Dua Lipa is one of the biggest pop sensations of the last decade, with her chart-topping singles, high profile collaborations and powerhouse vocal performances. Recently, there has been speculation around the renowned artist’s name and whether she is embarrassed by it. In this article, we examine the meaning behind her stage name, as well as weigh up the evidence both for and against the idea that she is not too keen on her real name.

Understanding the Meaning Behind the Name Dua Lipa

The origins of Dua Lipa’s stage name can be traced back to her Albanian heritage. “Dua” is an Albanian word meaning ‘love’, while “Lipa” is a nickname given to her grandfather. Becoming known as “Dua Lipa” was a way for her to represent her Albanian family and heritage, especially since her full name is confusing to pronounce for many.

Evidence For: Is Dua Lipa Embarrassed By Her Real Name?

Despite her vocal pride in her Albanian heritage and the meaning behind the stage name she chose, there has been some evidence that Dua Lipa does not feel comfortable with her actual name.

  1. She Rarely Mentions Her Real Name

There is no denying that Dua Lipa is an incredibly successful artist. However, you will rarely hear her say her real name. Even on social media, she rarely mentions it. This suggests that she might be uncomfortable with it and would prefer to be known by her stage name instead.

  1. Her Pandemic Music Video

In 2020, Dua Lipa released ‘Break My Heart’, a single with an accompanying music video. The music video was made to encompass both the physical distancing and bubble quarantine of the pandemic. Most importantly, it contained an entertaining Easter egg. On the wall are tassels that read ‘Dua’ and ‘Lipa’. However, the tassel containing ‘Eliza’ – her real name – was torn off and on the floor, suggesting she didn’t want it to appear in the music video.

  1. What Her Management Said

In an interview in 2019, Dua Lipa’s management was asked about why she chose the name ‘Dua Lipa’. The interviewee responded that Eliza is too hard to pronounce, but also stated that “She didn’t want to go into too much detail, but Eliza was too personal”. While this might be speculation, it further reinforces the idea that she might not be entirely comfortable with her real name.

Evidence Against: Is Dua Lipa Embarrassed By Her Real Name?

Even though there is evidence to suggest that Dua Lipa is not a big fan of her real name, there is an equal amount that argues against this idea.

  1. Her Song ‘Love Again’

In 2020, Dua Lipa released her album ‘Future Nostalgia’. One of the standout tracks was a synth-pop ballad titled ‘Love Again’. In the chorus, she repeatedly sings “Eliza’s back”. This could possibly be interpreted as her declaring her reclaiming her real name, and reasserting her place in the pop music world.

  1. She Is Open About Her Identity

In the past, Dua Lipa has spoken at length about how proud she is of her Albanian heritage. She has even traveled to Albania and celebrated her culture on various occasions. This suggests that she is proud of her real name and is far from being embarrassed by it.

  1. She Has Referenced Her Name Many Times

Whether she’s on social media, in interviews or on stage – Dua Lipa often references her full name. She is in complete control of her social media presence, meaning any mentions of her real name must be intentional. This implies that Dua Lipa does not mind being known as ‘Eliza’ and fully embraces her name.

Whatever the truth is, it appears that the debate over whether Dua Lipa is embarrassed by her real name is likely to continue. While there are valid arguments on both sides, it appears that the answer will remain a mystery. What is certain, however, is that Dua Lipa has created an incredibly successful career for herself and is an inspiration to many.

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