The birth order of a person can shed a great deal of light on their personality and the type of husband they will become. It is believed that the position a person holds in their family dynamic has an impact on various traits they will have or develop over time. To help you prepare for what your husband-to-be will be like, here are the type of husband he’ll become based on his birth order.

The Oldest

The oldest child typically holds the responsibility of setting an example for the younger siblings. They are used to being in charge and used to taking up their responsibility and being organized. This type of husband will be a leader, capable of being decisive and organized. He will take a logical approach to decision-making and will prefer to be the one to plan your activities. He will also be reliable and committed to you and your relationship.

Pros of Being Married to the Oldest:

• He is independent and confident.
• He is accountable and responsible.
• He is reliable and loyal.
• He is a great leader – making decisions with ease and confidence.

Cons of Being Married to the Oldest:

• He may be too strict.
• He may expect the same level of control at home as he has in the workplace.
• He may be overly traditional, cautious and even unwilling to try new things.

The Middle Child

The middle child is often sandwiched in between the oldest child and the youngest. The middle child is usually independent and a performer who is used to competing for attention and resources. As a husband, this guy will have a natural ability to keep everybody in the family happy and will do his best to be the center of attention. He will also be great at initiating conversations and making the effort to keep the family together while still letting everyone have their own space.

Pros of Being Married to the Middle Child:

• Excellent problem solver.
• Can manage difficult situations adeptly.
• Is a peacemaker of the family.
• Is generous and loyal.
• Highly intuitive with great people skills.

Cons of Being Married to the Middle Child:
• May struggle with asserting himself and be more likely to agree than disagree.
• May find it hard to express his true feelings.
• Is more likely to compare himself to others.
• Can be prone to extreme mood swings.

The Youngest

The youngest child often gets away with things the older children don’t, and as a result, is often seen as the most pampered and spoiled of the children. As a husband, he will be the life of the party, always looking for the next fun thing to do. He will also tend to be the most charming of the bunch and be sure to make everyone feel comfortable and entertained. This type of husband will also be the most spontaneous and carefree, so you will never be bored.

Pros of Being Married to the Youngest:

• He is fun-loving and adventuresome.
• He is an optimist and will make you feel good.
• He is creative and never boring.
• He is smart and has great problem-solving skills.
• He is passionate and always passionate.

Cons of Being Married to the Youngest:

• He may take longer to make decisions.
• He may be too dependent.
• He may be too eager to please others.
• He may not be mature enough to commit.
• He may be irresponsible and immature.

The Only Child

The only child is like the youngest, but with the maturity of the oldest. The only child is used to their parents focusing all of their resources and attention on them, and as a result, they are a self-confident individual used to getting their way. As a husband, he will be reliable, dependable, and predictable. He will be great with finances, as well as handle conflicts with ease. Most of all, an only child will work hard to make sure his wife is happy and his family is taken care of.

Pros of Being Married to the Only Child:

• He is reliable and responsible.
• He is independent and self-sufficient.
• He is independent and assertive.
• He is organized and can handle finances with ease.
• He is focused and goal-oriented.

Cons of Being Married to the Only Child:

• He is less likely to be willing to stretch himself to do something new or different.
• He can be very selfish and demanding.
• He may overreact to criticism.
• He is used to getting his way and may not handle disagreement well.

Everyone is going to be different no matter their birth order, but understanding the character traits of each birth order can help you understand the type of husband they’ll be in the future. The oldest will be reliable, responsible, and organized, while the middle child will be a good negotiator and be great at managing difficult situations. The youngest will be full of fun and adventure, while the only child will be reliable, independent, and assertive. Whichever birth order your future husband belongs to, understanding his traits can help you create a healthy relationship that lasts for a lifetime.

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