In 2037, one in two children in the world will be the result of an online meeting, according to a study conducted by EHarmony, in November 2019. Enough to motivate more than one to take the plunge and thus, s’ venture into the den 2.0 dating apps and sites. And if Tinder and its anthology of “swipe” have not been able to meet your expectations, don’t worry. At a time when applications are more essential than ever, there are many choices to try to find your other half.

Dating sites – some would say dating – have been around for a long time. Over time, Internet users have logically turned to smartphone dating applications and there are a large number of them on the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store. In this guide, we share with you our selection of the best services for making great online dating, whether it’s finding love or simply meeting new people.

You necessarily think of Tinder or Meetic, but these are not the only ones that exist, far from it. Here we bring you the best dating apps for Android and iOS. Perhaps love awaits you there (yes, a little blue flower sentence was needed to talk about a romantic encounter).

The best dating apps

Happn, Once, Fruitz, Bumble… Faced with the flourishing online dating market, there are now applications for all tastes and desires. Some emphasize their reliability, their free (or not), while others prefer to bet on their particularity. In other words, this little je ne sais quoi that will make a single person choose one application over another. Thus, people looking for a fun application will turn more to Fruitz, Happn or Clover. Those who rely on “slow dating”, or the art of making romantic encounters while taking your time, opt for Once. While fans of quizzes and other original applications will get closer to PlayMe! or Louise. Do you want to take the first step? Bumble and AdopteUnMec will delight you.

Grindr: homosexual and bisexual encounters

Certainly as well known as Tinder, Grindr is its equivalent designed for gays. Easy to access, full of people, it suffers more or less from the same problems as Tinder, namely an overrepresentation of false profiles (partly settled on Tinder by verification) and  a somewhat gargantuan choice ” at will ” which does not leave that little room for atypical people.

Adopt a guy: the favorite of the french

Originally a site and now available as an application, Adopte un Mec is one of the first to have wanted to break the codes of dating. While men have to pay a subscription (9.99 euros for 7 days, 29.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros for 6 months), women have free and unlimited access to the platform. It is also up to them to choose since men can only send a “charm” to signify their interest, but will not have more possibilities at first. These ladies, on the other hand, can choose to send a message to profiles they like or just allow them to talk to them.

Charging only men to remove the most toxic elements and make the trade smoother for better overall quality, which made the site very popular.

Bumble: honor to the ladies

Bumble works on the same swipe principle as [ insert name of any other application on this list here ], but has some differences. In addition to the traditional “organic” used to describe yourself, you can answer a few questions to give more precision about your size, your level of education, the type of relationship you are looking for, your opinion on children or even the dish that you would like to eat for the rest of your life.

But the basic principle of Bumble, as on AdopteUnMec, is above all that it is up to women to take the first step in heterosexual matches. Impossible for a man to initiate a discussion if Madame has not decided so.

Note also that you can also see the profile picture of people who liked you. It is certainly pixelated, but clear enough to recognize it immediately when crossing it again.

Okcupid: to know everything to match properly

You are not the type to stop on a simple photo and want to know as much as possible about your potential partner before you match? OKCupid not only allows you to fill out a bio as long as you want, but will also ask you a huge number of questions. Apart from the traditional questions (size, sexual orientation, desired relationship, astrological sign, religion …), you will also have several hundred questions (you do not have to answer all of them) on your political orientations, your sexual preferences, your ethics, your favorite type of meeting during the health crisis, etc.

On each profile consulted, you will then see a compatibility percentage appear which will allow you to know if the person in front is the one who corresponds to you the best. However, it should be noted that this is not the most populous dating application, but it is very popular with LGBTQIA +, alternative, polyamorous communities, etc.

Fruitz: to avoid pips

More playful, Fruitz is particularly in vogue in 2021. It allows you to choose from 4 fruits, each of them representing a type of relationship: the cherry for long relationships, the watermelon for a relationship without feelings, the grape for just taking a drink or fishing for an evening with no tomorrow.

Happn: for this person crossed in the street

Have you ever come across someone on the street or on public transport that you would have liked to approach if that was decent behavior? Happn wants you to connect with people close to you who you may have met during your day. No more unpleasant surprises from accounts based in another country.

Badoo, in all honesty

Stay true to yourself by daring to have frank and unfiltered conversations. Want to start a relationship or simply expand your entourage? On Badoo, there is something for all tastes and desires. The application detects daring photos and blurs them automatically. The user can choose whether he wants to see it or not. No more inappropriate “dick pics”! While there is an optional premium subscription to unlock some options, the Badoo app is free.

Once, one chance a day

With Once, you no longer need to swipe ad infinitum. Every day at noon, the user receives the profile of a person who matches their criteria, while they also discover theirs. If the “match” is mutual, the two singles can start chatting. If, on the contrary, the “match” does not take place, the user waits until the next day to discover a new profile.

