Sometimes in a relationship things come to a bit of a dead end and to spice things up I would advise you to start thinking about sensual messages for her that are erotic and seductive. What I mean is the kind of messages that will make her want to rip her clothes off and dive into bed with you.

Of course, you don’t have to overdo your sensual messages for her, you risk being completely ignored and your girlfriend may interpret them as one of your usual jerk pranks or that you are a pervert. Just send them once or twice a month and for sure you will get a response from her, start talking about sex or at least start thinking about it.

It is true that when there is a screen involved, such as that of a PC or a smartphone, everything turns out to be much simpler, because all the inhibitions fall. This makes it easier to type phrases to tease a guy on the other side of the virtual network or send sensual text messages to a man.

Sexy text messages

The key to sexting is to be a sassy distraction. And, who couldn’t use a distraction during our new quarantined lives? This is what you are looking for here. Whether you leave your lover excited or walk him through to the end is up to you, your partner, and how much time you have. But for those of us who are new to the game, the most important thing to remember isbe honest about what you want, keep texts short and to the point, and make yourself comfortable to take the conversation from lukewarm to hot.

💋Can you guess what I’m wearing right now?

💋I’m feeling so horny, and I don’t know why!

💋My body is so sore, I wish I could get a massage right now.

💋I’m feeling so cold even though I’m under the blanket. Hold on for a minute, lemme put on my clothes.

💋What would you want to do with me after our date tomorrow?

💋Oh gosh, my fly was open all this while!

💋If I were with you right now, where would you want me to touch you?

💋My hands were busy, but they took a break to text you.

💋I’m watching porn. [Read: 16 sexting tips you MUST-KNOW before you sext anyone

💋I’m so bored… I wish you could be with me now. [Read: 30 naughty questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive]

💋I’m looking for sex toys online…

💋I’m imagining you’re with me right now…

💋I just bought new underwear and can’t wait to show it to you.

💋Do you believe in kiss and tell? Cause I want you to kiss me and do things to me in your mind and tell me all about it.

💋I’m trying to sleep, but I can’t stop thinking about all the things I could do to you if you were with me right now.

💋I just picked up this new dress/shirt today, and I’m trying it on right now.

💋I’m lying in bed and bored. Do you want to play Never Have I Ever?

💋It’s such a nice day to cozy up to someone, and spend all day in bed.

💋I can see two pussies humping outside my window. They’re meowing so much it’s hard for me to go back to sleep.

💋I had a naughty dream last night and you were in me… *I mean it

💋You looked really sexy today… I can’t stop thinking of you.

💋It’s been ages since I had sex…

💋I’m watching a sexy video of a girl/guy who looks just like you share a link to an explicit video with a really attractive person so they would be flattered even if there’s only a minor resemblance.

Sexy texts for him

What to write to the man just met who intrigues us? What dirty phrases (so-called dirty talk) to use in bed to excite your partner? How to whet the lover’s imagination? Many phrases to send to him, the best erotic messages to write to a man collected for you and perfect for interspersing even erotic chats, where everyone can give the best of themselves and say everything that goes through the head.

❣️I just saw a porn movie and I can’t stop myself thinking about all the dirty things you could do to me if you were here. I wonder if you wanted to come by and stay with me tonight.

❣️I can’t wait, I’m dying to hug you because the way you hug makes me feel so hot and turned on.

❣️Do you want to see what a naughty girl I can be for you? Look at me and wink if so.

❣️I want to see how good your tongue can play between my gaps.

❣️Can you text me the details of what you would do to me tonight when you sleep next to me? The excitement and anticipation of spending the night with you is driving me wild and crazy.

❣️I want to feel your wet lips all over me on every inch of my body. But the only condition is I will guide your way through my hands.

❣️Just wanted to tell that my new red underwear feels really good and sexy on my skin. I wish I could show it to you if you were here now.

❣️I want to show you how naughty I can be.

❣️I had a dream last night about you and me moaning and sweating with intense pleasure. Just wanted to ask if you could stay in my bedroom tonight to make my dream come true!

❣️I can’t stop thinking about some very dirty things… please, can you help me?

❣️Get out of the gym sweetheart and save some energy for the Bang-Bang. I am going to make love to you and drive you wild between my legs tonight.

❣️Just thinking of you gets my pussy wet.

❣️I love you when you moan in excitement taking my name….but tell me what will it take to see you sweating in intense pleasure!

❣️Your clothes are coming off the moment get through the door.

❣️I have got a new set of lingerie, just wanted to know if you could come to see how it looks on me.

❣️I love the way you kiss me, especially the part where I moan and scream the most.

❣️Oh, Baby! Even a thought of you makes me wet below my waist.

❣️Tonight I want you to undress me slowly with your muscular touch and bite every inch of my body with no inch left untouched.

❣️I love the way you get naughty in bed it keeps me seduced and excited.

