The marriage proposal is always lived with trepidation: three words “Will you marry me”, which will open the doors to a new life together and preparations for the wedding. Let’s see some ideas to make this moment magical!

The marriage proposal is generally up to you boys and is a moment to which many girls give great importance , you will probably be going crazy in finding an original and nice idea to ask for your partner’s hand, to make that moment indelible in your memories and why not, surprise her even a little.

Remember that the most important thing about the marriage proposal will not only be the sentence you say but also the way you present yourself and above all the place where you will be, will have their not negligible relevance, ah … and obviously the final answer will also be very important !

The Most Romantic and Creative Proposal Ideas

A very first and indispensable piece of advice that we feel we can give you is that the marriage proposal that you decide to “stage” must respect yourself and, above all, the story you are living.

Not all people love blatant or overly romantic gestures, so consider how to act according to your partner’s tastes.

To help you, here are some ideas …

Traditional diner proposal

If you care a lot about tradition or in any case, it would be very important for your partner to respect it, you could ask the girl’s hand to your family (usually the father), perhaps during a dinner where you will all be together for a particular occasion, such as Christmas, then make the declaration and continue the celebrations with the whole family.

Romantic proposal ideas at home

To prepare this proposal you must have plenty of time, so take advantage of the absence of your partner to organize it. Use candles to be placed in strategic points with rose petals that will lead her to the room where you will make the proposal, perhaps using cards that will make up your declaration of love in stages. At the end of the tour, let yourself be found waiting for her with the engagement ring. Even if it is a simple idea, you will make it unique and romantic by creating the right atmosphere, perhaps with your song in the background, when she walks through the door.

For a bit of romance and simplicity, organize a nice dinner and at the end of it give your partner three roses and, handing them one at a time, explain to her the meaning: “This rose represents our past, this is our present and quest. ‘last (to which you will have previously attached a piece of paper with the inscription “Do you want to marry me?” or inserted the ring in the bud) represents our future … Do you want to become my wife? “.

Take advantage of your partner’s absence from home to implement your plan; start sprinkling the floor with petals, arrange a few candles here and there and maybe some post-its that, one after the other, could go to compose your declaration of love up to direct the girl to a specific room, whether it is the room filled with balloons and with a heart of petals on the bed, or the bathroom, where you will have created a wonderful atmosphere with the tub filled with water and rose petals, this is up to you to decide, the important thing is that in those rooms you will have to be there waiting for her with the engagement ring, or have her find the small casket of the ring with the last post-it written: “Do you want to marry me?”.

Surely it is a very romantic choice but the important thing will be to make it even more yours by creating the right atmosphere, so why not also select a background music and make sure that it starts once you enter the house? You will surely be able to surprise her even more and make everything more exciting.

Elegant and romantic marriage proposal

An idea always linked to photographs, could be to create a book in which you will insert some images that describe each year you have spent together, leafing through it, you will give your partner the opportunity to relive the most beautiful stages of your history up to to get to the last page of the book where you could insert a photo of a ring or actually insert it, accompanied by the words “Do you want to marry me?”.

You could go to a photographer and have a photo taken with the engagement ring in your hand and then have it transformed by him into a puzzle that you will give to your partner; maybe leave aside the last pieces related to your hands and the ring, so when she finishes the image, she will be really amazed; then complete everything with a real proposal on the spot.

If you want to surprise her, you could be accompanied to one of those machines that make passport photos and while she is out waiting for you, you could take pictures with the ring box in your hand or with a sign with your declaration of love and the phrase “Will you marry me?”, Waiting for her reaction when she sees the printed photos come out.

Or go into the booth together to take some souvenir photos and at a certain point as the camera starts shooting, take out the ring and make your proposal; it will be nice to capture his reaction with a very first photograph.

Dinner for two

A simple but always romantic proposal is the one made at the end of a nice dinner, perhaps in the restaurant where you took her to dinner for the first date. Make sure you book in advance by asking for the best and possibly reserved table. You could hand the ring to the bride-to-be inside a bouquet of flowers or inserted into the rosebud. Otherwise you could involve the dining room staff by asking to bring to the table a plate or a glass in which you will have put the ring.


Even if it is a very old idea, it is highly appreciated by many women, especially the most romantic ones. It is certainly a suggestive marriage proposal. If you are inclined to sing, you can choose to interpret the song you have chosen yourself, otherwise hire a person who, at a certain time, preferably in the evening, stands under the window or balcony of your girlfriend.

On the beach

The ideal proposal to do on a beautiful spring or summer evening, preferably at sunset. You will have to be good at creating a surprise effect perhaps with the complicity of a few friends for an inscription in the sand. However, it is a marriage proposal that can be customized at best using the imagination and that can highlight all your qualities.

A “surprise” marriage proposal

Freeze the ring inside an ice cube and during a dinner place it in her glass along with other cubes, then add the drink and wait for her to discover the ring, then be ready to kneel and ask her to marry you.

