Chinese astrology is the ancient practice of characterizing an individual’s personality traits, life cycles and destiny based on the position of the planets in relation to the zodiac signs during the time of the individual’s birth. Ancient Chinese astrologers developed a calendar that influenced many cultures in East Asia and Europe, connecting the two by helping create the movements of Taoism and Buddhism.

How Chinese Astrology Differs From Western Zodiac Signs

Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology in many ways, including the symbols used, the interpretations of each sign and the order in which the signs are studied. Whereas Western astrology bases its signs on four classical elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and twelve constellations, Chinese astrology is divided into several categories of animals (including dragons) and relies on five classical elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. In addition to the animal zodiac signs, the five elements are used to categorize the individual – as either a Metal type, Water type, Wood type, Fire type or Earth type – based on the unique combination of elements present at their birth.

The 12 Chinese Zodiac Symbols

The twelve Chinese zodiac symbols are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each zodiac animal has its own unique characteristics and personality traits associated with it. The first animal of the Chinese zodiac, Rat, is known for its intelligence, charm and wit, whereas the second animal of the zodiac, Ox, is distinguished for its determination and hard work. The order of the animals continues in the same way, with Tiger representing courage and strength, Rabbit representing gentleness and grace, Dragon for power and magnificence, Snake for mystery and wisdom, Horse for independence and intelligence, Sheep for peace and fertility, Monkey for creativity and cleverness, Rooster for loyalty and integrity, Dog for loyalty and faithfulness, and Pig for optimism and generosity.

The Impacts of the Five Chinese Elements on Compatibility

The five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water are believed to have a strong influence on the compatibility between individuals. The five elements are concerned with the five types of personalities – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth – expressing the unique combination of strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

Wood Elements: Those with the wood element are believed to be creative, compassionate, and assertive. They are compatible with people with the same element but also with people with the fire element.

Fire Elements: The fire element is associated with passion and energy. Those with this element can be quite independent, but they also rely heavily on their emotions. They tend to be compatible with those of the same element as well as with people with the water element.

Earth Elements: Those with the earth element are said to be practical, reliable and reliable. They are believed to be compatible with those of the same element as well as with people with the metal element.

Metal Elements: The metal element is associated with strength and ambition. Those with the metal element can be quite stubborn, but they are also quite determined. They tend to be compatible with those of their own element as well as with people with the wood element.

Water Elements: The water element is associated with emotion and intuition. People with this element are said to be compassionate and nurturing. They tend to be compatible with those of the same element as well as with people with the fire element.

Compatibility Between Different Chinese Zodiac Signs

The compatibility between different Chinese zodiac signs is determined by the element associated with each sign and how it interacts with the other elements. Certain signs are naturally more compatible than others and can cultivate a lasting and harmonious relationship, while others may clash and create friction.

Rat and Dragon: Rats and dragons are both associated with the water element, and they are believed to be very compatible in relationships. Rats are compatible with Dragons because they share the same element, but they also bring different qualities to a relationship. Rats bring intelligence, charm and wit while dragons bring power and magnificence.

Ox and Sheep: Ox and sheep are associated with the earth element and are also believed to be highly compatible. Oxen have strong sense of responsibility while sheep are gentle and peace-loving, making them a perfect match.

Tiger and Horse: Tiger and horse are both associated with the fire element, indicating that they are very compatible in relationships. Tigers have courage and strength whereas horses have independence and intelligence, making them a natural fit.

Rabbit and Pig: Rabbit and pig are both associated with the wood element and are believed to be highly compatible. Rabbits are very gentle and graceful while pigs are optimistic and generous, making them a great match.

Chinese astrology is an ancient practice that has had an influence on many cultures around the world. It is based on twelve symbols, each one representing a set of character traits and personality types, as well as five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – which can also influence the compatibility between two people. Different Chinese zodiac signs have different levels of compatibility, and understanding their individual elements can help to determine how they may interact and cultivate a lasting, harmonious relationship.

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