Here are some romantic, love and classic surprises for him and for her, to leave your partner speechless and to thank him for being part of your life. Let your significant other know how important it is to you.

And please don’t wait for important occasions like anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthday to tell your partner how much you love him or just to thank him for everything he does. Love shouldn’t just be shown 4 times a year. Every day is perfect to surprise him or her with surprises of love, romantic, but also with simple surprises such as a small gift or how to get relatives or friends who live far away and have not seen for a long time to arrive home.

We have collected more than 70 surprises for him and her. At the beginning you will find the romantic surprises that can be done to both of you, more below those of love that can be done only for him and only for her and finally we have collected the other surprises for him and for her (not of love).

Click on the links below to go directly to the desired section of this page, although we recommend that you take a look at all the ideas present, they can always come in handy.

Romantic surprises for him and her

In this section you will find romantic surprises suitable for both him and her, to do on any day, to make your love understand how important it is for you. Obviously, they are also ideal for all occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, mesiversary, Christmas, …

Go find your love

If yours is in a long-distance relationship or is away for work and you can only see each other on the weekend or worse, once or twice a month, surely you will have wanted to spend time with him or her even during the week. . So why not go crazy every now and then? Take the plane, take the train, take the car, get carried … but go and see him. Leave in the day, leave at night, leave when you can … but leave. Seeing you arrive suddenly, knowing the road and the sacrifices you had to make to be there, will be a real surprise and will make the time you spend together even more unforgettable, whether it’s 30 minutes, 1 hour or a night … it will be worth it.

An I love you spoken, face to face, hug each other, is something wonderful, much better than writing it down or sending an audio on WhatsApp. So, run right away and tell him. If you have to cross Italy from north to south, do it. If you have to cycle all over the city, do it. If it will take you hours and hours of travel to be together a minute to say “I love you”, do it. It will be an eternal minute, it will be a wonderful love surprise.

Personalized Chocolates

Do you love chocolate? Then you might surprise her by personalizing the chocolates, adding your photo, a sketch, some writings and also personalizing the packaging.

Simple and perfect idea to sweeten your sweetheart.


Do you have a nice close-up photo of you two? Well, use it to make a caricature of the two of you as you are now. Then have a second one done but aged 50 years, in which you will be hand in hand and with the woman with a cloud in which she continues to talk endlessly (something nice in short) and the man who pretends not to hear.

It might be a good way to ask to get married, but also to simply solidify the fact that you want to grow old by her side. It will be a wonderful romantic surprise.

Hot air balloon ride

A hot air balloon ride is a unique experience. For real. You are suspended in the air in absolute silence, a feeling of peace and serenity that I had never experienced before. There is a romantic atmosphere, I would even say magical … it is something that remains forever.

Plus, it’s fun too, landing is a blast!

They also organize hot air balloon rides for couples, with aperitif and sparkling wine at high altitude.

If you want to impress your partner, well, this is one of the most beautiful and pleasant surprises you could ever have.

Personalize with photos

If you want to give your partner a material surprise, print on canvas a photo of the two of you or a photo of your favorite place, you will give emotions and memories. Stupendous.

See what to personalize with a photo, there are many everyday objects, such as a pillow, a canvas painting, canvas panels, a puzzle and the cover of your smartphone.

Give it a sentence

Give a Light Box Lamp that you can customize to your liking. You can compose sentences and change them whenever you want.

How could you use it?

You could propose to your partner to come and live with you, writing your name + his name.

You could ask her to get married by writing “NAME + Will you marry me?”… Initially the lamp will be off and in the dark, but when you are ready, you can turn it on so as to surprise her with your proposal.

You could mark one or more important dates for you.

You could tell the whole world that the family is about to expand… “baby is coming!”.

You could write a sentence to start the day right.

The possibilities are endless, use the words and you will see that with this lamp you will succeed with the surprise.

Create a “diary of memories”

Take a diary with blank pages and write down the most important memories of your story, from the first day you met until today. Between one memory and another, also insert photos of the two of you, phrases taken from your favorite songs, the most beautiful whatsapp messages you exchanged and tickets for shows or events you attended together. As the last page you could write something like “would you like to keep filling it with me?”, And if you feel ready for the big step, you could also add “will you marry me?”. It will be a wonderful romantic surprise, full of memories and emotions.

Overnight Tree house

Sleeping in a tree house between heaven and earth, in a love nest placed between the branches of a centuries-old plant at a height of 5 meters is a dream come true. Close the door and forget the worries of everyday life. a stay in the name of absolute romanticism, also perfect for a romantic getaway.

