Are you unsure whether someone is into you or not? Read on to discover the classic signs of attraction that can help you figure out if someone has romantic feelings for you.

Are you wondering if someone likes you or has a crush on you? It can be tough to discern this as people can sometimes act in mysterious ways. For many of us, trying to figure out whether someone is attracted to us is anything but straightforward!

However, there are several indicators that can help you piece together whether someone is interested or not. To start, you need to observe how the person interacts with you and other people around them.

Body Language

The body language clues are the most visible signs of attraction – and these can differ from person to person. That’s why you’ll want to take a holistic view of their body language and observe whether they send multiple types of body language signals that a person is attracted to you. Here are some of the most common ones:

Leaning In Close

If you’re around somebody that you suspect may have feelings for you, you may notice that they lean in towards you while they’re talking. This is an innate sign that they are showing that they’re interested in the conversation.

Reducing the Physical Gap

Many people who find each other attractive have a decreased physical gap between them. So if you spot two people having a conversation, and the physical distance between them is much shorter than what you would expect from a normal conversation, this could be a sure-fire sign that the people in question are interested in one another.


If someone likes you, they’ll start to emulate your body language and mimic your actions. This could involve anything from sitting in the same position as you, or even developing the same mannerisms.


It may sound obvious, but often a surefire way to tell if someone is attracted to you is if they touch you in any way. This can be in the form of light taps on the arm or knee in a friendly manner, or a more intimate gesture such as an arm on the shoulder or small of the back.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a classic indicator of attraction. Your eyes can give away more than you even realize. If someone’s pupils dilate, it may indicate that they feel something – whether that’s attraction or admiration. In addition, a person may also intentionally lock their gaze onto you, as though they like looking at you.

Verbal Clues

Of course, it’s not just body language that can tell you if someone likes you. With the right choice in words and how they interact with you, you can parse out whether someone has positive feelings towards you. Focus on the following and see if there are any patterns:


A classic way to build attraction is to give a positive comment about somebody. So if someone is constantly giving you flattering compliments all the time, it’s likely that you’ve caught their eye.

This could be in their choice of words, or even their tone when speaking to you. Just be aware that different people have different personalities, so don’t jump to conclusions when someone may just be a naturally friendly person!

Hanging on Every Word

If someone seems genuinely interested in everything you’re saying, it could indicate that they’re interested in getting to know you even more. If they laugh louder at your jokes and remember things you said a while ago, then it’s probably a strong sign that they’re attracted to you.

Long Conversations

When a person is interested in someone else, they’ll want to talk to the person more. This could mean they try to keep the conversation going for longer or even prolong the conversation in any way possible. If you find yourself talking for long periods of time, this is a indicate that they’re likely interested.

Using Flirtatious Language

People who are attracted to someone often enjoy flirting. This could be done through compliments or lighthearted joking. Flirting can also include double entendres, deliberately mishearing your comments or (subtly) suggesting things that the two of you could do with each other.

The key to understanding if someone is attracted to you is to observe how they interact with you and the people around them. Knowing the classic signs of attraction can help you discern whether you’re getting the signals that they’re interested in you. Pay attention to the body language, eye contact and verbal clues, as these are all clues that can give away their true intentions.

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