The Hadid family have been staples in the fashion, entertainment, and business industries since the early 2000s and are considered stars, trend-setters, and even “supermodels” within the modeling industry. Ranging from the famous model Gigi Hadid to the up-and-coming designer Anwar Hadid, the Hadid family have made a name for themselves in the style, fashion and even real estate industries around the world.

With wealth coming in from years of hard work and success, some may wonder: who is the richest among the Hadid siblings? This article will explore the estimated worth of each of the Hadid family members, from the deep pockets of Yolanda Hadid to the newest millionaire, Anwar Hadid.

Yolanda Hadid and Mohamed Hadid have five children together, spanning from different careers and aspirations. Their children are the well-known TV personality/model Gigi Hadid, budding stylist/designer Anwar Hadid, budding model/artist Bella Hadid, model/artist Alana Hadid, and businessman/artist obviously Mohamad Hadid.

Yolanda Hadid’s Net Worth

The matriarch of the Hadid family, Yolanda Hadid is an esteemed celebrity and model who had one of the lead roles on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $45 million.

Gigi Hadid’s Net Worth

Gigi Hadid is the eldest daughter of Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid and an extremely successful model in her own right. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, made illustrious runways appearances, had major collaborations with luxury brands, and hosted various reality TV shows.

Gigi Hadid’s estimated net worth is about $29 million.

Bella Hadid’s Net Worth

Sitting at a young rooftop of $25 million is Bella Hadid, Gigi’s younger sister. Bella is also a renown model and she has been featured on the covers of dozens of fashion magazines and high-profile campaigns. Bella has had various high-profile relationships such as the singer The Weeknd.

Anwar Hadid’s Net Worth

The youngest Hadid sibling, Anwar Hadid is a designer, model, and reality star. He has gone on to be a part of various campaigns and collaborations with luxury fashion labels such as Bulgari, Prada, and Moncler.

Anwar Hadid’s estimated net worth is said to be around $10 million.

Alana Hadid’s Net Worth

Alana Hadid is the second youngest and least known Hadid of the siblings. She does not receive the public attention of the other Hadids however she is an aspiring jewelry designer and has gone on to launch her own jewelry collection.

Alana Hadid’s estimated net worth is approximately $6 million.

Mohamed Hadid’s Net Worth

The patriarch of the Hadid family, Mohamed Hadid is a he a successful businessman and real estate mogul. His estimated net worth is said to be around $100 million making him the wealthiest amongst his siblings.

The Hadid family are not only extremely influential personalities in the fashion, entertainment and business industries they are also some of the wealthiest and successful people in the world. According to reports the Hadid’s estimated worth ranges from Gigi’s estimated $29 million to Mohammed’s $100 million. It’s safe to say that the Hadid family are successful and affluent in the eyes of many.

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