Finding the right birthday cards for your loved one is sometimes a difficult task for men. They must contain words that will show all the depth of his feelings, expressing love and tenderness towards her.

We offer you an extensive collection of beautiful and tender greetings with “I love you” and “Happy Birthday messages for my loved one”, with which you will not only confess to your half how much you love her and how much happiness you wish her. , but you will also reach the deepest places of his soul.

So, if you want to be special in the eyes of your girlfriend, choose a birthday message for my girlfriend, created especially for you, and present it as an SMS, message on Messenger, written on a postcard or a greeting card handmade. Most importantly, carefully select those wishes that are appropriate for your relationship and that can reach her.

Messages from my birthday to my girlfriend, short and long

Love is beautiful at the age of 17 – 18 and at the age of 60, and it must be confessed for the holidays, when every girl expects a greeting card from her boyfriend, full of gentle and sentimental words.

Taking as a reference the fact that girls dream of receiving long and sensual messages, or short and emotional ones, we have prepared exactly the wishes you need to win the heart of your girlfriend forever.

After so many years of messages for my girlfriend, she will understand that you are the most romantic and loving man on Earth.

My dear! For your birthday, I want to confess to you. I love you when you are affectionate with me and when you are capricious, when you scare me and when you praise me, when you feel like it and when you are cold, when you are proud of me and when you hate me, when you are in an evening dress and when in pajamas… I love you! Happy Birthday!

My love! I hasten to congratulate you on this holiday! I wish you to always flourish and delight everyone around you with your uniqueness!

Love! May the shades of your soul never fade and the flame of your dear heart never go out! You remain so frail and tender forever. I love you!

Dear, sweet and beloved! On this day you are worthy of the most tender and warm words! May spring always bloom in your soul, and may the rays of the sun shine only for you!

My dear! Be in the ninth heaven and let my love warm your heart! May happiness embrace you and may luck hold your hand tightly! Happy Birthday!

My darling, my gentle, my only one! On this day, the world is yours! I want the petals of the white roses to show you the way and to caress your soul. Always remember that you are my charm, my inspiration, the meaning of my life. Always remain the same cheerful wickedness! Happy Birthday my dear!

My dear little girl, I’m glad to wish you happy birthday! I’d like to tell you so much, but the right words have been lost… You’re beautiful – I want you to flourish even more exquisitely. You are gentle – I want you to be even sweeter. You’re cute – I want you to be even more beautiful! You are loved, but I am not able to wish you to be even more loved, because stronger than I love you it is impossible to love!

My dear! Congratulations on your birthday, I want to wish you happiness! After all, if there is happiness – real, sincere, simple and everyday, then you have everything in this world and no barriers or pain are awful!

Honey! I will do my best to make you happier every new day! Happy Birthday!

My beauty, my dear! Congratulations today on the most wonderful holiday on Earth! Happy Birthday to You!

Beloved  ! I want all your plans to come true, to cry only for happiness, for your heart to shelter true love and for your smile to be placed on your tender lips forever! I’m in love with you from head to toe!

How beautiful to be able to congratulate your beloved woman on the occasion of her exciting birthday! How happy I am to see the sincere smile on my dear face and glimmers of tenderness in my sweet eyes! May the Lord give you everything you dream of! Happy birthday!

You are so beautiful, my dear, on this day that my breath of love stops! Happy birthday sweetheart!

My dear princess! Congratulations on a new round of your life, another step you have taken, a new birthday! Let your life turn into a fairy tale full of magical events, miracles, good fairies and, of course, a prince on a white horse! By the way, the role of the prince is already reserved! I love you!

My dear, the gentlest girl in the world! Today, like an exotic flower, you have given up another petal, you have become even more beautiful and sensual. Happy birthday, my only one!

I offer you my love, wrapped in greeting cards, decorated with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and sprinkled with the sweetest kisses! I love you forever and happy birthday!

Congratulations! Let life go smoothly, don’t be left behind. Choose your own happiness! Be energetic and decisive! Don’t take a step back, just go forward. I love you and I will always be by your side.

