with fair skin and black hair. However, in recent years, there has been a specific type of laser to treat dark skin (but not black!), The NdYag laser, which is a little more painful than its big brother but just as effective. If you are particularly cozy, doctors may prescribe local numbing cream. (it should be applied 1 to 2 hours before waxing, in thick layers, so that the skin is always in contact with the product until the act itself, which is not always practical).

Increasingly popular over the years, permanent hair removal using laser hair is an effective technique and much appreciated by customers. The device emits a light pulse that targets the pigmentation of the hair under the skin. This light pulse penetrates up to about 3.5 mm under the skin and thus “explodes” the hair and its bulb.

After several sessions, we succeed in removing the majority of the hairs. Stubborn hairs can be removed with an alternative method, for example electrolysis or microtrolysis.

For whom and for which areas?

Permanent laser hair removal can be used on all parts of the body. However, in general, it is a method that is popular for waxing legs, armpits, mustache in men or upper lip in women. No matter what part of the body is being treated, bikini area for the beautiful swimsuit for the summer, you obviously need to protect your eyes from the light rays. This is why your esthetician will always ask you to wear protective glasses.

The laser’s light beam is “attracted” to the dark spots on the skin, making it easier to target the hairs when they are darker. If you have very pale hair, be it red, blonde, white or gray, it is best to discuss this with your esthetician before going ahead with laser hair removal. The same recommendation applies if you have very dark skin tone. It is the demarcation between the color of the hair and the skin that makes laser hair removal effective, so you have to assess whether this is the right method for you.

Fortunately, our revolutionary device, the Soprano Ice, can treat all skin types, even the darkest! We will tell you more about it below.

It should be noted that laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women and people who suffer from hormonal imbalances.

How many laser hair removal sessions?

It is necessary to repeat the laser sessions 6 to 8 times to obtain a permanent result. The sessions should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. It is therefore a project of several months, if you want to get rid of your unwanted hair. But what a joy to know that they are finally gone forever when the treatment is over! Moreover, the device we use is one of the most efficient on the market, and only 6 sessions are necessary to get rid of unwanted hair! This therefore means: a shorter treatment, and more money in your pockets!

Don’t forget: Generally speaking, tanning and laser hair removal don’t mix! Between treatments, avoid exposing the treated skin to the sun, even if it’s summer and you want to wear a beautiful dress. This could cause depigmentation of the skin. Therefore, it is better not to schedule your session just before your next summer vacation. But never mind! Once again, our device stands out from the crowd. Indeed, the Soprano Ice can even be used in summer and has almost no contraindication to sun exposure! It should obviously not be abused, but the risk of depigmentation is practically zero, if we compare with competing devices.

How much does it cost?

The rates vary from single to double according to dermatologists; to epilate an area with a laser, count several hundred euros (for small areas), several thousand for large. Laser hair removal requires a real big budget but is very profitable in the long term! And then, do not wonder, as soon as you wake up, if you can put on a skirt or go to the swimming pool, that is priceless!

●For the down, plan between 40 € and 50 € for a session;

●For the armpits, count between € 50 and € 75 per session;

●For the arms, plan between € 120 and € 150 per session;

●For the classic, Brazilian and full swimsuit, count respectively between € 60 and € 120, € 75 and € 150, € 100 and € 200 per session;

●For the half-legs, plan between 150 € and 175 € per session and around 400 € for the legs.

The benefits of laser hair removal

●Efficient, uniform and permanent hair removal

●Little painful compared to other hair removal methods

●Can be used on all parts of the body, including large areas

●Hygienic and safe method

●Suitable for both men and women

Possible side effects

Common side effects of laser hair removal include erythema, burning, and pain after treatment. In addition, the most serious include:





Most complications can be avoided by taking proper precautions with setting fluence, spot size, wavelength, and using proper device cooling. It is therefore important that the personnel who use it are trained and have a thorough knowledge of the techniques, complications or mechanisms of this type of practice.

Factors affecting the outcome

Several sessions are needed to treat all the hair follicles at the correct stage of growth. In most cases , 4 to 6 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart are necessary.

●The location of the hair(the armpits and pubis are the areas that respond best)

●The type of laser of choice

●The hormonal state, due to the high levels which stimulate hair growth

●The hair growth phase (it responds much better in the anagen phase)

●Skin color and hair color ( fair skin and dark hair get the best results)

●Treatment plan as well as the dependent operator

Preparations for the laser hair removal session

Once it has been decided to start laser hair removal treatment, any method of depilating the hair follicle should be avoided. In other words, in all sessions you have to work on the same hair follicle by applying heat.

The ideal is to go to the sessions with clean skin, without applying creams, perfumes or any product that could interfere with the procedure.

It usually takes the age of 16 to perform this type of procedure. Or after the first menstrual period, so that the hormonal axis is already ripe.

