Children have often been cast as the sugary-sweet stars of feel-good movies and wholesome family comedy flicks. However, in recent years a new breed of unsettling films starring creepy killer kids have been released and have delivered some unexpected frights.

From classic horror films like The Bad Seed and The Exorcist to modern cult classics like The Orphan and Sinister, there is no denying that chilling films featuring children as the unlikely villains can keep viewers on the edge of their seats. This article looks at 10 of the creepiest films featuring children as the villain and their sinister plots.

The Bad Seed (1956)
The Bad Seed is a classic horror film, released in 1956, that follows the story of an 8 year old girl, Rhoda, and her murderous deeds. Rhoda’s teacher as well as a character investigating suspicious events begin to suspect that beneath the outward innocence, Rhoda is guilty of multiple deaths and has psychopathic tendencies. The film culminates with an chilling courtroom trial and some unexpected twists.

Village of the Damned (1960)
Village of the Damned is another classic horror film from 1960. A village is filled with nearly identical children, all born at the same time to normal, human parents but with unnatural origins. The children start to displays strange powers and gradually become a communal menace, using their powers to control others and become menacingly unstoppable.

The Awakening (1980)
The Awakening is a 1980 horror film starring Charlton Heston and is based on the novel, Brothers by 1908 author, Bram Stoker. The main character, Robert Mallory, visits an old house which is home to a strange girl who has a connection to vengeful spirits. Mallory is horrified to find out that the girl has unleashed a series of paranormal events that could plague him and the human race forever.

The Orphan (2009)
Released in 2009, this dark horror thriller follows the story of Kate and John Coleman, who adopt a young Russian girl named Esther in an effort to fill the void of their deceased daughter. Little do they know that Esther harbors a secret and sinister agenda, beginning a dangerous game of cat and mouse as she puts John in a life-threatening situation.

The Exorcist (1973)
The Exorcist is a legendary 1973 horror film which tells the story of Regan MacNeil and her possessed state. Regan’s mom contacts a local priest and psychologist to try and save her daughter. The movie became an instant horror classic due to the disturbing and powerful scenes which feature a now-iconic Ouija board and levitating bed.

Sinister (2012)
Sinister is a 2012 horror film that follows the story of crime fiction writer Ellison Oswald, who moves his family to a new home while investigating the series of unsolved murders in the area. It isn’t long before curious Ellison discovers a box of Super 8 film reels that illustrate a series of ritualistic murders involving creepy killer kids.

The Grudge (2004 )
The Grudge is a 2004 American remake of the Japanese horror film, Ju-on. The movie focuses on a young woman who moves to Tokyo after the death of her partner and soon finds herself living with a supernatural curse. The curse is a result of a vengeful ghost who haunts anyone who steps inside the house. The ghost takes possession of a young child, leading to some truly terrifying scenes.

The Omen (1976)
The Omen is a classic horror film released in 1976, starring Gregory Peck and Lee Remick. A father is horrified to find out that his 5 year old son was born as the result of a satanic ritual and has been switched with an evil son. The movie follows the father’s desperate attempts to keep his true son safe from the dark forces at work.

Children of the Corn (1984)
Children of the Corn is a 1984 horror film based on the Stephen King short story of the same name. It follows the story of a young couple who, while on a drive through Nebraska, are terrorized by a cult of creepy kids who worship an entity called He Who Walks Behind The Rows.

It (2017)
The 2017 horror film It is an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel. It tells the story of a group of kids in smalltown Maine, who are terrorized by the shape-shifting clown, Pennywise. The movie became a cultural phenomenon with its creepy villain and the courage displayed by the kids in the movie as they battle their fear and evil.

From evil spirits and child cults to shape-shifting clowns, movies featuring creepy killer kids have been a staple in horror films for decades. With movies like The Bad Seed, Village of the Damned, Sinister and It, cinema goers are guaranteed a thrilling ride filled with frights and unexpected twists.

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