Prepare a romantic dinner

Spend time with your partner by making a romantic dinner.

Study the preparation of the room in detail, use endless candles, rose petals and love red napkins or tablecloth. Prepare a playlist with all the romantic songs that will pleasantly accompany you during the evening.

Get in the kitchen and prepare his favorite dishes, which will then be accompanied with excellent wine.

Dress appropriately and meet your love with a red rose in your hand. For a few hours, you need to make your significant other feel more important than usual.

As a dessert you could make simple cream with strawberries or you could clean the fruit to use it with the chocolate fountain . It could be a good way to start after dinner …

You will see that it will be an unforgettable evening.


Surprise your love by bringing him to do something indelible that will accompany you for the rest of your life: matching tattoos. Choose together an important phrase for you, a love song , a date, a symbol or even better, create a drawing yourself.

Rely on the best tattoo artist in the area, and decide whether to get the same tattoo in the same place, or to break the design in half and everyone will tattoo only one half, so that only together the tattoo can be completed.

Always remember that the tattoo is forever, so it is not a decision to be made lightly.

Breakfast in bed

If you do not live together, without saying anything to yours or your boyfriend, show up in his house with his favorite croissants (and maybe even coffee or take-away cappuccino).

If your partner is home alone, you can do the intercom. Otherwise, call him on his cell phone, wish him a good morning and then let him open up. If a good morning starts in the morning, well, it will be a very good day!

If you live together, you might wake up early in the morning, go to the bar to get his favorite hot croissants, still steaming, and take them to bed, accompanying them with a cup of coffee. He will wake up by himself by smelling these two very pleasant smells. All you have to do is wish him a “good morning love”.

Being together in bed for breakfast, between one cuddle and another, is a really good surprise to start the day well.

Love photo story

Immortalize your love in photographs, surprise your partner by giving a photo shoot for couples. Hugs, kisses, sweetness and background music will create a romantic atmosphere. It will be an experience that will last forever.

Repair an old item that you care about
We all have an object that we care a lot about but that has broken over time. A childhood memory, a pair of historic jeans, a T-shirt, a statue, a backpack from when he went to school,… Fix it! You will show your partner how much you care about him and his feelings. It will be a very sweet surprise.

Look at the stars

For a very romantic experience, take him or her to gaze at the stars in a secluded place where there are not many artificial lights, such as in the mountains, on the beach, in the countryside, in the park at night … Lie on a blanket and admire one of the most romantic landscapes that exists in the world. Stupendous.

And while you’re at it, you might as well think about giving a star as a gift.

Give a star

Give a star , giving the name of the recipient to the star itself. You will receive the certificate of authenticity with the coordinates of the donated star, the star map to be able to locate it more easily and a pendant engraved with the name of the constellation and its coordinates.

Whenever he looks at the sky, he’ll think of you. Forever.

Change the name of your alarm clock

Do you use your smartphone to wake up? Change the name of the alarm every day, always writing something sweet and romantic. It’s a great way to start the day off right.

Chocolate bath

Give your partner a magical moment together, a chocolate bath, 90 liters of edible hot chocolate all for you, for an unforgettable journey into the senses.

No bathroom? Then enjoy a massage, always with chocolate.

Written on the mirror

Do you live in the house together? So grab a lipstick and write a sweet phrase to your sweetheart on the bathroom mirror, or leave a kiss in the mold. The first time you use the sink you will notice this wonderful surprise. Perfect especially for starting the day well.


Prepare all the supplies for a picnic in advance. All you need is a nice big blanket to put on the floor (a double sheet is fine too), then make something simple like sandwiches, quiche, sandwiches or salad. Bring some sweets (like Perugian kisses), a good bottle of wine or sparkling wine and finally, a romantic background music cannot be missing, so get songs and wireless battery-powered speakers. Dont’t miss our article with Romantic and Unconventional First Date Ideas for inspiration.

Now you just have to decide the place. It could be a romantic place like an isolated beach, a cliff, a park, in the mountains or by the lake, or a unique and important place for the two of you, like the place where you met or where you gave each other the first kiss or the first date.

The first useful time that you go out together in the car, hide everything in the trunk so that you do not suspect anything, then with an excuse, go to the place chosen for the picnic and enjoy the moment, it will be special.

At the end of the evening, lying down and hugging yourself under a duvet to admire the stars, it will be a unique spectacle, perhaps one of the most romantic.