Happy birthday, darling! Let your whole life be like a fairy tale with magic, kindness and unforgettable wonders! To me, you are the greatest miracle in the world!

My angel! Your birthday has arrived. Today you were born to make this world more magical and beautiful. With your coming, more light and spiritual warmth descended to earth, and the sky became warmer and higher. Happy Birthday!

Up there, there is a place only for the most beautiful dreams. And one of those dreams is mine. I dreamed that you would always live happily with me! Happy Birthday!

Your home is a happy haven for tired friends, and the food prepared with your hands is tasty and healthy. But I wish there was a place in your house for my gift. I want to offer you the future – a future in which all those close and dear are near you and there is no force that can break this alliance of people who love and respect you. Happy Birthday my dear!

When I say your name, my heart beats faster! It’s like he wants to jump out and run straight into your hands! I love you very much! And congratulations on your birthday!

I wish each new day to be better than the last, and there is always love in my heart. Happy Birthday Baby!

I just want you to be happy and laugh, not to know about sadness. Always be beautiful and good, successful, happy and full of life! I love you!

Beautiful messages from many years for my girlfriend

Such beautiful wishes for many years for my girlfriend have always been appreciated by the most romantic and dreamy girls. In this selection, you will find the right words for any occasion, dedicated to your half. They will convey the full depth of the feelings you feel for her.

When you love, you enjoy not only the romantic evenings in the company of the second half, but also every minute, every moment spent next to it. I love and cherish you! Happy New Year!

It doesn’t matter if you sleep like a cat or wake up, surprising me with joy and a thousand talents, if we argue lightly or rejoice together – I always feel good about you! Happy birthday, my love!

For your birthday, I want to wish you good mood and good luck, but also more happy days and years together!

I wholeheartedly wish my girlfriend a happy birthday! You are the most perfect of all the ideals in the world. Everyone who sees you freezes with admiration!

May the moon and the stars give you their light in the night, and may the sun shine brighter during the day. Live a fulfilling life, inhale the aroma of the sea and the flowers, enjoy the strong scent of forests and trees. Know that you can always count on me! I love you!

Honey, you are an inspiration for poets and painters! Your beauty knows no bounds and no one can resist them. I was lucky enough to be the happiest owner of this unusually beautiful piece of jewelry. You are my pearl, my diamond! Happy Birthday!

My love! With a beautiful face and an even more beautiful soul! A modest and smart girl, what can be called a real treasure! Not surprisingly, it was not easy for me to kidnap you from your family, from your strict parents, but our love broke out so hard that they couldn’t resist! Happy birthday to you and to us!

Today we celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday! I want to assure you that you can trust me! I will do everything to make you happy, my princess, I will never hurt you and I will fulfill all your wishes! My love, I want to be the prince of your life!

For your birthday, I look at you, my love, and I see flashes of happiness shining in your eyes, you smile openly and cheerfully, you listen to the congratulations and wishes carefully, tilting your head slightly and smiling again… I see the magic of your beauty and charm and again I can’t resist! I love you!

I don’t want to get rid of the desire to ever kiss your hands and lips! I love you so much! I want you to be happy in every moment of your life! Your destiny is to be queen and I want to be your king.

When true love comes to life, you feel that the world is turning upside down and all the colors in it are mixed. Your heart becomes warm and you feel that you are finally really happy. Today is your day, my love, I have finally met you and I will never leave you, giving you all the happiness in the world!

My precious treasure, happy birthday, dear girl! You are my life, my inspiration, my happiness. I am grateful for the fact that I received such an invaluable gift as you!

My dear, invaluable! I wish you joy in life, to be the happiest and to remain the most beautiful!

Today is your holiday, the light of my eyes! Tell me your craziest wish and I will fulfill it!

If you ask me why I love you, I can hardly answer… how can I list all your advantages and qualities? You are a beautiful and amazing creature, the best for me in the whole world! Today I just want to congratulate you and remind you that I love you!