Do not expose yourself to the sun

You will not be able to receive treatment if you are sunburned or tanned. Many people choose to take this treatment in the fall or even in the winter. So you will have hairless skin next summer on the beach!

You should shave the area

This is because the laser will burn the follicle of the skin to prevent it from growing. You will also not be able to receive hair removal if you have had recent waxing. It is recommended to shave the day before your appointment for more comfort.

You cannot extend the duration of your epilation

If they agree to give you a full laser hair removal treatment, run! It is not the right thing to do. A permanent hair removal treatment is divided by sessions and by estimated duration.

Some of the light transmitted by the laser can be safely absorbed by your body and can last from 20 minutes to an hour. It will depend on the areas you are treating.

To be coherent

You have to remember that your hair follicles have their own growth cycle. If you are consistent you will get better results. It is recommended to go there every four or six weeks for maximum effectiveness. Take it easy! After some initial sessions, you won’t notice the difference, but you will see the decrease in follicles after the first three months.

Skin types

Skin photo types were established based on an individual’s skin color and their tendency to burn or tan when exposed to sunlight.

●I – Pale white skin, blue / green eyes, blonde / red hair. It is a skin that always turns red, it does not tan.

●II – Fair skin, blue eyes. It burns easily, tans badly.

●III – Darker white skin, bronze after the initial burn.

●IV – Light brown skin. It burns very little, tans easily.

●V – Brown skin rarely burns, and also tans easily.

●VI – Brown or black skin. Never burns, always dark tans.

Which laser to choose according to the type of skin?

There are several lasers that perform the function of hair removal. Here are some of them, according to their effectiveness on hair and skin:

●Ruby laser : more effective for fairer skin with dark hair (skin types I-III)

●Alexandrite : ideal for lighter hair (skin types I-III)

●Diode laser : less damage to the skin surface. It is safer on darker skin types (IV skin types)

●Nd-YAG : has lower absorption of melanin (skin types I-IV)

Laser hair removal in adolescents and its effectiveness

Although laser treatment for hair removal has significant scientific evidence for its effectiveness, one of the big pillars to achieve effective results is the choice of the personnel who perform it.

Depending on each country, the personnel authorized to use the laser and perform this function will vary. Therefore, the corresponding certificates must be requested to ensure a properly executed procedure.

8 things to know before starting laser hair removal

Laser hair removal effectively and durably removes unwanted hair from your body or face. But before you take the plunge, there are things you need to know to weigh the pros and cons of this expensive treatment.

Treatment lasts a long time

It is not enough just one session for you to be ride forever of the hairs that bother you, on the contrary. Depending on the areas treated, it takes between 5 to 10 sessions. More precisely, for the body it takes between 5 and 8 sessions, and for the down of the face between 7 and 10 sessions. But again, be aware that the exact number of sessions varies depending on the patient. This is why it is important to have an appointment before the first laser session to estimate their number.

Another point to note: it is necessary to wait at least a month between each session. In total, it takes between 6 to 10 months of treatment, depending on the areas of the body and face treated, as well as the color and thickness of your hair, to achieve your laser hair removal.

All areas can be treated

This is where all the power of the laser is. It can treat all body hair. So you can, if you wish, get rid of those who are bothering you. The laser treats so-called “classic” areas, such as the armpits, arms, down on the face, legs or bikini line, but also other less common areas such as the bust, the back, the inter-gluteal fold, the skin abdominal line, areolas, cheekbones, beard area, cleavage (whether for men or women) or even the nose.

It can be painful

Unlike pulsed light which has a broad light spectrum – it is said to use polychromatic light – laser uses only one wavelength, monochromatic light. This allows the laser to be more powerful, but it also makes it a bit more painful than IPL. Be careful, as with everything, the pain depends on the sensitivity of each person. But good news, the intensity of the laser can be adapted according to your pain tolerance threshold! And if you are really in pain, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream beforehand, if the institute where you are going to practice your laser sessions allows you to do so.

Laser hair removal works on many phototypes

You may mistakenly think that mixed race and black skin types cannot do laser hair removal. This misconception is false. Indeed, on the market, there are different kinds of laser: Alexandrite, ND Yag, Diode and Ruby. The most used are Alexandrite for fair skin, and ND Yag for dark skin. Indeed, the ND Yag laser is able to differentiate between the melanin of your skin and that of your hair to avoid any burns. Find out beforehand to find out if the center in which you want to have your hair removed is equipped with this laser if it is the one that suits you best.

Treatment doesn’t always work

Laser hair removal may not work in some very special cases. The first scenario is when you do not go to a good institute which has quality equipment. We reassure you, in most cases you are not at risk for your health but you will have spent money on something that does not work. You might as well avoid it.

So do not be fooled by the tempting offers that you can see on the Internet, and do not hesitate to make a consultation appointment so that the practitioners take the time to properly explain the course of the sessions and the treatment to you. complete before starting the sessions. Do not hesitate to ask them all the questions you want, and if you have the slightest doubt about the seriousness of the place and the people who will take care of you: change institute!

