Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for that special someone who has it all. In other words, trying to think of the perfect gift for your friends who have everything can be a bit tricky. What do you get for those who already have everything they need and then some?

Fortunately, there are plenty of unique, thoughtful, and sometimes even humorous gift ideas out there that may match their style and be just the thing they didn’t know they needed. Here are just a few ideas for unique gifts your friends who have everything are sure to love.

Creative and Rich Experiences

Rather than buying your friend a conventional item, why not opt for an experience that will be memorable and possibly even life-changing? A massage, spa day, cooking class, painting class, wine-tasting, or even a hot air balloon ride are all perfect examples of experiences your friend is sure to appreciate and enjoy.

Unique Art and Decor

Art and decor are a great way to show your friend you care, and because there are so many interesting and unique options out there, finding something they’ll love is as easy as ever. Inspirational or motivational wall art, fancy picture frames, intriuging sculptures, and natural rock decor, just to name a few, will all add a special touch to their home and are sure to be well-received.

Subscription Boxes

These days, you can find a subscription box for just about any hobby or interest. This makes them perfect to give to someone who already has it all because they’ll keep getting something new and exciting each month that caters to exactly their interests.

High-End Toys and Gadgets

For friends who are technology geeks, high-end toys and gadgets can make excellent gifts. Think beyond the basics, such as the latest smartphone or tablet, and opt for a drone, a powerful computer gaming system, or a special camera lens.

Special Membership Gift Cards

Consider gifting your friend a membership to a club or organization that caters to their interests. If they’re into fitness, for example, you could get them a gym membership, or if they love golf, you could get them a membership to a pro golf club. This type of gift encourages your friend to spread their wings, explore new activities, and enjoy themselves.

Theme Park Passes

Theme park passes are a great way to make memories and have lots of fun. If your friend loves roller coasters or other amusement park rides, they’re sure to be tickled pink when they receive a gift card to that magical land of fun and laughter.

Picture Albums or Custom T-Shirts

Personalized gifts are always an excellent idea for those friends who have it all. Put together a custom picture album showcasing memories you’ve made together, or have a special t-shirt designed with a meaningful phrase or quote. These types of gifts will no doubt show your friend just how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.

Unique Kitchen Accessories

If your friend is interested in cooking or baking, they’re sure to appreciate a thoughtful kitchen accessory. From practical items, like a special kitchen timer or a cutting board, to fun items, like a cupcake-shaped rolling pin or a cool-looking French press, there’s something to suit every culinary enthusiast.

Quality Home Fragrances

If your friend loves aromatherapy and home fragrances, consider getting them a reed diffuser set or a special scented candle. There are lots of exciting aromas out there, such as spearmint and eucalyptus, lilac and rose, and many more, that are sure to please your friend and freshen up their home.

Gift Cards to a Favorite Store

Gift cards are always a safe option when it comes to choosing a present for those friends who have everything. If you’re not sure what to get, go for a gift card to their favorite store where they can purchase something they will truly appreciate.

Finding a solid gift for the friend who already has it all is no easy task, but keep in mind that there are plenty of unique and creative gifts out there that your friend is sure to love. Even the simplest gift, such as a special picture album or a personalized t-shirt, can make a huge difference and show your friend just how much they mean to you.

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