Relationships can be put to the test when one person constantly has to travel for business or pleasure. When your partner is away for extended periods of time, it can make the gap between you feel overwhelming. Whether it’s for two days or two weeks, the relationship can suffer if not handled correctly. Below are some practical tips to show you how to keep your relationship strong when your partner travels.

  1. Enhance Communication

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the communication devices, emails, and apps, but enhancing communication is one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong when your partner travels. Make an effort to talk as much as possible and make sure to arrange time to catch up with each other. Have conversations that go beyond the basic ‘how are you?’, but get into the specifics of how they are doing, like if they are enjoying their trip, if the work is going well and any other topics.

The aim is to stay connected and be able to have meaningful conversations with one another, even if you’re miles away. Therefore, make sure you both keep each other updated on your plans for the day and make sure there’s a balance between ordering take-outs, catching up on movies or make plans for when they return.

  1. Create a Routine

Creating a routine is especially useful when you’re away from your partner for a long time. Not only it makes things run smoothly, but it can also make you feel connected to each other even with the distance.

Both partners should come up with a plan for how the day of separation will work. This involves deciding on a certain time to communicate and activities to jointly work on. For instance, you can commit to talking on the phone in the evening, reading a book together and making decisions via video-chat if needed.

  1. Show Affection

Even though physical affection may be out of the question when separated, you can show affection through messages and phone calls. Nurturing your relationship with expressions of love, affection, appreciation and gratitude is key for keeping the relationship strong when your partner travels.

Surprise each other with small tokens of affection. You can send each other care packages or mementos from your respective locations.

  1. Try Not to Fall into the Trap of Jealousy

No matter where your partner is traveling to and the length of their stay, chances are you will feel lonely and experience some form of jealousy at one point or another. If your SO is traveling to an exotic destination, it’s very easy to feel jealous of their luxurious experience.

Instead, try to shift into a more positive mindset. Focus on the good that is ahead rather than the bad that comes with distance and lack of physical connection. Try to take a step back and look at the situation objectively. Don’t take your partner’s schedule personally, and remember that the time apart is ultimately temporary.

  1. Embrace the Benefits of Being Apart

When your partner travels for work or for pleasure, there are some positive benefits. The time apart gives both of you an opportunity to miss one another, build anticipation and relish in the moments of reunion. Allow yourself to miss your partner, but don’t let it become detrimental to your relationship.

You can also enjoy the reassurance that comes with the experience; when your partner returns, you’ll both know that it’s because they chose you to come back home to.

  1. Make Plans for When They Return

It’s important to have something to look forward to no matter the length of your partner’s absence. The anticipation is part of the joy of being in a relationship. Make sure that you have something special planned no matter the duration of their trip.

No matter how they’ve been away, make plans to meet up at a favorite restaurant, hang out at a park or do anything else that is meaningful to the both of you.

  1. Take Time for Yourself

When your partner is away, it doesn’t mean that you should pause your life. Make sure that you still focus on yourself, engage in activities you enjoy and spend time with friends.

Don’t let the absence of your partner hold you back from your passions, because there is no other way to show love than to love yourself. Stay productive and don’t be afraid to take some solo trips.

Remember that no matter how difficult it may feel when your partner is away, it never lasts forever. There are plenty of practices you can follow to stay connected- and closer- no matter where he or she is. Follows these tips to keep your relationship strong when your partner travels, and you’ll both be thrilled to reunite when the time comes.

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