From a trusted pastry shop, you may ask to create some fortune cookies inside which they will insert your ring and a small note. Then organize a romantic dinner and at the time of dessert put the fortune cookie on the plate, when it opens the amazement will be truly unexpected.

Flash mob

The marriage proposal via flash mob is an original idea but it requires good organization. It is a trend born in the United States but which has now spread everywhere. Just choose a crowded or more isolated place depending on your preferences, and maybe involve dancers for a choreography or a vocal group to sing your song.

During a show

Another proposal suitable for few shy people is the one to make during a show: just contact the theater or concert manager to ask him to reserve a moment for your live statement.

Marriage proposal with advertising billboard

The advertising poster idea is an interesting way to make your own marriage proposal. It must be remembered that it is not good for everyone. To be able to do it well, it would be better to have an advertising poster in the immediate vicinity of the partner’s home. How to do it: The first thing to do is to contact the advertising agency that manages the space. The various posters, especially the large ones (6×3 or 4×3) usually have the name of the dealership on the wooden or aluminum frame, which can then be easily found with a search on the Internet. Once you have agreed on the price for a day of exhibition, you can take care of the graphics; do-it-yourself if you have a certain dexterity, through a trusted graphic designer, or from the dealership.

A fun and playful marriage proposal

With the help of some of your friends or family, you could organize a sort of treasure hunt for your partner, which will lead her step by step to you. To do this you will have to create cards in which you will be written from time to time precise instructions to follow and will guide you towards the discovery of the next tickets, up to the final one that will reveal the exact point of the surprise, where you will find you waiting for her on her knees. with the ring in your hands and ready to ask her to marry you.

Original wrapping for the ring

Maybe you don’t like too many frills but you want to make a proposal that amazes her with a small unexpected gesture. You can freeze the ring in an ice cube that you put in the glass along with other cubes waiting for her to discover it, then get on your knees and ask her for her hand. Or can you create, or ask someone to prepare it for you, a fortune cookie with the ring inside and a note with the words “Will you marry me”? Ideal after a romantic dinner: a dessert with a ring that will surely amaze you.

Treasure Hunt

This marriage proposal is ideal for those who love to joke and have fun. You can organize the treasure hunt for your beloved by writing a series of cards with precise instructions to follow that will lead her to the final one that will reveal the point of the surprise: waiting for her she will find you, on your knees with the ring in your hands. You can also organize a treasure hunt that starts from home and that leads your partner to an important place for you: that of your first meeting, or the first kiss, to give more emotion to your unique moment.

Playful wedding proposal with photo puzzle

Piece by piece, the curiosity of the future bridegroom or future bride will increase more and more, as he approaches the composition of the question, to finally leave room for amazement. Design your puzzle in just a few clicks with our online editor or with the help of our ifolor Designer design software. All you need is a photo suitable for the marriage proposal. For example, you could use the first photo of the two of you together, an image taken during a photo shoot or a snapshot of your vacation together.

A sweet breakfast message

A breakfast marriage proposal accompanied by a special love message is not just perfect for coffee lovers. Use our photo mug and, in addition to the photo of the two of you together, also print the two magic words. Then hand the cup to your loved one over breakfast together. The surprise effect is guaranteed!

An original and dramatic marriage proposal

Get together with a company that creates fireworks displays and take your partner out for dinner; in the restaurant, book a table on the terrace that allows you to admire the fireworks that your partner will believe to be completely unplanned and above all not intended for her until you begin to make her the marriage proposal and you do not get kneeling before her with the ring box open in your hands.

If you love movie gestures, take your partner to see a sports match, a basketball game, a football match, etc … and, during the interval, have the cameras record your partner on the big screen, at that moment. kneel down and, handing him a ring, ask her to become your wife.

Marriage proposal with a recorded song

The idea of ​​the marriage proposal by means of an engraved song is undoubtedly innovative and so far little known and used. It consists in recording a song that will then have to be launched in the right circumstances (a dinner with friends, a romantic dinner, an unexpected moment).

How to do it: Contact some musicians for the realization of the instrumental base. After this step it is necessary to write the lyrics that will guide the song. If you don’t have a good voice, a good solution could be to opt for a spoken or rapped song. Once you have the lyrics and the backing track you need to go to a recording studio to record the song.

Marriage proposal on a sailing boat

The marriage proposal made on a sailing boat is very suggestive. It consists in renting a sailboat to have an aperitif or a fish-based dinner. Usually the companies that rent them also offer packages that can include going out to sea and staying overnight on board. The idea is to declare oneself at the most opportune moment, at sunset, possibly after leaving the port with the lights of the city in the background.

How to do it: Contact a company that offers these kinds of packages. The price can vary a lot if you decide to leave the port or stay overnight on board.

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