Marriage is universal and so is the concept of marrying for convenience. Despite being a more traditional concept, contract marriages are viable in many countries even today and there are quite a few television shows that feature this intriguing twist. Turkish dramas, in particular, bring out the various elements of contract marriages with their signature style to create compelling stories.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Turkish dramas focused on the topic of contract marriage. So, if you are interested in finding out the details of the most prominent Turkish shows related to contract marriage, you have come to the right place.

What are Contract Marriages?
Simply put, a contract marriage takes place when two people enter into a marriage solely for legal and social benefits. This is quite common in traditional setups or when people enter a sham marriage for convenience only. Such marriages are entered into between relatives, employees or professional partners to secure certain benefits.

In some cases, the two parties remain together to fulfil the contractual obligation while in others they declare the marriage null after a certain period of time. It’s a setup that is mutually beneficial in the long small and it’s far better than divorce proceedings in the case of property arrangements.

Top Turkish Dramas about Contract Marriage

  1. Love Is In The Air
    Starring Kivanc Tatlitug and Hande Dogandemir in the main roles, Love Is In The Air follows a rich, young man whose father arranges his marriage with an ambitious woman. Although they do not get along originally, they eventually end up falling in love. Both the leads show off their acting skills effortlessly in this classic drama.

  2. My Home My Destiny
    This is an interesting drama starring Turkish stars Cansu Dere and Ozcan Deniz in the lead roles. The two find themselves in a tricky position when they get married to fulfil their respective family obligations. It is through this twist that their real personalities come to the fore, which leads them on an extraordinary journey.

  3. Woman
    This drama stars Ozge Gurel and Tamer Levent in the main roles, both of whom have managed to capture the audiences’ interest since the beginning. It follows the story of a young girl who is betrayed by her father and ends up entering into a contract marriage with her millionaire employer. As the story progresses, both the characters reflect on the hidden facets of their pasts.

  4. Love If You Dare
    Kadir Dogulu and Deniz UGuardu headline this romantic drama set in a contract marriage. They are married for convenience; however, their relationship gradually evolves into something deeper. This drama captures their journey as they explore the different hues of love and all that comes with it.

  5. Son / Daughter
    This is one of the classics of Turkey, with Halit Ergenc and Bergüzar Korel in the spotlight. It follows the story of two regular citizens who are thrown unexpectedly into a strange turn of events. To save their respective lives, they enter into a contract to get married and soon find themselves spiralling into a web of emotional complications.

We hope our list of Turkish dramas particular to contract marriage introduced you to some interesting shows worth watching. Since the concept of arranged marriages still has a foothold in many parts of the world, it’s always fascinating to explore the nuances of such agreements. The drama serials on this list will not disappoint and could provide an interesting and unique insight into an otherwise rigid understanding of contract marriages.

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