To innovate in the world of pleasure and seduction, erotic or sex games always tend to succeed and leave you wanting more. Thanks to them you can break with the routine, as well as enjoy your sexuality and that of your partner to the fullest.

In the following post we propose some erotic games for different couples and don’t run out of ideas, they also include online games and applications to also take advantage of new technologies in the world of sexual eroticism.

If you are looking to break the sexual monotony, follow the sexual games guide to get out of the routine with your partner and add fun and pleasure, with the tips that ensure more sexy adventures.

Erotic games: ideas to play as a couple

Because playing as a couple has never been so fun and pleasant at the same time, we recommend that you dare with the following sexual challenges to raise the temperature to infinity and beyond. If what you want is to give it that erotic or passionate touch that your relationship lacks, try these sex games.

Strip Poker

If your partner likes card games, strip poker is one of the ideal sex games for you. It is about playing poker as you normally would, but in this case the loser of each round will not have less chips or money, but something more sensual: he will be left without a garment.

To make this sex game sexier, the winner can decide which garment their partner will remove. Both of you dress for the occasion and add accessories that count as garments, such as stockings or ties. If they don’t know how to play poker, they can play 21 or another simple card game they know.

Hot dice

For this sexual game you can use two dice or if they do not have, two containers or hats to put papers. The first die or container should have verbs, such as “caress, lick, suck, kiss or blow” and the second parts of the body, such as “nipples, neck, navel, between the thighs, or buttocks.” Take turns rolling the dice (or pulling the papers) and do whatever it takes with a sensual touch.

The king / queen says

This is the simplest of sexual games and is perfect if both of you have a bit of grief and find it difficult to get along as a couple. On each turn, one of the two will be the king or queen, while the other will have to obey everything he says. The only rules are two: 1) you cannot ask him to touch you, kiss or do something with your body and 2) you cannot ask him to do something that he does not want or makes him feel uncomfortable.

Start with simple phrases to raise the temperature such as: “the queen says open your shirt” and wait for your partner’s order to carry it out. You can take the action wherever you want, for example, “the king says you sit at that table” and let your partner give the following order so that both of you can create a very erotic scene until they just can’t take it anymore, they will burn in pleasure!

The rule is …

This sex game is all about creating spontaneous rules as they start kissing and getting closer and closer. It is so easy to start how to tell your partner: “the rule is to blindfold” or “the rule is not to take off your underwear” while the kisses and caresses become more intense.

When they are both very engaged, they can start to make bolder rules: “the rule is to moan very loudly” or quite the opposite, “the rule is not to make noise.” These sexual games will improve your confidence in your partner and your ability to express what you enjoy the most in sex. For more love and sex tips visit this link.

Act out a scene

A daring sexual game consists of both choosing to act from an erotic scene from a common movie, to a porn scene, as faithful as possible to what they are seeing on the screen. Taking the role seriously will help you uninhibit quickly and you can explore a very wild part of your sexuality together.

Hot dates

To give your sexual relationships a new meaning, try this game. It consists in that you meet directly in a restaurant as if you were on one of your first dates and both of you are not wearing underwear. You can also use a remote vibrator like this to increase libido and continue with the game.

If there is a dress or skirt in between, the thing will get very “hot”. You can also raise the level of difficulty and pretend you don’t know each other at all and pretend that you are two people with different identities. Click here for more date ideas to surprise your partner.

Hot photoshoot

If you and your partner are easily uninhibited, this sex game can turn into a very hot experience that makes you end up exhausted with pleasure. All you have to do is tell your partner that you want to do a photoshoot for her or, conversely, pose for her.

To make everything more natural, strive to create a sultry atmosphere with dim lighting, sexy music, and a couple of glasses of wine (or your favorite drinks). Take photos, laugh together, and as the session progresses, propose increasingly suggestive angles and poses to your partner, with less clothing or together.


