We’ve all heard the advice “healthy relationships take work”, but with the modern stressors of everyday life it can be hard to find the time to build a strong connection. Technology is a great way to bridge the gap, and there are now several apps dedicated to helping couples keep the romance alive in a fun and engaging way.

The Best Apps for Couples to Keep Your Relationship Strong

  1. Lasting

Lasting is an innovative app that helps couples build a strong foundation for their relationship. The app features relationship-strengthening exercises and guides designed by top marriage therapists that provide personalized guidance for conflict resolution and phasing out negative communication patterns. You and your partner can set a shared calendar with reminders and activities to build a stronger bond between you.

  1. Love Nudge

Love Nudge is an app specifically designed to encourage couples to build a loving and happy relationship. Love Nudge works to strengthen your relationship by providing nudges as reminders to express your love and appreciation for each other. The app also offers daily micro-actions that are designed to keep your relationship healthy, such as brushing your teeth together, sending your partner inspirational quotes, or practice saying “I love you.” This app is ideal for couples who just need a push in the right direction to nurture their connection.

  1. Between

Between is the perfect way for couples to stay connected, even when they’re apart. This app allows you to share messages and photos securely, as well as set reminders, add to-do lists, and create joint calendars. It also features private audio and video calls, as well as shared boards where you can post your favorite recipes and photos.

  1. Kindu

Kindu is a great app to help couples explore their sexuality in a fun and safe way. The app helps couples learn more about each other’s fantasies and sexual desires, while learning what boundaries they’re both comfortable with. The app can also be used to help couples who have difficulties communicating in the bedroom.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is the perfect way for couples to stay connected throughout their daily lives. This app allows couples to send messages, share photos, and create virtual “hugs” for one another. The app also provides an accessible shared calendar to help keep couples organized and plan ahead for shared events and activities.

  1. Positivity

Positivity is an app designed to keep your relationship strong and healthy by focusing on positive communication with your partner. The app helps couples cope with negative conversations by encouraging them to focus on positive aspects of the relationship. Additionally, the app contains powerful tips and techniques for couples to practice together to build a stronger connection.

  1. Love Maps

Love Maps is designed to help couples keep their relationship thriving by teaching them how to build trust and intimacy. The app helps couples learn more about each other’s love needs and explores their relationship strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Love Maps also includes several fun activities to keep the spark alive such as answering questionnaires, drawing each other’s love maps, or engaging in story-telling games.

No matter how busy your lives are, there are ways to stay connected with your partner and keep the romance alive. Technology can be used to help bridge the gap between couples, and these innovative apps make it even easier. By using the apps on this list, couples can strengthen their relationship, learn more about each other, and keep the flame burning strong.

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