Ever since its anime adaptation premiered in 1999, the manga series “One Piece” has amassed a gargantuan fanbase. Even casual anime fans will recognize many of the characters from the series, especially their beloved protagonists. Aside from their popularity, these characters have certain distinguished features. To this end, fans have identified the sexiest characters from the series over the years.

Why the Sexiness?

Why is it that these particular characters from the “One Piece” universe stand out when it comes to sex appeal? Obviously, looks pale in comparison when compared to character depth and personalities, yet physical attractiveness is still a factor worth considering.

In the “One Piece” universe, pirates are usually associated with sexiness and action. These two traits manifest in some of the characters by means of their outfits and physical appearances. Female characters in particular may have unique curves and attractive hairdos and clothes that make them special. Moreover, these characters exhibit a certain level of maturity that can be attractive to some fans.

The Top 10 Sexiest “One Piece” Characters

Nico Robin

Nico Robin, also known as the “Devil Child”, is a significant character from the “One Piece” world. Her sex appeal is mostly due to her enigmatic character and unique beauty, with her possessing an uncanny aura about her.

In terms of physical appearance, Robin stands out due to her long black hair, which usually falls into two large, wavy curls on each side of her face. Additionally, she sports a tall, lean body type and has beautiful light-brown eyes, which only enhance her exotic appearance.

In terms of outfit, Robin wears her iconic, long-sleeved green dress which helps to gracefully accentuate her curves. She also posses a sharp and analytical mind, which aids her captivating nature. All these factors, when combined, truly make Robin one of the sexiest characters in “One Piece”.


Carrot is a Reindeer Mink from the Mokomo Dukedom. While she is known to be innocent and naive, she is also a powerful combatant, especially when she channels her Sulong form.

Carrot’s sexiness comes from her adorable physical characteristics. To start, she has a petite figure which accentuates her cute features, but some fans argue that her beauty is her most defining factor, with her having bright-colored eyes and long, orange hair.

Furthermore, her outfit scarcely leaves anything to the imagination and only serves to accentuate her figure. Carrot exudes a childish charm which makes her attractive in a different way compared to other characters.

Vivi Nefertari

Vivi Nefertari is the princess of Alabasta, a kingdom in the “One Piece” universe. Her beauty is enhanced by her kind and caring nature. She somewhat epitomizes maturity and is quite endearing to most fans.

Vivi is tall and slim, with a unique skin tone, which captivates the fans. Her features are accentuated by her voluminous curly white hair and sharp facial features. Moreover, her wardrobe consists of different, elegant clothing that gracefully highlights her physique.

Vivi shows a great deal of assertiveness, intelligence and bravery and this, complemented by her outwardly beauty, leads to a mesmerizing mix of alluring traits.


Crocodile is a former Shichibukai and the main villain of Alabasta arc. He is a tall and intimidating figure who will do anything to get what he wants. Aside from his villainous behavior, his sex appeal lies in his sharp and edgy features.

He has tanned skin and golden eyes, with a trimmed beard and mohawk headed. His outfit is mostly composed of a long leather jacket, inside of which he hides his machete. All this combined, makes him an attractive figure for some fans and a source for fear for most of the characters in the One Piece universe.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist of the “One Piece” series. Most of the fan appeal surrounding Luffy comes from his personality and back story. His bravado and carefree demeanor is quite endearing for some.

In terms of physical appearance, Luffy has unique facial features, such as big eyes and unusually large lips that make him stand out. He is also reasonably tall and has a lean body type, with visible muscle tone.

To top it off, Luffy wears a straw hat and sports a red-vest-and-shorts combo, which serves to accentuate his physique and overall sex appeal.


Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. Her sexiness lies in the amalgamation of her physicality and personality.

In terms of physical traits, Nami is endowed with a slim and lithe figure, long, bright-orange hair and stunningly blue eyes. Her overall presentation is completed by her signature orange and white outfit, consisting of a top, shorts and a pair of thigh-high boots.

Nami is an empowered spirit, driven by mood swings and a sense of ambition. All this, coupled with her looks, elevates her status in the eyes of the fans.

Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

Marshall D. Teach or “Blackbeard” is the main antagonist in “One Piece Thousand Sunset”. It may come off as a surprise, since he is a villain and is usually portrayed as a menacing figure, yet Blackbeard has a certain charm about him which makes him an attractive figure for some fans.

His physical features include a towering body type, a bald head, a black beard and a patch covering his left eye. Although his overall outfit lacks prowess and finesse, his stature paired with his menacing traits adds a certain sexiness to his personality.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci is an assassin from the ‘CP-9’ group. His most distinguishing physical feature is his cat-like eyes, which add a spark to his intimidating personality.

Lucci is muscle-bound and tall, with a muscular build that creates an imposing figure. Though he is usually seen in a black suit, he is also familiar with shirts and long pants that perfectly outlines his muscular frame.

He is an unstoppable force of nature and his relentless ability to break through any obstacle is something to marvel at. His physical attributes and powerful aura make him an attractive figure to some fans.

Eustass Kid

Eustass “Captain” Kid is a powerful pirate in the “One Piece” universe and also an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is an imposing figure, both in terms of strength and looks.

Kid has wild and messy blonde hair, blue eyes and a muscular built. His most notable feature is his white-crossed eye patch, which adds charm to his intimidating feats. He also wears striped shorts and stylish jackets that further boosts his sex appeal.

Overall, Kid is a powerful figure in the series, and his bewitching looks are only accentuated by his tough guy attitude.


Rayleigh, also known as the “Dark King” is a former pirate captain and the man who trained Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. His sex appeal comes from a strong air of maturity and wisdom.

In terms of physical traits, Rayleigh has grey hair, a moustache and a stern gaze. He is quite tall and wear clothes that suit him, such as black leather jackets which hang down over his lowerwear. He also possesses a wooden cane which complements his look.

Above all else, it is his intelligence and resourcefulness that sets him up as an attractive figure. Even being old, he is able to keep up with the young and strong pirates without problem.


Akainu, also known as Sakazuki, is a former admiral of the marines. His sex appeal comes from his physical features and his courage and determination in the face of danger.

His face is adorned with an impressive scar and a stern and intimidating look in his eyes. He is fairly tall and muscular, with a commanding presence which sets him apart from other characters.

He wears an off-white marine uniform, which helps to add more seriousness and maturity to his character. Indeed, Akainu is an assertive figure who plays an invaluable role as an antagonist and he has made use of his physical features to do it successfully.

If there was ever a need to define, who the sexiest “One Piece” character is, it would be a difficult task. Each of the characters discussed in this article has a unique set of physical and mental traits, which makes them all attractive in their own right. A fan’s preference would differ depending on their particular interests.

That being said, if one absolutely had to choose, they would do well to note Robin’s exotic good looks, Kid’s wild attitude and Lucci’s menacing charm. It’s hard to decide, but for those looking for a sex appeal in the “One Piece

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