Perugina chocolate kisses

Surprise your love, give him a symbolic number of Perugina kisses (for example 10 for the months that have passed since your wedding) and attach a note for each of them where you will write “A kiss because …” and the reason for which is so important in your life.


We all need to unplug. If you know that your partner has no commitments this weekend, tell him to prepare the trolley that you will pick up in an hour. No question.

Then book a hotel room for the weekend in some particular location, sea, mountain, lake, city of art, romantic city … The world is full of magnificent places.

And we leave, so on the spot, but you will see that it will be two wonderful days, two days just for you.

Bath tub

Fill the bathtub in your home with very hot water, scented oils and lots of foam. Then set up the bathroom with candles and play relaxing music in the background. Create a path made of rose petals and candles from the entrance of your house to the bathroom.

Invite your love to your home without revealing anything, and once inside he will simply have to follow the path to arrive at a pleasant surprise: you immersed in the bathtub, covered in foam, and a free spot to take a romantic bath for two.

Alternatively, take a guided tour for your boyfriend or girlfriend leaving notes, such as: “go to your room to undress”, “get the sparkling wine in the fridge”, “get the oil for massages”, “turn on the music ”and“ come to the bathroom, I’ll wait for you… ”. You will find yourself in the bathtub submerged by a lot of foam, lights on everywhere, lights off and perfumed oils. Good bath.

Dance… at home

While your partner is doing the classic housework like cooking, cleaning, ironing… play a background song and invite him to dance. It will be the right time to exchange some effusions, kisses and hugs, ideal for breaking the usual monotony and treating yourself to a romantic moment.


Surprise your partner by giving him a real relaxing massage.

Prepare the room before you come home from work. Arrange candles around the bed, raise the room temperature to at least 24 °, light the incense sticks, get some scented oil for massages and put some clean towels on the radiator to keep them warm afterwards. Play some relaxing background music, turn off the light and wait for your partner to arrive.

It will be a very relaxing and very romantic moment, certainly to be repeated in the future. One of the most beautiful surprises for him and for her, at no cost.


Have a song tailored for your partner. Write the text and the professionals will take care of everything else. The result will be a unique song.


Rent the entire ice rink for an hour (or less). Then have candles set up along the edge of the track and finally set up a table in the center with a bottle of sparkling wine, two flutes, a few candles and some chocolates. Also agree on what songs they should play in the background, something romantic and calm would be ideal.

Convince your partner to go ice skating and once inside, have the lights go out. Skating in the dark, with candlelight alone and a romantic background music, will make anyone shiver. It will be a perfect atmosphere to tell her how you feel.

Dinner on the tram

Do you want to surprise your sweetheart? Surprise her by taking her to dinner on a tram in cities like Turin or Milan. You will be served dinner inside the tram as you take the city tour, passing the most important monuments. A romantic evening, particular, I would say also one of a kind.

Say it with cookies or chocolates

Do you want to say something important to your love? Tell him by forming the message with the letter-shaped cookies you made especially for the occasion, or alternatively, you can use chocolates. A doubly sweet surprise.

Treasure hunt

Organize a real treasure hunt, complete with clues to find the ultimate surprise: you!

Hide various cards in specific places in the city (or at home). Each clue will lead to the next. Also attach something nice to the clue itself, such as love phrases, important quotes, or messages you’ve exchanged during your relationship. Accompany your partner throughout the journey so you can be sure he can find them all. As a last clue, write something that comes from your heart and accompany the letter with a gift, such as a bracelet, a ring, or why not, an important proposal.

Alternatively, if you decide to hide the clues around the city, have a trusted friend accompany her or him, who you will have told or shown where the clues are. Then wait for your partner in a place that is important to your story, such as the place where you first kissed, where you met or where you made your first date. Wait for him with a bottle of sparkling wine and a cake, or plan a romantic picnic.

Hotel or motel room

Do you want to be together for a few hours to regain your intimacy or to change a little? Book a hotel or motel room (there are themed rooms that are gorgeous), blindfold your partner and take him right into the room.

Bring everything you want, sparkling wine, strawberries, spray cream, chocolates, candles, background music, intimate outfits to wear for the evening, … after preparing the room down to the smallest detail, you can finally remove the blindfold of your love and enjoy his reaction.

After the initial amazement, the idea of ​​doing something “transgressive” will make it all very exciting. You just have to let yourself go and enjoy this wonderful surprise.

