Are you wondering whether your guy friend likes you more than a friend? It’s a tricky situation when you want to know if a guy is interested in taking your friendship to the next level. Is he sending you subtle clues that he wants to be more than just friends? It’s easy to feel confused, because guys often act differently around girls they care about.

But if you look out for the right signs, you can easily tell whether a guy has a romantic interest in you or not. To help you figure out if he likes you more than a friend, here are some telltale signs to look out for.

Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

  1. He Laughs at Your Silliest Jokes

If your guy friend can’t help but laugh at your most corny jokes, it’s a strong sign he’s attracted to you.

Usually, guys are more critical of girls’ jokes, but if he’s always cracking up at even the lamest quips you make, it’s an indication he’s crushing on you.

  1. He Talks About the Future a Lot

If your guy friend talks about the future a lot of the time, it could mean he’s interested in pursuing a relationship with you. Guys won’t think about the future with someone they’re not serious about.

So if he talks about going somewhere together in the future or accidentally slips in ideas as though you two would be dating, that’s a great sign.

  1. He Compliments You a Lot

If your guy friend compliments you a lot, that could mean he appreciates you more than just a friend. Guys usually reserve compliments for special people in their lives, and if your guy friend always compliments you on small things, it could mean he’s attracted to you.

  1. He Wants to Know More About You

If your guy friend always tries to know more about you, that could be a sign he cares about your opinion and simply wants to know more about you. He might also be interested in the things you like, which is another sign he’s interested in forming more than a friendship.

  1. He Remembers the Little Details

Guys have notoriously bad memories, so if yours remembers the small but important details about you, it means he’s probably trying to make an impression on you. He’s taking great care to ensure he remembers everything you tell him, which is a clear indication that he’s into you.

  1. He’s More Attentive and Polite Around You

If your guy friend is more attentive and polite when talking to you, that usually means he’s attracted to you and is trying to make a good impression. He’s interested in showing you that he’s a gentleman and that he’s evolved into a better man when he’s around you.

  1. He Flirts with You

It’s easy to misinterpret a friendly behavior, but if your guy friend is actually flirting with you, that’s a sign he’s interested in taking your friendship to the next level. He’ll find excuses to touch you, make eye contact, and will try to impress you with his small talk.

Other Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

  1. He Asks Your Opinion

If your guy friend frequently asks your opinion on things or values your advice and input, it’s a sign he’s interested in forming a deeper relationship. He will want to get to know your thoughts on everything from music, to books, even funny stories.

  1. He Remembers What You Tell Him

If your guy friend often remembers what you tell him, it’s a sign he’s interested in a more intimate relationship. He wants to be sure he remembers every detail about you, as opposed to someone who’s just mindlessly listening.

  1. He Invest a Lot of Time with You

If your guy friend follows you around, puts extra effort into plans to see you, and invests a lot of time in your conversations, that’s an indication he cares about you and wants to know you more.

  1. He Gets Jealous and Possessive

This is an obvious sign that your guy friend likes you more than a friend. If he feels pressure when you talk to another guy or gets overly jealous when you mention someone you like, it’s a sign he has strong feelings towards you.

Handling the Situation

Do you feel like your friend has romantic feelings for you but want to be sure before saying anything? If you want to establish a romantic relationship with this special someone, here’s how to go about it.

  1. Talk it Through

The best way to make sure your guy friend likes you more than a friend is to talk it through with him. Talk about what you each think the relationship should be, and be honest about your feelings. That way, you can address any potential issues and come to an agreement about what type of relationship you can have.

  1. Ask Directly

It’s okay to ask your friend directly about his feelings for you. If it’s too soon for you to make a move, you can simply ask him if he sees anything romantic in your relationship.

This way, you can make sure you’re on the same page before you make any moves.

  1. Make a Plan

If you decide to take the plunge and take your friendship to the next level, make sure you have a plan. Talk to your guy friend about how often you’ll meet, what kind of activities you’d like to do together, and what boundaries you want to set in place.

So, Does He Like You More Than a Friend?

At the end of the day, the decision is all up to you, whether to take your friendship with your guy friend to the next level or not. If the signs point to it, and he reciprocates your feelings, go ahead and take the plunge.

But, if you do decide to take things further, make sure you’re both honest about your feelings, and have all the details about the relationship out in the open. That way, you can establish a stronger foundation for your relationship and enjoy every step of it.

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