The television and movie world has an extensive list of cartoon characters who have been memorable and held onto by generations of fans. One of the most beloved characters that remains a firm favorite is Mickey Mouse. Created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Mickey first appeared in the 1928 movie ‘Steamboat Willie’. But what most people don’t know is that Mickey’s twin brother, Micky Mouse, is regarded as even more special and mysterious. Here’s an exploration into the strange tale of Mickey and Micky Mouse.

The Origins of Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks originally created Mickey Mouse as a replacement for the character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt had initially created Oswald for Universal Pictures but when Universal tried to reduce the rights of Disney and the character, the mouse was created in secrecy. To this day, the original sketches of Mickey before 1928 remain a mystery. What is remarkable is that in May 1928, only three months after Mickey’s first movie appearance, a twin brother was born in the form of Micky Mouse.

Micky’s Mysterious Origins

The mysterious origins of Micky have sparked speculation over what could have been the inspiration behind creating a twin brother. There are several theories proposed, some of which state that Micky was created to be Mickey’s sidekick, while others suggest that Micky was added to make sure that Disney did not associate Mickey’s character with Oswald’s character. Whichever theory is accepted, what still remains a mystery is why Micky was a carbon copy of Mickey but dressed in a different outfit.

The Description of Micky

Micky’s exact look is still unknown. In the two movies he appeared in, ‘Plane Crazy’ in 1928 and ‘Galloping Gaucho’ in 1929, Micky was seen wearing a red high-collared shirt and yellow trousers. It is also speculated that Micky had a smaller head than Mickey, and a more prominent chin. The creators never revealed more details about the character, and Micky only made six appearances in the first four years of Mickey’s creation. Despite Mickey gaining more recognition and screen time, Micky remained true to the original origin story and the mysterious twin remained in the shadows.

Micky’s Disappearance

Between 1929 and 1942, Micky’s appearances disappeared. During this time, Mickey Mouse also underwent a rigorous upscaling process in terms of friendship circle, characterization, and features. None of these improvements was given to Micky, leaving many questions raised in fans’ minds about his whereabouts. The lack of a definitive answer to why Micky did not gain the same level of attention remained elusive until the mid-1940s.

The 1960s Revival

In the 60s, Micky had a comeback with two rare episodes that once again brought back questions from Disney fans around the world. The first was a 1965 television special, ‘Mickey Mouse Club Circus’. In this episode, Micky suddenly appears, catching all the viewers off-guard as he is seen accompanying Mickey, dressed in his signature tuxedo and a clown’s hat. He also appears to have got his chin reduced to match Mickey’s. This brought a spark of life to the character who hadn’t been seen in almost 30 years, but unfortunately this would be Micky’s last appearance on screen.

Micky’s Legacy

Many Disney fans claim that the short-lived Micky Mouse was a true symbol of brotherhood between him and Mickey. Though Mickey continued to garner more attention, Micky remained true to his roots and his fate, eventually existing as a mere reflection of Mickey. In the end, Micky’s legacy will remain unknown as he never came to full fruition as a character.

It’s unclear why Disney chose not to push Micky forward and give him the recognition that he deserved. Where the original origin story and sketches of the character are still kept under wraps, the strange tale of Mickey and Micky Mouse is one of those mysteries which will remain unsolved.

One of the world’s most iconic cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse, had a twin brother named Micky that was created in secret in 1928. Despite his original design differing from Mickey’s, Micky only made a few appearances before disappearing in the 1940s. In 1965, the twins were reunited in an episode of the Mickey Mouse Club Circus, but it would be Micky’s last appearance on screen. The stories and sketches of Micky are still a mystery, and the strange tale of Mickey and Micky Mouse is one of those unsolved puzzles that will remain unknown.

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