Have you been wondering how to dive into the world of the Virgin River books? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Virgin River series began with Virgin River in 2007, offering readers an engrossing and moving romance story. Since then it has grown to include twenty-one full-length books and seven novellas. It’s a good idea to read the books in the correct order to avoid spoilers and for the best reading experience. For the hardcore fans, there is a dedicated website for the Virgin River series that provides useful information about the series and lists the books in order.

Series Overview

The Virgin River books have a large and growing fanbase, and it’s not hard to see why. Robyn Carr brilliantly captures the idyllic beauty of Virgin River, a picturesque forest with a population of only five-hundred. The delightful mix of characters will keep readers engaged, and the romantic storylines will tug on their heartstrings. The Virgin River books appeal to fans of romance, adventure, contemporary fiction, and more.

Reading List

To make it easy to read the books in the right order, here is a comprehensive list of all the Virgin River books and novellas.

Virgin River Series

  1. Virgin River (2007)

  2. Sheltering Rain (2008)

  3. Whispering Rock (2009)

  4. A Virgin River Christmas (2009)

  5. Second Chance Pass (2010)

  6. Temptation Ridge (2011)

  7. Paradise Valley (2012)

  8. Wild Man Creek (2013)

  9. Harvest Moon (2013)

  10. Bring Me Home for Christmas (2013)

  11. Forbidden Falls (2014)

  12. Angel’s Peak (2015)

  13. Forbidden choices (2016)

  14. Sunrise Point (2016)

  15. Moonlight Road (2017)

  16. Redwood Bend (2017)

  17. Promise Canyon (2018)

  18. Wildest Dreams (2018)

  19. Harvest Season (2019)

  20. A Virgin River Novel (2020)

  21. We’ll Always Have Christmas (2020)

Virgin River Novellas

  1. My Kind of Christmas (2014)

  2. A Virgin River Christmas (2009-2015)

  3. VLOG (2015)

  4. Under the Christmas Tree (2015)

  5. Promise Creek (2016)

  6. Rocky Mountain Angel (2016)

  7. Six White Horses (2017)

The Adventures of Priscilla

Priscilla’s adventures are related to the Virgin River series, but they don’t necessarily need to be read in order with the larger series. They’re marked by their John Wayne movie titles and main character, Priscilla Stone.

  1. True Grit (2014)

  2. Stagecoach (2014)

  3. Rio Bravo (2015)

  4. The High and the Mighty (2018)

  5. Red River (2019)

Robyn Carr has already made quite a name for herself by writing the Virgin River books, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping anytime soon. With a growing fanbase and an ever-expanding story, the Virgin River universe has plenty to offer fans looking for their next romantic read. Now that you know the Virgin River books in order and the novellas and Priscilla adventures that accompany them, you can start your journey of reading the Virgin River books.

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