❣️It makes me feel so hot and pumped up when I touch your stick, it really makes me moist and wet inside my panties.

❣️I love to moan in excitement when you whisper my name… but tell me what will it take to make you scream with pain and pleasure!

❣️Take off your clothes, I want to admire your masculine body and rub it against mine all night.

❣️I am planning to wear my favorite sexy red thong tonight. What about you?

❣️Tonight I want to enjoy the taste, touch, scent and feel of your skin next to mine.

❣️Tell me how desperate you are for me and why? If your reply is satisfactory we will move on to the next step to turn your desperation into reality.

❣️Hey Honey! Just wanted to ask should I wear the red panties or the blue one? I am confused can you suggest after all it’s you who is going to play with it tonight, isn’t it?

❣️I want you to boss me around tonight.

❣️I can feel your masculine power when I touch you down there. It’s really hot, heavy and hard like a rod.

❣️Reveal four parts of my body you admire the most? I promise to give you at least two tonight for being honest…!

❣️When I am with you my whole body tightens up in ecstasy with the sensation of your touch.

❣️It makes me feel amazingly hot when you touch me down there.

Messages for turning him on long-distance

The trick to continuing a satisfying sexting exchange is to keep it natural and logical. (Note: we didn’t say realistic.) Not everyone imagines things in their head, but if you can try to imagine what you’re talking about, it will go a long way in helping you get things done.

👄Send me a picture of something you’d want me to put my lips on if I were with you.

👄If I were a photographer, what would you want me to take pictures of? ?

👄You have a unique talent for making me lose control of myself…

👄I’m just over here pretending this lollipop I have right now is you…

👄I’m about to jump in the shower…just giving you something fun to imagine.

👄If you could touch any part of me right now, what would you want to touch?

👄What do you think of my new bra? send him a picture

👄I had this crazy dream about you last night. Why don’t you give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it?

👄I feel so sexy in my new underwear. Let me know what you think. send him a picture

👄Show me something sexy and I promise to return the favor.

👄Want to know what I would be doing to you if you were lying next to me right now?

👄Want me to send you a video of what I’m doing right now?

👄Tell me a picture of anything you want to see, and I’ll send it to you. ?

👄Send him a picture of you licking something long and hard. (For example, a banana.)

Funny sexy texts for him

It may seem strange to some but it is not said that eroticism and sex must necessarily go hand in hand with seriousness, quite the contrary! Laughing and smiling when you are a couple, before and during sex is the most complicit that can exist, a sign that you are really good together and that you are having fun. There are phrases as erotic as they are funny to express all this and laugh about it, for example these are funny phrases written by famous authors and by anonymous.

💕I keep thinking about how great you looked in that shirt last night…and out of it, too, actually.

💕Tell me some of your secret fantasies. Don’t mind me taking notes.

💕I love sitting on your lap…and maybe sitting on some other things, too.

💕I wouldn’t mind a long, hard surprise later. Have any ideas?

💕My favorite outfit is my birthday suit.

💕Is it normal that I get so thirsty every time I see a picture of you?

💕Hm…do I sense someone having dirty thoughts about me?

💕I’ve heard orgasms are excellent for pain relief and relaxation. On a totally related note…I know how to help you relieve some of that tension. ?

💕Fun fact: I’ve totally tamed my gag reflex.

💕I just had a fantastic shower. Who knew you could get so dirty while getting clean at the same time?

💕What do I have in common with hot chocolate? I’m hot, wet, and sweet.

💕It must be illegal somewhere to be as sexy as you…

Erotic texts for her

Some people are very shy they are used to expressing their emotions in a strong way, often live they do not have the courage to use dirty talk and erotic and sexy phrases, while writing messages, WhatsApp and emails they get rid of all inhibitions. Here are some examples of sentences you could send to a woman hoping to hit her.

😉I fall asleep with you in my dreams. Erotic of course.

😉I want to make love with you. I want your hands, your mouth, your sweat on my skin.

😉I will never forget your taste, the indelible memory of that immense pleasure

😉With my language I would like to do in-depth investigations into parts of your body that you don’t even imagine

😉I can’t sleep, I think about your legs and what they contain

😉Your dress would look great on the floor next to my bed.

😉It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But open your soul to someone, let them enter your fears, your future, your smile, this is being naked (Marilyn Monroe)

😉The man may have discovered fire, but the woman has discovered how to play with it (Carrie in “Sex and the City”)

😉Touch me. Undress me slowly and kidnap my body, touching it with your fingers. I want you. Of your sweetness, of your perfume

😉I close my eyes and I lose myself in the spiral of the curves of your splendid body

😉I remember your soft skin under my hands. .. I feel a fire burning that only your moods can calm. .. I want you

😉I can’t wait to explore your body so I can drive you crazy

😉My kisses will be your dress

😉Your mouth, your caresses, your body pressed against mine. I want to see you again

😉I’m hungry for you. I thirst for your pleasure

Sexy text messages for turning him on

Valentine’s Day is approaching and, especially during the party of lovers, we want to tease the partner with sensual clothes, provocative underwear and, why not, effect phrases that will make them dizzy. How many times do we hear from someone that they have fallen in love or in love with someone else’s words or brain, or that they have felt aroused just reading a particularly hot message? Sometimes you can manage to ignite the desire in a person just by using it with words, the important thing is not to be excessive or vulgar.