Another situation in which the laser has no chance of working: when your hair is blond, white or red. Since the latter do not contain a lot of melanin, the laser will have a hard time finding it to burn the hair.

You cannot play sports after a session

The heat of the laser remains inside your skin for 24 hours, so it is very not recommended to play sports, indulge in the pleasure of a sauna, take hot showers after your session. If your urge has been too strong, you risk creating a perfect environment for the development of bacteria, and therefore creating an infection and pimples, not very glamorous … 

You may need to change your beauty routine

If you’ve opted for laser hair removal, you’re going to have to say goodbye to your beauty routine for a while. No more scrubs, sprays and creams as well as milks of all kinds, they must be stopped two days before the start of the treatment to leave a completely natural skin with the laser. Leave your tan in the closet because you will only be able to apply the self-tanner after one to two weeks of treatment. 

The laser can stimulate hair regrowth

It is true that some types of hairs can turn into thicker and longer hairs with the laser. Although it is rare, this particular case does exist. If your hair isn’t fit for laser sessions, your dermatologist will tell you and won’t let you spend your money. Lucy Dawe, technical manager at a permanent hair removal clinic, explains that the most common reason is that the very fine hairs called “down” are stimulated to regrowth by the laser. This is why the hairs grow back even darker and thicker than before. 

Laser hair removal of the armpits

If there is an area of ​​the body where it is difficult to get rid of the hair, it is the case of the armpits. Fortunately, today there are definitive solutions like underarm laser hair removal that ensure long-lasting results. And if you’re dreading laser hair removal, here’s everything you need to know.

The diagnosis

Very sensitive area, the armpits are complicated and painful to epilate, and beware of ingrown hairs if you do not choose the right method of hair removal. To put an end to that unsightly tuft that has taken up residence under your arms, opt for a few armpit laser hair removal sessions, mainly if you have fair skin, and chestnut or brown hair. Laser hair removal is carried out according to a precise safety protocol, where you will know everything about the process and the desired effects. Before proceeding with the permanent hair removal of your armpits, your specialist esthetician will carry out a diagnosis in order to take stock of your general state of health, the medications you take regularly, determine your type of hair growth and detect any possible disorders in the area of ​​your armpits. the area to be treated.

The underarm laser hair removal session

For an impeccable result, it is advisable to avoid any hair removal with depilatory cream or wax during the 30 days before the laser hair removal session for the armpits. The only accepted method is shaving, and it should be done 48 hours before each session. And on D-Day, avoid putting deodorant or any potentially irritating product on the armpits. During the laser hair removal session, your beautician will clean and disinfect your armpits, give you protective glasses and carry out the painless process. Note that it takes about 4 to 6 laser sessions to remove armpit hair with the laser, and you can relieve the skin with a special cream.

What and what does laser hair removal for men involve?

Thanks to permanent hair removal, it is possible to draw a perfect beard and save time every morning with our man ‘s tips. Not to mention that it’s a way to avoid shaving for the umpteenth time, irritating your skin, at the risk of cutting yourself. In order to remedy this, it may be good to indulge yourself with laser hair removal for men or with a pulsed light device.

Pulsed light device or laser hair removal: why?

Do you know the main difference between pulsed light device as well as laser hair removal for men? No ? Note that these two techniques have nothing in common, namely:

●Laser hair removal for men consists of removing beard hairs by burning them at the root with a laser. This technique has conclusive results after five months, after one session per month.

●A pulsed light device takes more time but is more economical if you do not have time to travel every month. Although his technique is also based on a light that burns the roots of the hairs, its light intensity is much lower. You will need more patience so that you are finally satisfied with the result!

Permanent hair removal is chosen by men for many reasons: an aesthetic desire, practical, a personal choice, another solution for all those who suffer from recurrent infections (folliculitis), very present in black or dark skin.

Everything you need to know for the perfect hair removal for your beard

Indeed, laser hair removal for men requires the use of many hair removal sessions in specialized centers. Before you jump on the first establishment in your neighborhood, we recommend that you talk about it around you. Between barbering, we know how to advise each other!

The course of a laser hair removal session with a professional

From a concrete point of view, a laser hair removal session for men always takes place in the same way. You must not be tanned or cover yourself with a self-tanner, otherwise you may create an allergic reaction. When you come for the first time, the dermatologist examines the quality of your beard nature. If your hair is too fine or too light, it may contraindicate you laser hair removal for men, which will be less effective, if not ineffective.

Remember to carry out these few steps:

●Shave 12 hours before your first laser appointment, to keep the hair as short as possible;

●Remove all piercings and jewelry from your face;

●Do not apply any cosmetic cream or care, aftershave, etc. ;

●Apply 1 to 2 hours before the appointment an anesthetic cream ELMA or its generic.

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