In astrology, the earth sign of Taurus is represented by a bull. In its most basic form, the Taurus man is strong, reliable, and dependable. He’s a patient, balanced, practical and a hardworking individual that values security and comfort. Taurus men are gentlemen at heart – they are confident and can be quite gentle and understanding when they want to be. However, they can also be quite set in their ways and quite stubborn at times. Overall, a Taurus man tends to be quite home-loving, loyal, and reliable.

Good Traits of a Taurus Man

When it comes to traits that make the Taurus man a great friend or partner, there are several qualities he is known for. Here are some of the most common positive characteristics you can find in a Taurus man:

• Patience: Unlike other zodiac signs, Taurus men have a great deal of patience. Taurus men are willing to watch and wait for the right moment to take action. They take their time to evaluate the situation before making a move. This makes them great decision makers and problem solvers.

• Loyalty: Taurus men are fiercely loyal when it comes to relationships. Once you’ve gained his trust, he will be a faithful and dependable partner who will stick with you through thick and thin.

• Steadfastness: Taurus men are firm and unwavering in their beliefs. Despite the changes and challenges that come their way, they stay true to their core values.

• Generosity: Taurus men tend to be extremely generous, and they love expressing that sense of generosity in all aspects of their lives. They are always keen to lend a Helping hand.

• Tenacity: Taurus men are determined and persistent, meaning they won’t stop until they achieve their goal. This is one of the reasons they are successful in their careers and relationships.

• Sensitivity: Despite their reputation for being tough, Taurus men have a sensitive side. They can be quite sympathetic and understanding of their partners’ feelings and perspectives.

• Creativity: Taurus men are typically quite creative and have a keen eye for beauty in the world. They love finding creative solutions to problems.

Bad Traits of a Taurus Man

Like all zodiac signs, Taurus men also have certain negative traits that can be quite difficult to deal with. These traits can be extremely off-putting and make relationships and friendships difficult. Here are some of the more common and unfavorable characteristics associated with a Taurus man.

• Stubbornness: Taurus men can be pretty stubborn when it comes to getting their way. They can be quite set in their beliefs and it can be difficult to make them budge.

• Possessiveness: They tend to see those they love and care deeply for as possessions and want to keep them close by and prevent them from making any changes.

• Self-Indulgence: Taurus men are known for their self-indulgence and love of creature comforts. This can lead to excessive spending and recklessness.

• Moody: Taurus men can be moody and grumpy at times, especially when they don’t get their way.

• Inflexibility: Taurus men are known to be quite inflexible, which can make compromise and adaptation difficult.

• Vain: Taurus men can be quite vain and ego-driven, which can make relationships uneasy.

• Jealousy: Taurus men can be quite jealous and possessive, which can lead to arguments and mistrust.

Love and Sex with a Taurus Man

When it comes to matters of the heart, Taurus men take things seriously and make devoted and loving partners. Here is a look at how a Taurus man expresses love and handles sex.

• Loyalty: Taurus men are known for their loyalty and dedication in relationships. It takes a while for them to warm up to someone, but once they do, they make incredibly devoted partners.

• Intimacy: Taurus men are incredibly affectionate and attentive. They love to be close to their partners and enjoy intimate moments together.

• Unwavering: Once a Taurus man falls for someone, it is hard for him to let go. He is extremely unwavering and faithful to his partner and will do anything to maintain the relationship.

• Romance: Taurus men really enjoy being romantic and taking their partners on luxurious dates. They enjoy cooking, candlelit dinners, and surprises.

• Passion: In the bedroom, Taurus men are incredibly passionate and sensual. They enjoy being intimate with their partners and tend to be quite sensual and attentive.

• Sensitivity: Despite their tough exterior, Taurus men are incredibly sensitive and enjoy giving and receiving pleasure.

When it comes to the Taurus man, the traits listed above are common: a combination of good and bad. When they are in a relationship or friendship, they tend to be incredibly loyal and devoted to their partners. They are also well known for their patience, creativity and generosity. On the other hand, they can be quite stubborn and possessive. In matters of the heart, Taurus men are devoted, romantic, and passionate. They are sensitive and attentive, providing a great deal of pleasure and intimacy. All in all, the Taurus man can make an incredible friend and dedicated partner.

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