People might tell you they think they’re in love with you, but how do you know? Don’t keep guessing, follow these signs that a man is in love.

When you like someone, it’s easy to override or underestimate the signals they give you. Because? Because you feel vulnerable. You love someone and are not sure if they will love you again. So, whatever they do, you analyze and keep looking for signs that a man is in love.

This is what always gets us in trouble, in overanalysis. I mean, I can’t tell you not to analyze, it would be a lie to say you won’t. But you just have to analyze it right.

As a human being, we always want to make sure we are loved. It’s one of the strongest things in the world that keeps us going even when everything else is falling apart. However, love can be everywhere, but it’s not always easy to find the right one for us. Around us, people keep falling in love with the wrong person. Some relationships end even before they can begin because we can’t tell what true love is. Most of us are so vulnerable that we fall easily without making sure there is someone to catch us.

Determining if someone loves you deeply isn’t always possible through words. Hearing the words ‘I love you‘ is so common nowadays that it can no longer be treated as a sign of true love. So, How can we really know if a guy loves us? Keep reading these signs to know.

All the signs that a man is in love

Men aren’t as cryptic as we think we are. But they’re not that easy either. When it comes to humans, we’re fucking complicated. There were guys I loved and thought I loved myself, but I was wrong. So while I’m about to show you the signs that a man is in love, not everyone will show these symptoms.

However, these are pretty common signs, so you’ll likely spot most of them. Unless he has read it, he will now try to beat the system, but don’t worry, you will eventually see the truth. Remember, it’s not always what they say, but what they do. Click here for more love and sex tips and triks.

1. It is true love when it stares at you

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Through them, you could say so much about a person’s sincerity. And that is why it is one of the most important body language signs to check. Staring is a sign of attraction to something, so when a guy is deeply in love with you, he’ll never be afraid to look at you for a long time. Sure, not in a way that will scare you in daylight, but just a gentle look as if the only thing that happened to him was that you’re beautiful. When someone looks at you, more often than not, it means that they are trying to connect with you and that it is also a sign of their burning passion and love towards you.

2. A guy is deeply in love when he compliments you

When you first meet guys, they’ll probably use ‘hi, cute’! Or ‘you’re sexy’ to compliment. Everything they see is about your physical appearance. These might be compliments but it doesn’t necessarily mean they already love you. When a guy starts falling deeply in love with you, he’ll notice more than just your physical appearance. Suddenly he will see what you can do and compliment you like ‘you are good at this’! Or ‘you are smart’. He will use adjectives that obviously describe more of how you look. Sure, he probably thinks you’re still beautiful on the outside, but you can tell he’s really in love now if he sees you in a different light.

3. You can say that it is love when it wants to always be close to you

A guy who likes you would like to be close to you, but there would be times when he’ll avoid physical contact to show you there are limits. This just means he’s not in love with you. A guy who truly loves you will never hesitate to be around you and cuddle you whenever he gets the chance. Even if that means he sometimes sweats from your body heat, he won’t mind. If he could cuddle and hug for hours, rest assured, he is deeply in love with you.

4. When a guy remembers everything you tell him

Let’s face it, there are things we have said that we ourselves forget too. We forget important meetings, important reminders, birthdays, you name it! Sometimes, even writing them in our planners doesn’t work. When a guy is deeply in love with you, he will remember everything and I mean everything! Down to the last detail. He will never forget your birthday, your hobbies and interests, your likes and dislikes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all good things. If you’ve ever had a fight with him, even though it was a long time ago, and he can still remember the painful things you argued about, it’s a sign that whatever you say is having a big impact on his life and that it’s really important to him. Guys who aren’t into you will never make your arguments a big deal.