I want to give you bouquets and gifts not only for your birthday, but every day! I want to surround you with happiness, to fulfill your dreams and to wish you to always remain as I knew you! Honey! Live your life with pleasure!

My dear! Today is the day when all words fade before your beauty and originality. You appeared in this world like Aphrodite from the foam of the sea and you became a wonderful natural phenomenon! Happy birthday, dear!

Your face takes my thoughts to such heights where the breath of God is felt and the angels sing the eternal grace of the world. He is good and calm with you, you give me light and you give me hope that everything will be fine. Thank you and happy birthday!

The Creator breathed soul into your beautiful body and you began to live as in a story in which all the heroes are happy and full of love. I wish this story to be eternal! Happy Birthday!

Every person in life has big goals. Many talk about them out loud, many keep them a secret. May the circumstances of your life allow you to get everything you want! Happy birthday, baby!

Congratulations! I wish you a lot of strength, because it is absolutely necessary to achieve a dream. I wish you true friends, because without them it is impossible to get anything. I wish you good luck, because even here without him, nowhere. I want reliable support in life, because when someone believes in you, the goal is much closer. And most importantly – do not give up and do not give back, everything is in your hands! You deserve all the happiness!

Love messages for my Happy Birthday girlfriend

These love messages for the Happy Birthday girlfriend will help you emphasize her individuality, the way she amazes you, the warmth and love you relate to her, but they will also show you the originality and common sense. Wishes will add romantic notes on significant days and will always be remembered by your half.

We have known each other for many years, but recently we decided to unite our destinies. Today I can’t understand why we have been waiting so long, but I am happy, because before us an eternity of our love awaits us! Congratulations!

My dear, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you joy, strong health and inspiration to celebrate every day!

You know, there are so many girls in the world and they are all so different, beautiful, funny, slender. And here’s the paradox, only you are perfect! For your birthday, I want to wish you luck. It’s so important! And happiness! It is so necessary!

Beloved! May the Lord always protect you! Let inspiration come every morning, and let your soul begin to sing happily. Everything you dream of becoming a reality, because you really deserve it! Happy Birthday!

My girlfriend is the most beautiful, sweet, kind and affectionate, the only one in the whole world! Her birthday is the most enjoyable holiday of the year for me! I want my girlfriend to always remember that she is my princess, at whose feet I am ready to bring the whole world!

Beloved! Always be happy, walk with your head held high and don’t lose inspiration, appreciate every moment and help the sun to shine brighter through your beauty and charm!

  • On this holiday, we decorated the house and arranged the bouquets with her favorite flowers. I’m very excited, because I want everything to be perfect for my only one, the best girl in the world! Congratulations, my dear, always be as happy as today!
  • Honey! Have no difficulties or sorrows in life, always be happy and worthy of the warm rays of luck and happiness!
  • You are more tender than the first ray of sunshine, warming me with your warmth. You are more refined than the most fragile flower, which withers before your beauty. And with all this fragility, you have an incredible strength that delights me and that I adore. Happy Birthday love!
  • You are like an angel descending from the clouds on invisible wings! Today, I want to wish you to always remain as you are, to walk easily and confidently through life, changing your destiny, but without changing!
  • Honey! Be the happiest so that everyone will envy you, because you deserve the best! I always admire you and I don’t want your radiant smile to ever leave your beautiful face. Happy birthday, my girl!
  • Until recently, I was free like the wind, and my lonely and inactive evenings were sometimes so boring that I didn’t want to remember… It was cold in my house. Then I fell in love with a wonderful, gentle creature, as if from another world. My chosen one answered me instead – and my whole life changed. Today I want to wish you happy birthday and know that I adore you!
  • The evenings with my girlfriend are so good and interesting that I don’t even want to go to bed! I know, I’m not a master of writing, but I hope I can at least tell you a little bit about how happy I am with you! Congratulations on your birthday, my love, my only one! Be happy!

