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Fashion & beauty

We know fashions in architecture, in art and literature, in music, in film, television and theater. We know fashions in the media, in science, business and even in social behavior. Movements such as in the 50s with petticoat and rock’n roll, the 68er look of the flower children, the miniskirt, punk and grunge are images of the time.

Fashion in clothing is an art that inspires and tells stories. Designers allow global influences from art, culture and current topics to flow into their collections. It depends on the combination of the parts with each other and the staging so that the result can be rated as fashionable. We, here at Gurulex want to give you the best idea of what fashion is and all the news from fashion world.

Fashion is a medium of communication. In the form of a piece of clothing, fashion reflects social, intellectual and cultural trends. Not every style is fashion. Style does not necessarily have something to do with fashion, it is rather the mirror of one’s own personality. Learn with us everything about trends, beauty and fashion.

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