Sometimes it’s not easy to determine if your relationship is the right one and that it always gets serious or if it’s a toxic and counterproductive bond. Here’s how to distinguish true love from ‘fake’ love. Mostly you feel it deep in your heart and know if he’s the right guy or not. But sometimes you have doubts and even if you can’t imagine living without your partner, it may actually turn out that he is not the right one for you. Read on if you want to clear up any doubts.

Falling in love and love are often seen as one and the former is believed to be what leads to the latter. But in reality, falling in love and love have nothing in common, they are completely different paths that lead to different types of relationships.

Falling in love can be considered as an emotional disturbance, a strong desire, a burning passion towards that someone who for some reason has attracted our attention. It is said that it is something that happens, which does not depend on us, while in reality, in my opinion, it is not so.

What makes love different from falling in love

Love is a conscious choice that manifests itself and lives concretely in focusing on the other to observe him, know him deeply, understand him, accept him, welcome him, forgive him. And through him we also have the experience of observing, discovering, knowing, understanding, accepting, welcoming, forgiving ourselves more and more intimately. It is an act of will and a way of thinking useful to originate a relationship actually based on this feeling.

How to recognize the falling in love phase

The experience of falling in love is unique and makes us live emotional ups and downs as if we were on a roller coaster:

●The lover is the first thought of the morning, constantly present in what we do during the day and is also the last thought of the evening.

●Our mood changes suddenly depending on how he behaves: we burst with joy if he calls us and if he gives us attention, while we get anxious if he doesn’t.

●We go to great lengths to be with him or her as much as possible by putting everything else in second place.

●When we are in his company, everything is beautiful, and we are fine.

●We feel anger if someone or something prevents us from being together, seeing or hearing each other.

●We feel frustrated if there are problems in the relationship but at the same time we have an extreme confidence that everything will work out for the best.

●To be with this person we can also go as far as lying if someone tries to stop us from meeting them.

●All the time we have available, and even what we don’t have, we dedicate to her either physically if we can be together or mentally if this is not feasible.

The signs of True Love

If you are lucky to find true love, then you can expect it to become a serious and mature relationship someday. However, if it is a false love, it can become toxic and you will always regret starting this relationship. If it hurts you, it’s offensive, and you’re often sad instead of enjoying the time you spend with him, don’t hesitate and run!

True love is ready to sacrifice, false love is only interested in itself

When you are in a relationship, it goes without saying that sometimes you argue about important things and make crucial decisions. And if you are able to make sacrifices so that your relationship can work better then everything is fine. It is different if your partner seems to be more concerned about himself and makes all the decisions that do not take into account your preferences.

True love gives you romantic feelings, fake love is just a matter of if 

True love cannot be made only of oneself *! Well, intimacy is an important part of any relationship and if your bond is missing, then it’s definitely a cause for alarm! However, if he only thinks about physical pleasure and wants you to make love even when you don’t feel like it, it’s only because of his selfishness. You will not be happy with such a man. You better think about it.

True love rejoices in truth, false love chooses lies

When lies peep into your relationship, and it’s not just those innocent white lies or teasing, then you better be careful with who you plan your future with. The true love is always honest and can not stand any secrets and lies. If you’ve noticed a couple of times that he’s not telling you the truth and you can’t trust him anymore, then maybe it’s time to leave him.

True love is faithful, false love cannot be trusted

If what he feels is true love, then he will never even think about cheating on you. It won’t even cross his mind! And if it’s true love, then she can even spend a whole night in a pub with her friends and don’t worry. On the other hand, you can never trust fake love, you never know what’s in his head and if he’s really that faithful. And that’s a big difference!

True love is full of kindness, false love is cruel

If he truly loves you, then he is kind, polite, loving, tender ! He doesn’t want to hurt you in any way. If you suffer too, he feels the same. And if someone hurts you, they always react in some way. But if it’s false love, then it might be cruel at times to tell you things that no loved woman should hear! It could also physically hurt you.

