Creating a memorable college party can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to picking the perfect theme. But with some creative ideas and thoughtful planning, you can create an epic night that your peers won’t forget. Here are 10 college party themes that are sure to make for an epically good time.

  1. Glow Party

Glow in the dark parties are sure to keep your guests entertained for the entire evening. Using multi-colored LED lights and glow sticks strewn around the party venue, you can create an unforgettable atmosphere. You can also ask your guests to wear light-up accessories or to dress in neon clothing as part of the dress code.

  1. Around the World

Inspire your guests to explore other countries and cultures at your party by creating a “Around the World” themed event. Set up different corners of the party with decorations and treats from different nations. Get creative by providing props from different countries, such as Chinese lanterns and Mexican piñatas.

  1. Superhero

Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite superheroes for your themed party. Hang a makeshift red carpet for photo ops and even set up a photo booth to fully capitalize on the comic book fun. Don’t forget to also include some crime-fighting activities, like a relay race or a make-your-own-mask craft.

  1. Sports

Make sure to score high on the party-meter by throwing a sports-themed event! Invite your guests to dress up in their favorite sportswear or in Team apparel to create a fun and spirited mood. Some sport-related activities can include a short tournament of billiards, darts or mini golf, depending on what equipment you have available.

  1. Bachelor/ette

Celebrate one of your friends’ upcoming nuptials by throwing a Bachelor or Bachelorette party at your college house. Set up a few “assembly line” stations with fun tasks or games to create an enjoyable evening. Leave enough room for traditional Bachelor/Bachelorette party activities, such as pass the ring on a string, eat, drink and be merry!

  1. Casino Night

Break out your favorite casino games like poker, blackjack and roulette and transform your house into a casino night. Assign points to each game and use it as a way to track scores and winners. This themed party can even extend to the decorations – from roulette wheels to poker table centerpieces, transforming your party space into an evening casino.

  1. Roaring 20s

Go back in time by throwing a Roaring 20s-themed soiree. Ask your guests to dress up in the period’s fashion – flapper dresses and pinstripe suits – to get into the spirit of the event. Other decorations to consider include feathers and vintage frames with images of Roaring 20s-era celebrities.

  1. Karaoke

Fuel up your party with some classic karaoke entertainment. All you need is a monitor to display the lyrics, a microphone and a sound system, and you’re set to hold a karaoke night. As an added bonus, be sure to make some creative door prizes to reward the best singers of the evening.

  1. Outdoor Movie Night

If enough space is available in your backyard, turn your party into an outdoor movie night. Put up white sheets, position a projector in front of them and you’re ready to start the show. Provide blankets for guests to cozy up and even a popcorn machine for extra nostalgia.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

Bring a tropical flavor to your college party with the everlasting Hawaiian Luau theme. Put together some Hawaiian-themed decorations and provide some real Hawaiian lei’s and hula skirts to your guests. Serve traditional Hawaiian drinks like Mai Tai’s and fun party snacks as well.

Party planning can be intimidating, but these college party themes make it easier. Whether you’re looking for a classic night of karaoke or an original evening like a Roaring 20’s soiree, these 10 ideas are sure to make your event an epically good time! Start planning your themed event and have a memorable party that your guests will never forget.

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