Another interesting idea, you could book a hotel room, check in and start preparing the room. Then go out and go to his workplace. Find the car and use the second keys to open it. Place some rose petals on the seat and leave a letter with the words: “I’ll wait for you at hotel X at 7.00 pm room n ° Y” and then sign it. Go back to the hotel and make yourself comfortable while awaiting his arrival.

Finding such a message, well, it can only arrive as soon as possible!

I thank you because …

Make a list of the things you would like to thank your love for and hang it around your home in a waypoint. It will be a very sweet surprise and one that will make him feel very important.


Have a balloon arrangement composed by a specialist shop. Inside a mega balloon, have a small gift, a small surprise or something important like a ring inserted, and then have more helium-filled balloons added.

Once your love has popped the mega balloon, the little ones will fly away and he or she will be left with the gift you put in. It is a very scenic surprise.

Otherwise, blow up twenty helium balloons, and lock them in his car. When he gets on it, all the balloons will fly away.

Or, fill his room with balloons, perhaps red or heart-shaped, in which you will have inserted small gifts, photos of the two of you and cards where you will write romantic phrases or what you feel. Your he or your girl will have to pop them all in order to read the cards and find the gifts. Great idea to use for anniversary as well.


If you take your boyfriend or girlfriend to a secluded spot to have a picnic or just to gaze at the stars, you could end the night with some fireworks. The show is guaranteed.

Audio on Whatsapp

Wish your love good morning by sending him an audio on Whatsapp, but do it every day. Read romantic phrases, quotes, or express your feelings. He will start the day on the right foot.

Tasting of sweets

Make some treats and also buy some chocolates. Then blindfold your love, take him to a romantic place (like the beach at sunset or sunrise can be) and let him taste all the sweets, alternating them with a kiss. Finally, take off the blindfold and enjoy the view.

His favorite dessert

Do you know his favorite dessert? So get to work and prepare it with lots of love, perhaps in the shape of a heart to be a little more romantic. Sacher, tiramisu, fruit tart, cake with cream and strawberries, … amaze your love by taking it by the throat with this sweet surprise.

Bring it to work, let him find it in the morning on the table, let him find it after a bad day, let him find it when he least expects it. Any occasion is good.


Cover his room or house (if you live together) with post-its where you will write phrases from your favorite songs.

Alternatively, you can write down all the sweet messages you have exchanged.

Or again, you could write “I love you” in all the languages ​​of the world.

Otherwise, compose the message you want to leave your partner with post-its, and then on each of them, leave short love messages.


Why not give him a ticket to go and see the concert of his favorite singer with you (perhaps in a VIP position)? You will make him the happiest person in the world. Not to mention the emotions you feel during a live concert.

It would be great if you didn’t say anything until the afternoon of the event and then pick up your partner in the car and take him straight to the concert. What a surprise!

And if the concert is too far away, why not book a night in a hotel, and spend two days out, just for his passion? You will see that he will appreciate it very much, and it will be two very romantic and emotional days.

Spa and relaxation

Take your partner to a wellness center, even just a few hours will be enough to completely relax, forgetting for a moment the daily stress. He deserves it.

At the same time, it’s a great way to have a few hours of intimacy outside the home.

Snuggling up in a sauna, hugging yourself in a hot pool and sipping tea lulled by relaxing background music will give you back your love completely regenerated (and you too will get the same benefits).

If the spa offers the option to stay for one night, well, take the opportunity and book a room. You will spend an unforgettable night away from your home, from the sly routine, from thoughts. It will be just the two of you. Stop.

House keys

If you live at home alone and are sure you want to share the rest of your life with the one you love, give her a surprise that will change her life: give her a bunch of keys to your house. It is an important gesture, a romantic gesture to start a life together.

Go out to eat

What’s your favorite food? Well, look for the best restaurant in the area that cooks it (reading the reviews on TripAdvisor ), and bring it to us one evening, so, for no reason, just to surprise him!

It doesn’t have to be a chic or luxurious place, quite the opposite. McDonald’s, pizzeria, kebabbaro, fish restaurant, sushi, sandwich … everything is fine, the important thing is that your love likes it.

Everything he loves …

Kidnap her or him for a few hours, and get him to do what he likes best.

Do you love to eat a chocolate brioche that they only make in a bar? Bring it.

Do you love the ice cream of the so-and-so ice cream parlor? Take him to the ice cream parlor, or take the tub of ice cream home (or office).

Do you love a restaurant in particular? Kidnap him for lunch and take him there, or join him with the restaurant’s take-out (if they do this).

