When a romantic partner begins to act differently, it is normal to feel concerned. However, when the behavior is suddenly secretive, or overly kissy with someone else, one may have suspicions of infidelity. Having suspicions of infidelity can be a difficult thing to confront. But, being aware of some common signs of mate-cheating can put one’s mind at ease, or help to address the situation.

What is Infidelity?
Infidelity is considered a serious threat to a relationship. It is defined as a breach of the agreed-upon emotional or sexual expectations in a relationship. It is usually described as having an intimate relationship or sexual intercourse with someone other than one’s romantic partner.

Common Signs of Infidelity
There are many signs that may indicate that a partner is showing signs of infidelity. Below are some of the most common signs of infidelity:

  1. Changes in Habits
    One of first noticeable signs of a partner straying is a sudden change in habits. If they are suddenly spending more time away from home with no explanation, or being uncharacteristically secretive or evasive, this could be cause for concern.

  2. Selective Secrecy
    If your partner suddenly becomes less open about their plans, or changes in their habits, this could be cause for concern. In relationships, it is normal to want to know where and with whom the other partner is spending time. If a partner is suddenly more protective over their personal activities and not wanting to share any details, this could be a bad sign.

  3. Change in Sexual Activity
    Changes in regular sexual activity can be a red flag. If they no longer show interest in having sex with you, or they suddenly seem more eager, this could signal that they are finding satisfaction elsewhere.

  4. Cheating Cues
    If your partner is suddenly more attentive, more kind or unusually flirty with you when they have not been so in the past, this could be a sign that they are attempting to hide something or make up for long absences.

  5. Unexpected Expenses
    Sudden unexplained credit card charges with restaurants or hotels could signal that someone is spending time and money with another person. The same is true for any type of hidden expenses such as gifts or other things that may have been purchased for someone else.

  6. Access to Technology
    Having accessed to technology, such as shared email or social networks, can be a red flag that your partner may be cheating. If they are receiving or sending emails from someone else, messaging or texting with someone else late night, or just generally being evasive when questioned, this could be a sign of infidelity.

  7. Unfaithful Behavior
    Watching a partner flirt with someone else or engaging in other types of behavior that is suggestive of infidelity should not be ignored. If your partner openly engages in behavior that indicates they are interested in someone else, it could be a sign that they are being unfaithful.

How to Confront a Cheating Partner
If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, the first step to take is to gather evidence. Document any suspicious behaviors and any other evidence that you may have. This could be used to support your case and make your feelings known.

Your second step should be to calmly confront your partner. During this discussion, it’s important to express how you felt before you started to suspect cheating. Then, you should ask your partner about their behavior. They may deny that there is any problem or try to minimize what was going on. If this is the case, point out that the evidence doesn’t lie and ask them to be honest.

The third step should be to decide whether or not to stay in the relationship. It is important to think about the future and not just the present. Acknowledge that you may not be able to completely trust the person again and they may not be able to undo the hurt that they caused. Ultimately, it depends on the individual relationship if both parties can repair the damage and if it is worth it.

No one should feel that they are in a relationship where they are being cheated on. Being aware of some common signs of mate-cheating can help one to address the situation should it ever arise. If a person suspects that their partner is being unfaithful, they should confront them in a calm manner and decide together whether the relationship is worth saving.

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