Is your relationship going through a troubled or difficult period? How do you know if your partner is still ready to invest in your relationship and if he still loves you? If you ruminate on the following questions: “Does he love me or no longer love me” there may be a problem. Here are the subtle clues to watch out for, according to experts.

It’s really heartbreaking when you’re in love with someone and that person doesn’t feel the same way for you. Or worse yet, you’ve been dating a guy for a while and slowly starting to realize he’s moving away. What to do in this situation? Did you do something wrong? Or does he no longer feel the same for you? Maybe he just doesn’t want to date you anymore and doesn’t know how to say it or you know he’s inside you, but he’s distancing himself for some reason that makes you wonder what’s wrong. worked.

However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, it would be best to cut things off so you don’t look like a jerk and a woman in need.

What men really expect from romantic relationships

In the 1930s, Dr. George W. Crane worked on the Marital Ranks Scale, which allowed the husband to rate his wife, and vice versa. A careless woman could get a well-deserved low mark just for painting her nails with red polish or because she had tried to fall asleep with her curlers. It’s pretty scary to imagine what couples were arguing over back then. But since then 100 years have passed and the idea of ​​a good wife has changed. In this article, we will try to find out what are the demands modern men place on women and what they really expect from relationships.

Men can’t stand flattery

It is often thought that all men are crazy about flattery. However, marital relations specialist Rinatta Paries maintains that honesty is valued by men alongside loyalty, respect and outward charm. Men really want to hear the truth from their life partners, but they prefer it to be the truth and not a criticism. In general, an ideal woman, according to internet users, should honestly express her opinion, but not judge.

Men are not against talking about life

Interestingly, they are not against discussions, even some that are a bit meaningless. Despite the common opinion, men don’t like silent women: they really care how you are and like you to tell them. We are not joking.

Kansas University spokesman and talented writer Deji Akingbade says one of the main reasons for the family’s disintegration is the lack of communication. If the couple have nothing to say to each other, that’s an alarming sign. Communication helps to understand each other’s feelings because people have not yet learned to read minds.

Men are more romantic than women

Gwendolyn Seidman, an American cyberpsychologist and interpersonal specialist, performed a comparative analysis of research on male and female romanticism and came to a strange conclusion. It turns out that men outdo women in romance, because in love it is very important for them to have strong emotions, and they are usually the first to recognize their feelings. On the other hand, women are more pragmatic and selective in finding their life partner.

Men like women who wear makeup

Most men say that there is nothing better than natural female beauty, but that is not entirely true. According to data from an American dating site, women who wear makeup and their hair longer receive invitations rencards. Therefore, external attraction and physical appearance are always appreciated by men.

The way to a man’s heart is really through the stomach

Men care about home cooking, and psychologist and dating coach Patrick Wanis is sure that food preparation in general is almost sacred. The appetizing smells create a feeling of happiness, and besides, men are really happy that their partner has outdone themselves and learned a recipe that is really difficult for them. Men love women who cook for them and that’s not a cliché, it is.

Men don’t want too much attention from strangers

If you can’t imagine your life without Facebook or Instagram and you don’t feel able to stop yourself from sharing private details all the time, then you should know that it might be a problem for your partner. Men are very cautious of the questionable popularity of social media and don’t want to become the main characters in girlfriends discussions. Psychologists say men prefer to avoid too much attention and value women who know how to keep their privacy a secret.

Men love self-sufficient women

The beautiful idiot who listens to the man with her mouth open is more often in the spotlight and yet men adore independent and self-sufficient women. Why ? It’s very simple: a self-confident and self-confident woman is a very pleasant partner in any relationship. All the problems and obstacles in life, they overcome them together. The strong woman is a great support. But that’s not all: empowered and confident women more often appear content with life and are not cranky.

Men need their personal space

Psychologist Deborah Tannen says her observations show that women aspire to spend their free time with their sweetheart while men prefer to maintain some degree of independence. In this situation, each family must find its perfect balance in relationships. However, most specialists agree that stifling love and pathological jealousies are capable of destroying even the strongest family.

Men don’t just think about “that”

The cliché that men only think about one thing is outdated. American psychologist Jed Diamond argues that in maintaining this illusion, women themselves are in part to blame, because, consciously or not, they expect their partners to behave like hunters, daring and a little brutal.

In reality, man not only cares about intimate relationships, but also seeks the sweetness of a home, warmth and understanding. Believe it or not, men are also a bit tired of having to prove they are Males all the time.

Men aren’t really afraid of serious relationships

Men are not afraid to get married because they care about who they choose and avoid making reckless decisions. According to recent studies at Binghamton University in the United States, men suffer from rupture longer and more intensely than women. In addition, according to statistics, women are ready to marry at a younger age than men. Neurobiologists explain this difference by insisting that a woman’s brain, compared to that of a man, matures earlier. Either way, it’s important to understand your partner’s emotional needs, take care of them, and not be afraid of ruining your future.

The signs he doesn’t love you anymore

It is not very pleasant to be interested in a man who is not interested in you. This is the reason why it is better to know the feelings of the one you like very early on, so that you know what to expect. However, some men are so good at hiding their feelings that it becomes difficult to know exactly if they like you. Fortunately, there are some key signs that you may not be able to escape. Here are signs that a man isn’t interested in you.

He avoids spending time with you

Your boyfriend used to spend all his free time with you, but something has changed lately. He always makes excuses. Either he is too busy, or he is ill, or he already has plans. And the point is, he really doesn’t show any remorse for not being able to spend more time with you. It’s like it’s the same for him.

Well that means he’s just lost interest in you and probably doesn’t know how to tell you or he’s too cowardly to do it. Either way, if this continues for a while, it is a good sign that a man is not interested in you.

