We have all experienced it before; that tingling feeling when you start to suspect someone has a crush on you. But how do you know for sure? How can you tell that the person is really interested in you?

Here are some subtle signs to help you decipher if someone has a crush on you.

They Illuminate When They See You

You can tell a lot about a person by their expression when they see someone they’re attracted to. If they perk up, they become more energized, they start to smile, and there’s a light in their eyes, it may mean they have a crush on you.

They Seek Out Your Presence

Spotting someone you’re attracted to in a crowded room is akin to a detective looking for the smallest of clues. If this person is constantly looking for a way to be in the same place as you, it’s likely they have a crush. They could be angling to make eye contact, they may start conversations wherever they can, or they could be bumping into you, all in the hopes of getting closer to you.

They Always Seem Available

Is there someone who always finds a way to make themselves available for you; always willing to help you in any given situation? If yes, this person could be hinting that they are interested in you.

They Flatter and Compliment You

Do they talk about you in a special way? Are they constantly showering you with compliments? Note that when someone is attracted to you; they’ll put their best foot forward by being extra nice, often giving too many compliments.

Pay Attention to Their Body Language

Body language can be a great indicator of how someone is feeling. It can be more informative than words. If a person is attracted to you, they will be more likely to angle their body towards you, they’ll sit close, stare at you, laugh more, fidget more, and use more hand gestures.

They Make an Effort to Look Good Around You

People often make an effort to look their best around someone they are attracted to. Therefore if someone is consciously trying to look good when they know they’re going to see you, it’s huge that they have a crush on you.

They Become Nervous Around You

You can tell when someone is attracted to you just by their mannerisms. When someone is into you, it often makes them a bit nervous, and so they will act fidgety or not be able to find the right words to say.

They Make Plans With You

If someone has a crush on you they will want to spend as much time as possible with you. A sign someone is interested in you is if they make plans. If they ask to meet you for a meet-up for coffee or for dinner, or ask you to hang out, it means that they want to get to know you better.

They Open Up To You
Well, doesn’t it feel special when someone opens up to you and confides something that he doesn’t tell to other people? It could mean he has a crush on you.

They Are Jealous

If a person is having feelings of envy, especially when it comes to someone of the opposite sex, then it could be a sign that they have a crush on you.

It can be hard to tell if someone has a crush on you, since most people are quite wary of revealing their real feelings. But look out for these subtle signs if you’re trying to suss out someone’s real feelings. By looking out for the above signs, you can figure out if the person is interested in you or not.

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