Makeup has become a crucial part of many peoples’ lives, with products available to help highlight features and add definition, creating the perfect look. One essential part of creating a flawless makeup look is a wide variety of brushes, to ensure that the right application is achieved. Understanding how each makeup brush works and being familiar with its purpose is essential in order to create the desired look. In this article, we will discuss how each makeup brush is used, so as to allow you to get the best possible look with ease.

Types of Makeup Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes, there is no single brush that can do it all. Different brushes have been designed for different purposes, and learning the purpose of each brush will help you to achieve the perfect look. The available makeup brushes vary broadly in size, shape, and material and there are tons of options to choose from. Each brush can be used in multiple ways, making them extremely versatile. Some of the common types of makeup brushes include:

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush is a flat brush made with bristles that are either synthetic or real hair. The brush is designed to evenly spread on liquid or cream foundation to give you a full coverage look. It is mostly used in a dabbing or buffing motion for a streak-free finish.

Powder Brush

The powder brush is used for setting or blending powder formulas, giving you a softer, more natural finish. It has relatively longer, fluffier bristles with a round or dome tip, designed for quick and easy application. It has the ability to distribute product from the center of the brush rather than from the edges.

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is used to cover dark spots, blemishes and redness. It is smaller in size than the other brushes and has soft, synthetic bristles. It blends the product in a dabbing motion to ensure even and smooth application.

Blush Brush

The blush brush is used to add a flush of color to the cheeks. The brush is usually dome shaped with bristles that are soft and evenly distributed. This allows the brush to pick up and blend the product onto the skin in a soft and subtle way.

Highlighter Brush

The highlighter brush is used to highlight the features of the face including the cheekbones and brow bones. It is usually a narrow and flat brush with short, densely packed bristles. It allows for precise application and easy blending of the product on the face.

Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow brush is used to apply and blend eyeshadow formulas. It is usually round or oval-shaped with medium to long bristles. It is designed to give you an even finish when applying and blending eyeshadows.

Blending Brush

The blending brush is used for precision and control. It has short and fluffy bristles with a tapered tip, designed to blend the eyeshadow colors effortlessly, giving you a flawless finish.

Eyebrow Brush

The eyebrow brush is used to groom and shape the eyebrows. It is usually a double-sided brush with one side having a spoolie brush to comb through and shape the eyebrows, while the other side has a small angled brush to fill in the brows.

Lip Brush

The lip brush is a small and slender brush with a pointed tip, designed to give precise and accurate application of lipstick. It creates a clean and precise finish when applying, and allows for even coverage of the lips.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is a large brush with long, soft bristles that are curved or fan-shaped, designed for precise application and blending of powder formulas. It is commonly used to apply highlighters to the face and body.

Angled Contour Brush

The angled contour brush is used to accentuate the cheekbones and jawline, giving the face a slimmer, more defined look. The brush is usually angled and densely packed with soft, synthetic bristles, designed to blend and sculpt powder products onto the face.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Regularly cleaning your brushes is essential for preventing an accumulation of bacteria, as well as ensuring that you get an even and flawless result every time you use them. Here are some easy steps to keep your brushes clean and in a good condition:

  1. Start by rinsing the bristles under luke warm water, ensuring that no remnants of makeup remain.

  2. Pour a small amount of gentle shampoo or makeup brush cleaner on the bristles and gently massage it into the brush.

  3. Rinse the brush with the same luke warm water until all of the cleaner has come out.

  4. Use a paper towel or cloth to squeeze out the excess warm water from the brush and then reshape the bristles.

  5. Before the brush can be used again, it must be left to dry in a horizontal position.

Having the right tools can make or break your makeup look, so understanding how each makeup brush works and is used is essential for achieving the desired effect. Makeup brushes come in varying lengths, sizes and shapes, designed for different purposes. A common mistake when it comes to makeup brushes is failure to clean them, which can result in an accumulation of bacteria and make-up residue. Therefore, dedicating some time to cleaning the brushes regularly is essential in order to ensure perfect and flawless makeup application every time.

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