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At Gurulex we provide you with the best information on relationships, sex, communication, dating ideas and the best tips to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. In love and sexy category we will talk about sex, sexuality, couples and relationships, and other tips for a healthy and fulfilled sex life.

Generally, a relationship begins when two people feel some kind of attraction. The first step can be a gripping look or a disastrous food tray clash. There is no single formula for all relationships, and what works for one couple may not work for another. And what happens when something goes wrong? Perhaps you can identify with the stories we share here in Love and Sex category.

Here you will find advice from a specialist in love and sex, how to maintain a marriage, sexual tricks, BDSM, kamasutra, everything you need to know about orgasm, as well as the hottest sexual positions.

Don’t miss the latest articles about women and men, marriage, sexual positions and other love and sex tricks for a fulfilled sex life.



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