Do you love to read? Take it to the library or a café where there are books to read.

In short, think about what he loves to do and, for no particular reason, kidnap him and do this thing together! It will be one of the most welcome surprises.

Romantic igloo

Give a romantic experience: a night in an igloo . A bed made of snow, a double sleeping bag and candles will await you to create a unique atmosphere, at a height of 2800 meters. A breathtaking sight!

Flying lanterns

Buy a flying lantern and write your wish on it. Then together with your partner, turn it on and let it fly away, holding you in a hug. It will be a nice romantic moment.

Candles and rose petals

Create a romantic atmosphere by sprinkling a room with rose petals and carefully arranging candles. Then turn off the light the surprise effect will be guaranteed.

Photo for the office

Print the best photo you have of the two of you by a photographer. Frame it and give it to your partner by telling him to keep it on his office desk. You will always be with him.

Or print it on the Tonki.


Get together with a florist in your city and have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to your home or office on any given day. Pay attention to the meaning of the flowers . Accompany him with a handwritten letter from you, where you can tell him why he is so important to you.

It is important that the flowers are sent for no particular reason and not just on important days such as birthdays or anniversaries. This way it will be a real romantic surprise for her, but even a man or guy who gets this kind of attention will be very surprised.


Create a video (for example with Windows Movie Maker) with all your best photos, with video clips and add “your song” as background music. Between one photo and the next, you could write sentences taken from the messages you exchanged or from the songs you love the most.

Send it to your love on your smartphone, or show it to them in a particular situation, or post it on Youtube and show it to them.

I am madly in love with you!

Do you think and think about this person all day, especially now that you are away and hardly ever see each other? Isn’t it that you fell in love? There is probably one thing you need to do. A madness of love! Take the plane, take the car, take the train, but go to this person and tell him that you are madly in love with her!

Note in the pocket of the jacket

Write a romantic letter and leave it in a small envelope in his coat pocket. When he rummages for car keys or handkerchiefs, he will be in for a pleasant surprise.

“I love you” cards

Leave lots of little cards in the most unthinkable places with simply written: “I love you!”.

Photo book

Surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, take all your most beautiful digital photos and have them printed on a photo book, it will be a romantic reminder of your love story.

Make a picture

Create a picture, a painting, a drawing yourself and write a romantic dedication on the back, with the date and signature. In addition to being something unique, it is a gift made from the heart for your love.

Dedicate in the local newspaper or on the radio

Let your partner know how important this is to you by writing a love letter in the local newspaper they usually read.

The same thing you could do with the radio. Buy a space of a few seconds during his favorite radio show (and that you are sure he is following) and tell him how much you love him. He will be very impressed with this surprise.

Banner on the plane

If the guy or girl you want to impress loves things big, then send her an important message (like an engagement proposal) in an alternative way. Write the message on an airplane banner and plan where and when your partner will be able to see it fly in the sky.

Crossword puzzle

Make a crossword puzzle out of paper or cardboard. The words to guess should partly tell your story and the final solution will obviously be: “I love you”.


Contact the advertising agency in your area and have one or more billboards printed (such as 2m x 1.5m) to hang in the streets where your sweetheart usually passes or even on the buses! The billboard may contain your photo (or just his) and with a romantic phrase such as: “You are always in my thoughts. I love you.”.

It is a “megalomaniac” surprise, but one of sure impact, as long as the recipient appreciates this kind of surprises.

Letters to open when …

Write letters to open only in special situations, such as when he is down in the dumps, when he has had a bad day, when he has had a good day, when he has achieved an important goal, anything that may be important to your partner. Each envelope will contain only one letter, and on the outside you will have to write: “to open when …” and then complete with the situation in which the envelope can be opened.

Even if you are not physically there at that moment, your love will be able to feel you close thanks to these letters.

The most beautiful love poems ever

Buy a journal with blank pages and write the most beautiful love poems ever you can find. And on the front page you write a dedication that comes out of your heart.

Packed lunch

Does your partner bring lunch from home when he stops to eat at work? Then leave us a romantic message on the bag or container. Lunch will have a completely different taste.

Get someone to help you

If you want to say something important to your girlfriend or boyfriend, get other people to help. Friends and family may learn a dance to do in front of your partner and then form a sentence with the letters printed on the shirts.

If you have the opportunity to work with children, you could have them compose the desired sentence, always using the letters printed on the shirts, perhaps during a school play.

Romantic surprises for him

In this section there are all the romantic surprises for him, for your boyfriend, for your man.