This is one of the best known sex games, which became very popular after the success of the Fifty Shades of Gray saga. The proposal is simple: one of the two has to be tied by some part of his body (usually his hands) to the bed (or to the place where you want to have sex). You can use thematic handcuffs, ropes, a tie or whatever you have on hand (nothing that hurts) … and the rest will be given to the orders of whoever has been released.

Sex video

Have you ever tried to record yourself ? First of all, you should only do this with someone you fully trust. If that’s your case, put a camera in the room (you don’t need big blockbusters, your mobile or compact camera is enough) and record you having sex as if you were erotic movie stars. Seeing it later, surely you will get very excited and discover new ways to give yourself pleasure or small errors that you can work on (yes, make sure to delete the videos after having watched them).

Body painting

Bring out your most artistic and erotic side with body painting. One of the sexual games that you can get to get the best of yourself in bed. Put on some soft music that you like while you experiment with painting and sex at the same time. Don’t worry about painting, there are specific paints that are also edible like body paint.

Experiment with the senses

Sex is a multisensory experience, although most of us focus on believing that only sight and touch exist to do it. If you want to stimulate the other senses and experience more pleasure with your partner, you can start with simple sexual games such as blindfolding him while you caress or kiss his body.

Another alternative is to play with touch and temperature. Include oil or a lubricant that makes their touch very slippery, or once your partner is blindfolded, play with cold and heat (for example, wax or ice) on his back, abdomen or in the middle of his legs, always with care and explicit consent of your partner.


Do you have a long distance relationship? Do you spend days away from your partner for work? Do you live in different houses and do you want to have sex with him or her ? In any of these cases, you don’t have to resign yourself to just wanting to. Try practicing cybersex . You only need a webcam (from € 9) and your boy or girl. Start with a spicy conversation (tell him what you would like to do or the other way around) and gradually show your body (and he or she his) until you masturbate in front of each other. Are you ready?


The dress-up game is a very hot and fun game for two that encourages the sexual fantasies of each member of the couple, as there are usually very diverse individual differences. Choose the costumes that each of you want to wear – or just one of you – and mount your own erotic film. You can also make challenges to do at home with the same costumes.

Role exchange

Do you always usually have the same roles in bed? Enough of that. Pretend that one is the one who dominates and the other is the submissive until you put yourself completely in the role. You can use your power to make the other do whatever is asked and thus increase the fun and excitement.

Erotic games with covered eyes

If so far you have found the proposals for daring ideas to do with your partner interesting but you want to find out more and discover other ways to enjoy your intimate encounters to the fullest, think about this idea. Have you tried covering your partner’s eyes during foreplay or during sex? This option can be very exciting if you take it easy, because the bewilderment of not knowing what the other person will do and not seeing anything can add a lot of emotion to the situation.

Surprise your partner by covering their eyes and take your time with kisses and caresses for long minutes. You can take turns testing each other and spend as much time as you want to discover your bodies in a new way. This is one of the most intimate and romantic games for couples at home, so if you want to surprise your boyfriend / girlfriend with a special evening, don’t hesitate to try it.

Sexting: sexual messages and provocative phrases

Among the games in bed to do with your partner, we cannot forget sexting. This English word is formed from the terms sex and texting is the art of sending risque messages to warm up the engines in a fun and sensual way. To become an expert in sexting, you must send phrases of sensuality and desire and provocative phrases but taking into account the limits and personal tastes of your partner.

This erotic practice is ideal to advance some of the things you have prepared for a special evening; Include kinky text messages, photos, videos or whatever you want and make the wait exciting too. In this article you will find naughty dirty things to say to a girl to get her arrouse.

The prisoner

A classic of stimulating sex in which the person who acts as a prisoner is immobilized by being tied, for example, in a chair. Also, try covering her eyes to make the experience more erotic.

Erotic games with food

Food in bed is a classic and if you haven’t tried it, you should. You can try aphrodisiac foods like chocolate and lick their whole body. You can play with cold and slightly warmer foods such as cream, yogurt, melted cocoa cream, etc. and have a very delicious encounter.