Follower of “slow dating”, the application favors quality over quantity. By identifying the tastes of its user, Once selects a person every day that he could enjoy meeting. Once is free if the user agrees to receive only one profile per day. To have more choice, there are premium formulas.

Clover, bring good luck!

Clover means “clover” in English. It is therefore chance and luck that are at the center of this application. If it tries to overshadow Tinder by taking the same features, Clover nevertheless offers to save the profiles of guys that interest you. Connected through the Facebook profile, the application best protects personal information. A significant aspect, let’s face it! Clover is a free application.

Meetic, for serious meetings

Find singles, meet interesting people, and start a lasting relationship. Meetic is intended as a serious, committed application whose profiles have been verified beforehand. No more unpleasant surprises. Signing up to the Meetic dating site is free. Several paid subscriptions are then offered.

Louise, the app for music lovers

If, originally, the creator of Louise denies having created yet another dating app, the fact remains that users can chat by discovering other people’s playlists. Music at the heart of meetings, we love! Flirt thanks to the musical compilations of other users, original! And it is “made in France”! The Louise app is free.

Adopteunmec, women hold the reins

Thanks to the idea of ​​”online shopping”, users take the first step by adding a profile to their basket or by accepting a “charm” from their suitor. With touches of humor and fun features, online dating is meant to be uninhibited. On AdopteUnMec, registration is free and several in-app purchases are offered thereafter.

Playme !, flirting is a game

As with any self-respecting dating app, PlayMe! offers a “catalog” of profiles to find love. The difference? To get in touch with a user who appeals to you, you must answer a general culture quiz based on the hobbies of your “target”. An original way to make our gray matter work! The more popular the profile you want to address, the higher the score you need to achieve to talk to them. You will get caught up in the game! PlayMe! is a free application.

Elite meets, the serious prime

Addressed to singles aged 30 or over, it is the ultimate serious dating app. Thanks to a personality test, receive daily profiles of singles who look like you. Each profile is carefully examined to ensure its quality. The application is free but you will have to opt for a premium subscription in order to take advantage of all the features of the site.

Happy couple, for happy couple

Bonus, ideal application for you once the dating application has allowed you to find love. With your new partner, take a daily quiz to (re) discover your lover every day! The better you answer (so the better you know your partner), the more points you earn!Happy Couple is a free application.


The Tinder dating app has changed the way people meet. With its scanning system allowing you to tell whether you like a single person or not based on his photo (mainly), we have become accustomed to scrolling through the profiles while waiting for the fateful Match. Indeed, if you like a member and he likes your profile as well, then you are put in contact. A remarkably efficient system that allows you to meet people quickly. On Tinder, we do both serious meetings and more naughty ones!

It is certainly the dating application that has the most frequentation, with a majority of 20-30 years, but we sometimes waste time on it with members not as serious as we might think at the outset.

However, with a good profile, an effective description and thoughtful catchphrases once a match has been received, you can actually meet a lot of people on Tinder!


Originally a dating site, Lovoo has become a dating application. His particuliarity ? You can choose to have serious or more naughty encounters. Depending on the contacts you have with another bachelor, you can choose to offer him an ass or a date?

Singles on this site are under 30 years old. Due to the young ages of the members, it is sometimes difficult to have a real conversation. Usually, they want to go from virtual to real quickly. For people looking for serious dating, this is not necessarily the best place.

On this dating app, registration is free. It can be done via your Facebook or Google profile. Then you can complete your profile by adding photos, a description and your hobbies. On the application, it is possible to send an Icebreaker, that is to say a message to break the ice. Besides, you can also use the Play function to display profiles on your screen. The principle is the same as Tinder, either you “like” or you “pass”. This last function will only offer you profiles that will be near you.


Icebreaker is the app for breaking the ice between singles. The concept is simple, to get in touch with a single person, you will have to answer three questions. These 3 questions are chosen when registering by the member you wish to contact.

To register, simply log in via your Facebook account or create an account using an email address. With this exit questionnaire, you will be able to filter out people who may or may not like you. Each person who flashes on your profile will have to answer the questionnaires before coming into contact with you.

This fun way of discovering singles is very interesting for the timid who do not know how to strike up a conversation. In addition, several features are available such as “radar mode” to find people near you or “metro mode” to flirt with singles without having an internet connection. We also note the function “in the fridge” which allows to save the profiles that interest us.


eHarmony is another serious dating app / site that has been making alliances for years. It places a strong emphasis on serious relationships, even leaning more toward marriage. The average age is around 30 years old. Expect to find users here who really want something serious and don’t think they’ll find it on Tinder.


Crush is another dating app that is growing in popularity and is sure to make an impact in 2021. It puts most of the power in the hands of the ladies by giving them the last laugh. Users browse profiles just like they would with Tinder. The only difference is that the woman will ask a question, the guy will have to answer and if she likes the answer, she can unblock the match and start talking. If she doesn’t, the two are incomparable. Crush is very similar to bumble, but pushes the ball even further into the ladies’ court.

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