A relationship can be one of the most meaningful aspects of a person’s life, so it’s important to take the time to recognize the stages that it goes through in order to achieve its full potential. Whether it’s an intimate relationship between two lovers or a business relationship between a company and its customers, all relationships have the same basic steps of development. Here, we’ll discuss the biggest milestones in a relationship, from the initial stage of attraction to a more mature relationship.

Stage 1: Attraction
The first stage of a relationship is attraction, which has to do with chemistry and admiration. It begins with a person feeling a degree of joy, comfort, and interest in the other individual. This is the point at which people tend to start flirting, hinting at the possibility of something more than friendship.

Signs of Attraction
-A desire to be close to the other person
-A high degree of chemistry
-Physical attraction to the other person
-Bonding through jokes, flirting and familiar conversation

Stage 2: Initial Contact
The next stage of a relationship is when people start to talk and become more acquainted with one another. During this stage, people’s expectations begin to take shape and they begin to develop expectations and emotions for each other.

Signs of Initial Contact
-Getting to know each other’s interests, passions, and dreams
-Finding out more about the other person’s past relationships
-Revealing personal stories and vulnerabilities to each other
-Making lifestyle plans for the future

Stage 3: Going Out
The third stage of a relationship is when people start going out in public and on dates, which typically signals that the relationship is becoming more serious. This is the point at which people are typically more willing to talk about commitment.

Signs of Going Out
-Going on dates
-Going to public events together
-Meeting each other’s friends and family
-Spending holidays and special occasions together

Stage 4: Relationship Agreement
The fourth stage of a relationship is when the two parties come to an agreement about how they will officially define the relationship, whether it’s dating, friends with benefits, or a committed, monogamous partnership. This is the stage in which the two parties will discuss commitment, exclusivity, and any other issues that they want to make sure they’re on the same page about.

Signs of Relationship Agreement
-Formalizing the relationship status
-Making the relationship exclusive
-Creating boundaries and expectations
-Discussing the relationship openly and honestly

Stage 5: Reassurance
The fifth stage of a relationship is reassuring each other and establishing trust. People in a relationship typically go through a stage of reassurance where they talk openly and honestly with each other and express how they both feel. This often involves flirting, date nights, and other romantic gestures.

Signs of Reassurance
-Showing appreciation, support and trust
-Valuing their opinion and involving them in decisions
-Making each other feel special
-Being supportive during challenges and disagreements

Stage 6: Intimacy
The sixth stage of a relationship is reached when the two parties feel a strong emotional and physical connection to each other. Intimacy involves a deep level of trust between two parties, which can help facilitate meaningful conversations and understanding.

Signs of Intimacy
-Having an emotional and physical connection
-Having a mutual understanding
-Feelings of closeness, familiarity and trust
-Acknowledging each other’s hopes and fears

Stage 7: Security
The seventh stage of a relationship is when two people feel secure, comfortable, and happy with each other. The relationship is usually deeper, more meaningful, and both parties feel that they can depend and trust each other.

Signs of Security
-Feeling secure and accepted by the other person
-Having an emotional connection
-Showing physical affection in public
-Going on vacations and trips together

Stage 8: Maturity
The eighth and final stage of a relationship is maturity. This is when two people have reached the period of mutual understanding and complete acceptance of each other. They have a strong bond, unconditionally trust each other, and are emotionally connected.

Signs of Maturity
-Mutual understanding and respect
-Having a sense of partnership and camaraderie
-Being more open and honest with each other
-Having a truly meaningful and trusting relationship

No matter what type of relationship it is, recognizing the stages of a relationship is important. By understanding the phases of a relationship and the changes that it goes through, you can have a better chance at creating a successful and meaningful relationship. Whether it’s an intimate or business relationship, following these stages can help two parties build a strong, lasting bond.

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