Do you have a guy on your radar who seems to be flinging out flirtatious overtures left, right, and center? Could he actually be flirting with you? It’s important to know the difference between a guy who’s just being friendly and one who’s interested in happening in something more. To help you figure out how to read male flirting signals and determine if he’s interested in you, we’ve created this handy guide. Read on to discover the clues and signs.

The Subtle Signals
Signal #1: Going Out of His Way to Talk to You
Take notice if a guy approaches you to start a conversation, even when there is no obvious reason why he should. He may just be making an effort to get to know you, or he could be flirting.

Signal #2: Asking Open-Ended Questions
If a man pays special attention to you and memory your answers, it shows that he is interested in you and values you more than anyone else in the room. He may ask questions just for the sake of hearing your voice. Willingly engaging in conversation is a great sign.

Signal #3: Going Out of His Way to Help You
If a man is willing to lend a hand on multiple occasions, it’s also an impressive sign. Pay attention to it.

Signal #4: Adjusting His Posture
It’s instinctual, but if a man adjusts his posture (or starts to fix his shirt) whenever he is around you, then it’s a sure sign that he is interested in you.

Signal #5: Keeping Engaged in the Conversation
Engaging in too much interest and attention might be considered creepy in some cases. But if he listens intently to your every word and keeps asking you questions, it means he is giving you the attention that he knows you deserve.

Signal #6: Introducing You to His Friends
Sometimes, men can shy away from introducing their love interests to their circle. But by all means, if a man introduces you to his friends, it’s a great sign that he’s interested in you.

Signal #7: Pointing His Feet Toward You
Most people, when interested in someone, tend to point their feet towards them. This is especially true for men as well. It’s an unconscious response and a sign that you make him feel comfortable – and what’s a better sign than that!

The Clear Signals
Signal #8: Keeping track of where you are
If a man is consistently “coincidentally” running into you or sending text messages at the same time, it might be a clear sign that he is trying to keep track of your whereabouts.

Signal #9: Engaging in Prolonged Eye Contact
If you catch him looking or staring at you, it could be an indication that he’s interested. Prolonged eye contact is one of the obvious signs of flirtation or interest. If you find him looking into your eyes and smiling, then there’s a great chance he’s interested in you.

Signal #10: Smiling
If a man smiles at you more often than the other people in the room, it’s a clear sign that he’s attracted to you. This means he’s happy to communicate with you and might even be hinting that he would like to spend more time together.

Signal #11: Playful Teasing
If a man teases or jokes around with you specifically, this is a great sign. He might be using the excuse of playfulness to gauge if you are responding similar to him and to get an idea of how you will respond in a possible relationship.

Signal #12: Making Physical Contact
Another great sign is if he is initiating physical contact consistently, even it’s in just a playful manner such as a hug. In addition, if he stands closer to you than he does with other people, this is a way to show that he is interested in what you have to say.

Being able to read male flirting signals can be extremely beneficial. Telling the difference between friendly conversation and flirtatious overtures can help you determine if a guy is interested in you or just being polite. Keep this guide in mind to help you gain the confidence you need in order to go for what you want.

Learning how to read male flirting signals can take some time and practice. If a guy is displaying some of these signals and signs, but you’re not feeling ready to act on it, trust your gut and take step back. But don’t be too shy to reach out—you could be taking the first step in experiencing something special.

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