He doesn’t pay attention when you speak

Our brains work this way. They remove all the things that don’t matter to us so that we can remember the things that matter. So if during your dates he doesn’t remember the things you said to him, it means he feels that what you have to say isn’t that important. Therefore, you are not important to him. You should know the difference between the real and fake love so you can distinct his behavior.

If you see that he is distant when you speak and is not paying attention at all, then don’t worry about wasting your energy on someone who doesn’t care about you. Keep your dignity and leave it because in fact it’s the only reasonable thing to do.

He talks about other women

An interested man never talks to other women when he’s with his girlfriend or with a girl he likes. If he does, it means he’s trying to put you in the friendzone. He talks to other women to make you aware that he is not interested in having a romantic relationship with you. He’ll likely ask you for advice on that other woman – a guy who really loves you would never do that (especially if it’s a first date)! There is also a possibility that he is talking to other women because he wants to make you jealous, but if you notice other signs that he is not interested then it is not jealousy, it’s just that he’s not in love with you.

He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends

If you’ve been dating already, and you found each other in real life or dating apps, and he doesn’t want you to meet his friends, then you should probably know that he’s not serious with you. He’s probably keeping you as a back-up plan until something better happens. Most men today do this, even though they realize it is never a good idea. If you’re just friends and he still doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends, it’s because he sees that you love him and would like to have a relationship with him, but he doesn’t feel the same, then it keeps you “under the elbow”. If so, don’t allow him to hurt you. And, never forget that you need a man worthy of you and your love.

His body language changes

When a guy likes you, he doesn’t even have to say it. His body tells you! His body language reveals all of her secrets. He will touch you “accidentally”, he will lean towards you, and he will seek constant physical and eye contact. But if his behavior suddenly changes, if his movements change, it means that he is no longer interested in you. He no longer sits near you, he doesn’t touch you, and he seems uncomfortable around you. This means that he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore.

He treats you the same as everyone else

Guys will act completely different with someone they have no feelings for and someone they are interested in. This makes sense because if he cares about you, he cares what you think of him, so he will act differently than usual. He wants to leave a good impression. But, if he treats you and acts the same around you as he does to everyone else, then his feelings for you are also no different from how he feels for others. The bottom line is that you should never let yourself get into this situation. Don’t beg him to stay if he doesn’t love you anymore! Don’t waste your time trying to get him to like you because obviously he’s not the right person for you. Instead of wasting your time, let it go and give yourself a chance to experience true love.

He avoids physical contact

Does he shake your hand instead of hugging you when you meet? Does he kiss you as if you were a vague acquaintance? If so, then it might be a sign that he isn’t as interested in you as you want him to be. Likewise, if he cringes whenever you accidentally touch yourself, ask yourself the right questions. It’s not about misinterpreting his actions, but when he avoids you, you easily know it.

He shows signs of impatience

In your conversations, he pats the ground or tends to look into the distance. He is hardly interested in what you say to him and even seems to glance away from you. These are signs that may be subtle, but rarely misleading.

He presents you as his friend

What can you expect from a man who doesn’t present you as the other half of him, but as his best friend? It is clear to him that you are just a friend and that he is not interested in you. That said, it’s best if you start to get used to the idea.

You no longer have any common interests

We have all heard that opposites attract, and this is often the case with married couples. But it can become a problem of shared goals or things you like to do together. “If there is less and less common basis and if you no longer share anything that could unite you, you risk becoming detached from each other,” warns Francesca Di Meglio. You don’t have to have the same passions, but at least you should be enthusiastic about each other’s interests and have similar goals.

He is now unable to look you in the eye

He used to look yourself in the eye. Now, he’s barely giving you a glance when you’re chatting, or he seems uncomfortable when you stare at him. Is he hiding something? Is he afraid that you will get into his head? “If your partner is unable to look you in the eye when you talk to him, especially if the conversation is about your relationship issues, he’s either hiding something (like his true feelings) or tries to avoid conflict.

He no longer shows any sign of interest in you

One of the most obvious signs that your partner is no longer in love with you is simply that they are no longer interested in you. He goes out without you, doesn’t ask you any more questions about your work, doesn’t try to see you or listen to you when you tell him about your day. You feel like you’re invisible. Whether or not you are there, it’s a bit the same for him (and it’s not very nice for you).

He blames you for all his misfortunes

Okay, there boyfriend is going through a rough time. He had an argument with his parents, his best friend is pissing him off, he has just been fired or he has broken his watch. Suddenly, he blames you for everything negative that can happen to him in his life. However, we agree, you have nothing to do with it. This can be a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore, since he holds you responsible for all his misfortune instead of seeing you as his sunshine and support.

He always has an excuse not to see you

Lately, your partner has a ministerial schedule. It’s simple, you can’t see him anymore. It seems that he always finds better things to do than join you for a romantic evening. If he tries to avoid you, it may be because he no longer has any interest in doing so. His feelings died down.

His future plans don’t involve you

You realized that your partner wanted to move abroad within two months. The problem? You are unaware and even less invited to follow it. If your partner acts like this, for a trip, a future trip, a weekend with friends, it means that he no longer wants to include you in his future life. It is therefore time to move forward on your side and for you.

He acts without asking your opinion

If your partner has decided that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, he will act without asking your opinion and without explaining anything to you. Worse, if you tell him you’re unhappy because of him, he won’t try to comfort you and make no effort to change. In this case, it is recommended to go far away and never see it again.

On a daily basis, you suffer from his behavior. He disrespects you, he lies to you, he avoids you. If you’re still in love with this scrawny boy, go ahead and have a serious conversation with him. If he doesn’t always want to hear what you have to say, that’s quite simple, he’s not worth it. You clearly deserve better.

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