Ask him to marry you

Are you convinced that he is the man of your life? So why wait for him to ask you to marry him? Go against the grain and surprise him, give him the engagement ring and ask him to marry you.

Romantic surprises for her

In this section there are all the romantic surprises for her, for your girlfriend, for your woman.

Heart shaped pizza

Agree with the pizzeria where you will take your girlfriend so that her pizza will arrive in the shape of a heart. A simple surprise for her, but of great impact.

Charming prince

A challenging surprise and not suitable for everyone. He arrives at her house dressed as a prince charming on a white horse. With an excuse, have your princess come out and tell her how important she is to you. After that, plan a day like a real princess.

Surprises for him

In this section you will find some surprises for him. Impress your man.

Invite friends to watch the game or to play

Would you like to go and watch the match of your favorite team at the stadium? Stop him with an excuse, and then invite his friends over to have it all together (you will need to have Mediaset Premium or Sky), making him also find chips and beers at will.

He will go from being upset because he could not get out to happiness and amazement when he hears the bell ring and opens the door.

No matches scheduled? Invite his friends all the same to play together on the PlayStation. And don’t forget about beer and chips. Your boyfriend or man will appreciate doubly.

Driving a Ferrari

Driving a real Ferrari on the track has always been the dream of many boys. Why not surprise your boyfriend or man by giving him this wonderful adrenaline experience. Short but intense.


A great surprise for him, a striptease of your partner. Prepare the room for the occasion using tealights, scented oils, sensual background music, a chair positioned in the center of the room and a light aimed straight at the chair, where your him will sit. The exhibition will have to be done between the light and the chair, so that your man cannot see you perfectly, leaving room for the imagination.

Oh, I almost forgot, get yourself a very intriguing lingerie set.

Photo book in lingerie

Are you looking for an original surprise to give to your boyfriend? Go to a professional photographer and have some photos taken in sexy poses, in lingerie. Then give him the photos and write something spicy on the back

Sticker album

Are you looking for a special surprise for him? Give him a personalized sticker album with your best photos (try asking your trusted photographer or take a look on the Panini website ).

Give the album first, and then make him earn the stickers in some way, for example with the question and answer game. Prepare a lot of questions regarding your story (even hot questions) and every time he answers correctly, he will receive a pack of stickers, otherwise he will have to suffer punishment.

More surprises for him and her

In addition to romantic surprises, there are other surprises that will leave her or him speechless, which will make him realize how much you care about your partner and how lucky you are to have him by your side.

Invite friends or relatives from afar

Does your partner have friends or relatives who live far away and haven’t seen in a long time? Then invite them to your home right away, without saying anything to your love. Have them arrive while he or she is away from home, so that when he returns, he will be greeted by this wonderful surprise. Then prepare a delicious dinner and offer them a place to sleep, all together.

Places of childhood

Does he always tell you that when he was a child he went to that place and spent hours and hours doing this and that? Does he tell you about it with great nostalgia? So why not surprise your partner by bringing him right there, to relive the memories he has of when he was a child for a few hours? It is a very exciting experience indeed.

Buy the gadget he’s always wanted

Have you always criticized your partner for his strange passion and for the “useless” objects he takes home? Well, today is the time to face this situation and… go and buy the gadget you love and you hate. Love is this too!

It will be a double surprise.

Adrenaline experiences

Surprise your him or her by giving an adrenaline-pumping experience (if that’s the kind of person who likes these things). There is something for all tastes and all prices. For example, they might be interesting:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Paragliding
  • Quad excursion
  • Flight simulator
  • Sailboat excursion
  • Rafting
  • Parachuting
  • Piloting a helicopter

Sexy coupon

Using simple slips of paper, create “spicy” coupons that expire shortly, within a few hours (like those of Groupon to understand). Write what you hurt your partner or what he might do to you if he comes to bring it to you when it is still valid. Then hide them in hard-to-find places in the house. If he finds them by mistake and they are still valid, well, it will be a pleasant surprise. If, on the other hand, he finds them but they are already expired, he will be left with the desire to use the coupon for quite some time… which makes it very exciting.

Are you a wine lover?

If you are a wine lover, have one of the best bottles you can find on the table, perhaps by going to a wine shop. The surprise is guaranteed.

Cooking class

Do you love to cook and do you love a “TV chef” in particular? Take a look if he organizes cooking classes himself, it would be a nice surprise to be able to find himself in front of his idol who will teach him some little cooking secrets.

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