Despite it being the small prank holiday of the year, April Fools’ Day still manages to induce a bit of panic in people who are determined to put together a hilarious joke that does not fail. It can prove to be especially difficult for couples who would like to banter back and forth something memorable. To help you out and give you some ideas on ways to prank your significant other over the course of April Fools’ Day, here are some ideas that are easy to pull off.

Ideas for April Fools’ Pranks

Prank phone calls: While it might not be acceptable elsewhere, it can be a source of laughter to call your significant other or to call their parents on April Fools’ and have your best joke ready to tell. Ensure that the prank is mild and not too cruel, otherwise there might be repercussions.

Prank texts: If you are not too confident about your prank phone call skills, send a prank text instead. It can be about anything from telling them you are engaged to a celebrity or a TV character to telling them you have won the lottery. Make sure to be prepared for their response and to keep a straight face.

Hidden toys: Hide small toys all around their bedroom, bathroom, living room, and other places you know your significant other may easily stumble upon them. If the prank is good enough it can last for days, as your partner may undoubtedly try to figure out why the small toys keep appearing; it may even lead them to try and look up who they belong to.

Switch up the routine: This one might require a bit or preparation but could easily make your significant other’s day if done right. Switch up the mundane with something extraordinary. Maybe take them to a place they have always dreamed of visiting or do something they do not often do. Most importantly, make sure to keep it a secret and be prepared to act completely surprised yourself.

Switch wardrobe: Switch clothes between you and your partner on April Fools’ Day. Doing this early in the morning will allow you to play the prank until it is revealed to the recipient of the prank. It will almost definitely be great material for some photos as well.

Switch the contents of containers: If you are up for a challenge, take the time to switch the contents of ordinary containers like coffee, sugar and salt around without your significant other ever noticing it.

These pranks may require a bit of preparation on your part and certainly a well-timed execution, although the end result will make April Fools’ Day a memorable one. Be prepared to get your significant other back with another prank if they figure out your joke before it is supposed to be revealed.

Types of Jokes You Should Avoid

Although these jokes might potentially be great material for an April Fools’ Day prank, they are in the end too cruel and not in the spirit of the day.

Telling them you are pregnant: It is not a funny joke to tell your significant other you are pregnant, especially on such a light-hearted occasion. It is also not something that can undo itself.

Breaking up: If you are in a partnership with someone, do not break up with them to be a ‘joke’. This especially is one of the types of jokes that should be avoided on April Fools.

Using their loved-ones in the joke: This is a no-go. You cannot play a prank on somebody you love, let alone on somebody that your significant other loves.

Tips for April Fools’ Prank Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a way to make someone second guess their sanity and what they are seeing or hearing. Although, it should be approached with extreme caution, gaslighting can be an awesome way to prank someone on April Fools.

Set up the prank beforehand: The prank won’t be successful if you don’t set it up beforehand. Ensure all the elements are set up and that you are prepared for any possible reaction.

Subtlety is key: Do not be too obvious. Make sure the prank is subtle, so the person is not sure whether you are serious or not and that they don’t simply dismiss it.

Don’t overdo it: Make sure that you do not overcomplicate the prank and push it too far. The point of the prank is to make them laugh, not to push them past their limits.

Use humor: Do not be too serious about the prank for it to be able to hit the right marks and have the right effect on your significant other.

Ultimately, April Fools’ Day is the one day to be silly and have some fun. If planned ahead, a good April Fools’ Day prank can ultimately be a way to create and strengthen the bond between two people who are in love.

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