True love wants to protect you, false love hurts

As a loving partner, it protects you from anything. He is even ready to sacrifice his own life if yours is in danger. You can probably imagine something like this is often seen in romantic comedies. Well, fake love is completely different. It hurts, it’s painful. You cannot enjoy life, you cannot smile and tears often become part of your life.

True love is patient, false love doesn’t want to wait

If he’s in love with you and it’s a real feeling, then he’s always patient with you. You can even ask him to wait with the first intimate moments and he will agree, even if that’s not what he has planned. However, fake love always seems to be in a hurry. If you ask for patience, you can only get anger in return. You better watch out for such relationships!

True love is able to trust, false love has too many doubts

The true love has no problem with confidence. It’s just part of a relationship. However, false love is mainly dominated by doubts. Well, everyone wants to be treated seriously and trusted when dating someone. What if the other person ridicules everything you say and doubts you are telling the truth? How would you feel then? Well, he’s probably not that happy.

True love is modest, false love is proud

The true love does not want to brag, he does not have to show off. You don’t treat it like an expensive diamond ring that everyone should see. Well if you are truly in love then your partner is your whole world but of course you are proud to have such a loving boyfriend but you don’t have to tell everyone, post numerous photos together on social media and look down on other couples. (Read Here)

True love lasts forever, false love always dies at some point

This is true! If you truly love each other, you won’t even think about a breakup. And if you split up after a couple of days, months or years, it means it wasn’t true love. It was probably just a passionate romance or a casual friendship with no plans for the future. True love will never die, it will last even when you have the weakest moments in your lives.

True love makes you satisfied, fake love leaves you empty

This is really sad but unfortunately this is the case, if you don’t find a right person, such a relationship will leave you empty and drained. It won’t make sense and won’t add any meaning to your life. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to find the right person, then you will be blessed with joy and true happiness from the very beginning of your relationship. This is what everyone is dreaming of!

True love is full of joy, false love is bitter

Fake love can have some happy moments, but it’s always so superficial and mostly based on momentary pleasures. True love gives you unforgettable memories, lots of fun, precious experiences and overall joy you have never experienced before. It is something worth waiting for and cannot be rushed. Are you so lucky now or are you still waiting?

True love understands you, fake love doesn’t really know you

You may not be understood by your family or friends but true love is not the same! Whatever your problem or concern, you can always trust your partner because he understands what you feel and what you want. On the other hand, when problems or arguments arise it often turns out that your partner doesn’t actually know you if it’s just a fake love.

True love is loyal, false love is a traitor

You can say anything to your partner and you know that your deepest and most mysterious secrets are not going to come out of your relationship. It is not only the loving partner you share your bed with, but in general, it is also your soul mate who knows how to support you. And as a right partner, he will never cheat on you in any way. All of this is based on trust and mutual understanding.

True love shows gratitude, false love is jealous

When you have a happy relationship, you are grateful for what you have. You feel like the happiest woman in the world and nothing compares to this joy. Unfortunately, fake love is different. You are constantly jealous of other couples, you compare their lives to yours and you think they must be happier together than you are with your current partner.

True love shows respect, fake love is offensive

Respect is another important factor, it really matters. How would you feel if your partners disrespect and constantly check on you? What if you’ve constantly heard swearing and insulting comments? Your self-esteem would surely drop and you would feel like a hopeless and insecure girl. So make sure your partner respects you and makes you feel the same in your relationship.

True love always has hope, fake love gives up too quickly

The true love never loses hope, that’s for sure! Whatever problem appears, whatever appearance you take on and whatever other choice you make, you are together for better and for worse. You don’t want to give up because you mean so much to each other. And despite all the darkest moments, you can enjoy life because you have mutual support that never fades.

What is love?

We all have our own unique definition of love. A definition that corresponds to our age, our personal development, our balance and / or our maturity in the field of romantic relationships. Someone who is beginning their first love affair will often associate love with love at first sight, with passionate love, with a pounding heart.

Someone who has had many relationships and who finds a personal balance in his life, will have more perspective on his feelings. Love will therefore be for him or her, represented by the sharing of values, the respect of a personal space and the sharing of a common life objective.

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