5. You can say he is in love when he plans for both of you

We all know that most guys don’t open up about their plans for the future to just anyone. Sometimes they can share some with their friends, but they never care about the details. A guy likes you when he shares your plans for the future with you, but he’s really in love when you notice that instead of just making plans for himself, you’re actually in that plan. These are plans like getting married with you, buying a house and building a family with you, traveling the world with you, etc. There are cases where a man and a woman are already dating but the man isn’t too worried about their future. This could mean that the guy is still in doubt or unsure of the relationship. So when a guy always has a deep thought and builds his plans for the future with you,

6. Your opinions always matter

When we don’t care for someone even one bit, we won’t bother hearing what they have to say about our life. It is the people close to us that matter. So, if a guy is deeply in love with you, he will always ask you for advice, no matter how small or big the problem is. Sometimes, he will also talk about things that are not part of your concerns or that you have no idea about, such as his job in the office. For him, it will still be important. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to follow what you have to say. But he still asks you why your opinion matters a lot to him. This is a sign that he has great faith in you.

7. If a guy gives you priority, he’s in love with you

In people’s lives, it is inevitable to experience being busy or not having enough free time to spend with our loved ones. But every time we do it, it’s up to us to choose to spend it with. More often than not, when teens find some free time away from their hectic schedules, they choose to go with their friends and hang out to party until dawn. But he begins to fall in love with you when you start noticing that he turns down invitations from his friends, even more so when he drops every load he carries just to be with you.

8. You can say it’s love when a guy takes care of you

At home, it is usually the woman’s job to do everything. From cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, just about any housework. The exceptions might be when we are sick and the kids actually have to take our place. But when a guy loves you, he’ll basically screw you up. As far as possible, it will never leave you tired. He will cook for you even when you are not sick, bring you breakfast in bed and help you in any other way he can. He won’t hesitate to bring you some food he cooked himself, even if he knows it will make you throw up. He is just trying to show you that he is willing to take care of you no matter how hard it is for him at times.

9. Also notices small changes

Have you ever had a haircut, a new hair color, bought a new dress to wear or painted your nails and noticed it? Well, good for you! It is a sign that he is in love with you. It just means that he pays attention to even the smallest details about you. Believe me, guys who aren’t interested never do. You are lucky if along with him who notices these changes, he also compliments you. He admires you and is attracted to you, however you might look.

10. You can say it’s love if a guy can be stupid with you

Does he ever make fun of you innocently sometimes? Or does he jokingly tease you from time to time? Because if he does, this body language could be a sign of his true love for you. If a guy can show his crazy playful side to someone, it means he’s just comfortable with that person. Love doesn’t always have to be solemnly romantic. Speaking from experience, relationships where couples act crazy with each other always work better and stay stronger for longer. Plus, guys will never make fun of women they’re not interested in.

11. Tell his friends about you

When you are around his friends, notice how they talk about you. Do you find it odd that they know things about you even if you haven’t told them or aren’t close to them at all? This could just mean that he talks about you to his friends. Either he’s really proud of having you or he can’t get you out of his head. Either way, he obviously loves showing you to others. This is the sign of a guy who is deeply in love with you. It’s a common personality trait for guys to brag about something they’re happy to have. He loves talking about you and is not embarrassed by it.

12. Your interests suddenly become his interests

Have you ever seen him do things he had never done before? Or talk about something he doesn’t usually talk about? Especially things that interest you most? So good! You can safely say he’s in love with you. When guys do, it’s because they want to connect with you more. They are discovering things they can do with you. Even if you are just watching a TV show you love or playing your favorite video games and even talking about ‘too feminine’ things. Plus, if you notice that something you’ve shared with him becomes his favorite thing to do or talk about, you’re even luckier. This means that he cares deeply about your likes and dislikes.

13. If a guy is overprotective, he’s in love with you

Watch carefully how he behaves when you are together in public. Does he constantly put his arms around you when you are with a lot of people? Does he act like he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else? Or maybe, it keeps getting annoyed about how your dress is too short or you are showing too much skin which just becomes annoying. This is he who is overprotective of you. He takes care of you and if he does, it means he loves you.