Truth or dare for couples

This game is ideal both to get to know each other a little better and to confess wishes and secrets and excite each other. If you are looking for daring ideas in bed and games to get to know your partner in more depth, propose this idea to your partner and follow these simple steps:

  • Sit comfortably in front of each other.
  • Start exposing the daring questions and the most provocative spicy questions and alternate them with hot challenges for boyfriends.
  • If there is something that you do not want to answer or do … you will have to take off a garment.

The best thing about this game is that both of you will end up winning, so don’t be shy and raise the tone of each test and ask as you go through more rounds. If you are short of ideas, do not hesitate to take a look at this article of The best questions for truth or dare.

Ice games for couples

If we have not talked about ice in the previous section, it is because this option deserves a mention of its own. There are a large number of erotic games and games for couples at home that can be accompanied by an ice cube to be even more fun and exciting.

The erotic game “Fifty Shades of Gray”

You can play submissive for once, a practice that made the bestseller Fifty Shades of Gray fashionable. Handcuffs are no longer scary with their zebra, leopard or rhinestone prints. Discover also the pleasure of caressing or being caressed blindfolded thanks to the satin masks conducive to a soft submission … And also try all these positions for beginners in BDSM. Do you dare with this experience?

Erotic massages for your partner

Within this list of games in bed to do with your partner, we have to mention the famous erotic massages; a fabulous option for both beginners and lovers of all kinds of sex games. Not only are they an intimate and relaxing practice, but they can also be highly exciting.

Erotic Game «Slow Sex»

The slow sex is a sex game for adults very effective to maintain relations of different and original way . We normally see sex as a path to orgasm and ejaculation. Well then, why don’t you turn it over ? Play that it is forbidden to ejaculate , so that you will lengthen the preliminaries and you will enjoy each other for much longer . For you to play seriously and get more pleasure, another idea: whoever loses should wash the dishes and iron for a week, so you will do your best!

The mystery box

To begin with, it will allow you to get to know your partner better, and the passionate follies that you would like to experience. It is a variant of the previous one, but in this case, each one will write different fantasies on a piece of paper, they will put them in a box or container. Afterwards, one of the two will get one of the wishes and if they both agree, they can put it into practice. The game ends when there is no experience left to complete… So it may never end.

The sensual bottle game

The much remembered game of the bottle, surely many remember having entered the circle. But here in the sensual bottle, the challenges are not only about kisses, there are many situations that will put the body thermometer at its highest level. This erotic game can also be used to share with friends, with other less hot situations, the sensual bottle is adapted for couples and groups. One of the oldest erotic board games but no less fun for that.

Kamasutra play

Imagination is an important factor that influences sexual encounters and allows them to be pleasant or, on the contrary, the lack of it does not generate that touch that gives you the pleasure that you so desire. Kamasutra Play contains 20 cards for each one, it shows a position and in the corner of it they are identified with a color, where it is noted if the two are compatible, in more understandable terms, if the two cards can be carried out in a sexual posture of the Kamasutra. To carry out this position, you only have 1 minute, and the winner of the game will be the first to reach orgasm, an erotic game that will awaken the sensuality that was off.

The erotic game of forbidden places

How about you play lovemaking in completely new places? In an elevator , on a train , on a plane , in a fitting room … Although if you want to start something simpler, a very exciting way to do it is in the car. Go to a field or (if you prefer something more romantic) to a natural park where the stars are seen and play to relive your youth or try new things with some of these kamasutra positions in the car. Do you dare with all of them?

Sex toys, why not?

Within that spirit to improve sexual relations with your partner, one of the ingredients that you can incorporate are sex toys . Some elements that you can combine with the sexual games listed to achieve a double game that makes moments of passion more fun and exciting. The most important thing to enjoy is to open your mind and be willing to try new things, enriching experiences that can make your sexual relationships the best to date.

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