😊Guess what I’m wearing right now?

😊If we were together, what would you want me to do to you?

😊I can’t stop sucking on lollypops today for some reason…

😊I have a secret – I’m watching a very dirty video online right now…

😊I’m typing this with one hand because my other hand is busy…

😊Tell me what you want to do with me after our date tonight.

😊I had a VERY naughty dream last night – you were definitely there…

😊Imagine we’re alone in the bedroom together – then tell me what you’re thinking.

😊I can’t sleep – all I can think about is what we would be doing if you were here with me…

😊I can’t stop thinking about some very dirty things… can you help me?

😊I have something I have to admit – I’ve been thinking about you all day long…

😊I’m under so many blankets and I’m still cold… I guess I should put on some clothes…

😊I’m so bored I’m checking out sex toys online…

😊I’m bored and I’m lying in bed. Wanna play Simon Says with me?

😊This new underwear feels soooo good against my skin…

More sexy text messages

End your little excursion into the dark side of send text messages may be the hardest part. Each one ends in a different style. Focus on sharing what you’re thinking about doing when you’ve hit your O. Whether you’ve been together forever or with someone new, they’ll love to imagine the effect they have on you.

🥰️I miss feeling the curves of your body pressed against mine.

🥰️I want to hear you moan my name tonight.

🥰️I have a vibrator here, waiting for you.

🥰️I want that perfect body of yours underneath me.

🥰️I never knew what it was like to want someone this badly.

🥰️I want to fuck you on the kitchen counter. The couch. And then the bed.

🥰️I’m wearing those tight new boxers you bought for me.

🥰️No other woman on this planet can turn me on the way you can.

🥰️I’m touching myself while thinking about you.

🥰️I miss the taste of your pussy.

🥰️You have the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen.

🥰️You can choose the positions tonight. Anything you want, you can have.

🥰️I can’t wait to see you so I can run my lips across your neck.

🥰️Something as simple as kissing you makes me so fucking hard.

🥰️Your tits are the perfect size. In fact, everything about you is perfect.

🥰️I can’t wait to play with your pussy again.

🥰️You’re the best sex I’ve ever had.

🥰️Picture my head in between your legs, because that’s where it’s going to be later.

🥰️I want to fuck you forever.

🥰️Let’s act out one of your fantasies tonight.

🥰️I’m going to cum while thinking about you.

🥰️Just so you know, I’m going to eat you out tonight.

🥰️Your moans are the sexiest sound in the world.

🥰️If you were here right now, I would be eating you out already.

🥰️You look so sexy when you’re wet.

🥰️I desperately need your tits in my mouth.

🥰️I can’t stop thinking about how good you felt the last time we had sex.

🥰️Tonight is going to be all about you, baby. You don’t have to lift a finger.

🥰️I would give anything to fuck you right now.

🥰️I love the feel of your skin. It’s so soft and perfect.

🥰️I love your legs.

🥰️I love your hips.

🥰️I need you naked. And on top of me. Right now.

🥰️Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you. In detail.

🥰️You are the sexiest woman in any room.

🥰️I wish I was there with you right now. I don’t know how much longer I can wait to see you.

🥰️Even when you’re fully clothed, you make me hard as a rock.

🥰️I want to be deep inside of you.

🥰️Do you want me to make you orgasm with my tongue, hands, or cock?

🥰️I want to run my tongue along your clit until you cum.

🥰️Your tits are the most delicious thing I’ve ever had in my mouth.

🥰️The second I see you, I’m going to rip your clothes off with my teeth.

🥰️I want to see your orgasm face.

🥰️I love the way you touch me.

🥰️I want to smack your ass, pull your hair, and kiss your neck.

🥰️I love your stomach.

🥰️I orgasm the hardest when I’m thinking about you.

🥰️I want to wake you up with oral.

🥰️I’m going to make you orgasm. More than once.

🥰️Do you want me to send you any pictures to help you get off?

🥰️I’ve been counting down the days until you’re in my bed again.

🥰️I hope you’re ready for multiple orgasms.

🥰️You should be in my bed right now.

🥰️I get horny just from thinking about you.

🥰️Sexting isn’t enough. I want to see your gorgeous body in person.

🥰️I’m going to start your night with a massage and end it with an orgasm.

🥰️You’re so good with your tongue.

🥰️You don’t have any idea how fucking beautiful you are.

🥰️I can’t stop looking through those pictures you sent me. You look so sexy.

🥰️Somehow you get sexier every damn day.

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