14. He touches you whenever he gets a chance

Again, it’s about body language. If he touches you often, it is because he wants to be close to you. We’re not talking about touching like he’s trying to flirt with you; it will be more like a sweet caress. It could be the way he touches your hand when he laughs, or brushes your hair with his fingers as he stares at you, or the hugs he gives you casually. This could also work in reverse. See how he reacts when you try to be close to him. If he winces, it could mean that he is moving away from physical contact with you. But this is not always the case. The gasp could also mean that he is just very nervous. If he tries to make a move to touch you again, then you are good.

15. Notice how he talks to you

You could also tell if a guy is into you by the way he talks to you. Note which subject you prefer to talk about. If a guy likes you, he’ll talk nonstop about himself because he’s trying to get your attention by making himself attractive. But if a guy is deeply in love with you, the me becomes ‘we’. He will start listening to whatever you have to say, no matter how boring it is. Will he start conversations with beginners like ‘how are you’? ‘Tell me about your day’ or ‘what do you want to do’? This can also accompany body language. When he talks to you, does he give you his full attention? Does he lean down to hear what you say? Does he look at you in different directions or does he just look at you intensely?

16. You can say it is love when it looks you in the eye

As I mentioned, one of the most important body language signs to look out for is through the eyes. When we don’t like someone, it’s usually weird for us to make eye contact with them. It becomes a habit to look in different directions to show our disinterest. A guy is deeply in love with you when he’s not afraid to look you in the eye. He may be talking to you or he really likes looking at you. It means you have his full attention. When he says ‘I love you’ as you look into your eyes, it’s probably real. He can’t get enough of you because he admires you so much and appreciates your existence.

17. Not afraid to apologize

Let’s face it, one of the hardest things to say is the word ‘sorry’. Each of us has our own ego that we don’t want to be stepped on. It is so difficult for us to recognize our mistakes. I’m sure you’ve had a fight with someone you love before. A guy who is deeply in love with you will fight fairly, he might say what he has in mind, whether you agree or not, but he’ll also make sure he hears your side. He will treat the subject as calmly as possible because he doesn’t like seeing you angry. And, if a guy cares a lot, he will never let go to bed in the midst of a conflict. He will try to fix it quickly and won’t be embarrassed to apologize to you. He won’t even care who is wrong. Also, notice his body language when she apologizes. Nowadays, say ‘sorry’ does not always show sincerity. Look at his reactions and see if he really means it. Is he holding your hand or hugging you? If she shows discomfort in having physical contact with you even after wearing makeup, then it is a sign that she still has a grudge against you.

18. You are part of his family

From experience, I have found that a guy who takes me to his house to spend the day with his family loves me more than a guy who would rather take me on a date. Family is the most important thing you have, and if a guy wants you to meet these people, you have to think that you are also special in his life. He wants you to be a part of it and is proud to show you, especially to his parents. Taking you home is also his way of telling his family to fall in love with you too! Don’t miss more romantic first date ideas here.

19. If he loves you, he will never abandon you

Have you ever gone through a crisis where you have no one to lean on because even the people you thought were close to you have already given up? If a guy is deeply in love with you, he will be with you regardless of your situation. He may show frustration whenever you are upset, but he is willing to do it until you get over it. He will be willing to stay up all night to comfort you. There may also be instances where he will overlook his problems just to fix yours first. After all, this is love. You can’t say someone is a part of your life if you can’t handle them at worst.

20. He will tell you

If a guy is really in love with you, what better way to show it than to simply tell you he does? I don’t just mean, ‘I’m in love with you,’ but he’ll say it and show it with all his heart. A man’s sincerity isn’t really hard to find out. It’s not their thing to vent their feelings as easily as women do. So, if a guy tells you he loves you and you can feel it, trust him.

Now that I have communicated to you all 20 signals that a man gives when he is in love, it becomes much easier to understand. On the other hand, if you are with a man but he is not yet giving you these signals, perhaps the time has come to change your strategy, which is why you have to learn how to make a man fall in love with you.

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