Happy birthday to you too, darling! Let everything be the way you want it! You are the most amazing, charming, most magical and mysterious girl. You are the queen of all worlds and my fantasies. With your appearance in my life, I don’t notice anyone!

Today is a very positive day. Because today is the birthday of the most positive girl! And on this holiday, I just want to say – you are unique! Beside you, it’s impossible to be sad. I’m so excited to hear all your ideas that I’m starting to think you’re a genius! Happy birthday to you, smart girl and much loved!

Beloved! I wish you to bloom like the most beautiful flower and never, in any case, to wither! Meet only brilliant people on the road of life! Happy Birthday!

There are famous love stories that the whole world is talking about, about which novels are written. I wish our lives were full of adventures too! I’m glad I have you, my only one! Happy Birthday!

For me, our relationship is the most magical love story of all time! For your birthday, I will say “Love” to you again and I will kiss you gently, I will look into your eyes… Be happy, my love!

When I first saw you, I thought, “She’s very sweet.” Then one day I remembered your loud laughter… For three days and three nights it wasn’t me, and I finally realized – I’m in love! Today I can be proud to wish my love a happy holiday and wish her joy and good luck!

I think of you all the time, my dear. Good thing you were born, otherwise I wouldn’t have known happiness. Stay just as charming, and I’ll be there to drive the gray clouds away from you.

You know, I rarely dare to talk about my feelings. But for your birthday, I still have the courage to say: you are the most loved and desired girl in the world!

Birthday messages for my girlfriend or my wife

The birthday of your loved one is definitely a special day for you too. You want to give her a wonderful experience every minute, to enjoy her with warm words and good mood. In this case, these birthday messages for my girlfriend or wife will be very helpful.

You are the only girl I can be happy with. Your birthday is the most desired holiday for me! Congratulations, I will say a thousand times that I love you and I wish you with all my heart to remain as beautiful as today, to smile and never be sad, because you were created for love!

Slender as a deer, eyes like stars, voice like the song of a spring stream! You are unrealistically beautiful in face and soul! I love you and happy birthday!

Honey, today, for your birthday, I will say many words of love! Rejoice in every moment, always smile and know that you have someone who loves you!

I want to congratulate the best girl in the world, the cutest, most charming and desired and to say happy birthday! I don’t have enough words to express how happy I am to meet you. You are the best!

I wish you a happy birthday! I am sure that you will achieve everything you dream of, because you have everything for it – beauty, intelligence and character, patience and hard work. Congratulations, baby!

My dear, may you always be lucky in everything, and may your dreams always come true! I want to see you happy, successful and cheerful – not just for your birthday, but every day and every second. Happy birthday, princess!

What is needed for a happy life? Good weather outside, a bag of gold, something interesting? All this does not matter compared to love! When there is love, you just want to keep these feelings, to carry them over the years, because love works wonders! Congratulations on your birthday and I confess my love to you again!

I will never tire of talking about my love! Since we have love, we have everything. I wish you a wonderful mood every day, a circle of good people and more luck! Happy Birthday!

Today I thought about what love gives us. Love makes our life brighter than sunlight, it brings us more warmth than fire. And even if there is no reciprocity, I am still ready to give you generously everything that belonged to you, as long as you are happy! Happy Birthday!

I am with you, we share love in two and therefore we are happy! Our lives are intertwined and I think it will be long and as beautiful as this day when I congratulate you, my dear, on your birthday!

May the most beautiful flowers bloom for you, my love, may the first spring rain come and the stars fall from the sky so that you can make your wishes come true!

Happy birthday, my dear! Congratulations and only happiness! I want our love to grow stronger every day! May all your dreams come true and may joy never leave you! Always be so beautiful, young and slender!

I wish you to laugh every day, to enjoy every minute of your life! In the meantime, I will bathe you in happiness and fill your life with my love!

Happy birthday, darling! You are the light of my life! You can be affectionate and tender, like a fluffy cat, or you can be passionate and dangerous, like a panther. I love these differences in you! You are the most valuable person in my life and I want to spend my whole life with you.

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