Flirting successfully can be a challenge, but it’s also a fun and interesting way to interact with people. For many, the very idea of flirting is intimidating, especially if you’re a shy person. Many shy people struggle with feeling nervous and uncomfortable when trying to flirt. But don’t worry, there are lots of ways you can overcome shyness when trying to flirt. In this article, we will discuss 11 ways to improve your flirting game as a shy person.

Be Prepared

The best way to overcome shyness when trying to flirt is by being prepared. Before you start flirting, take the time to think about what you want to say. Come up with a few lines or topics you’d like to talk about and practice saying them to yourself in the mirror. This will help you feel more confident when you’re actually trying to flirt.

Feel Good About Yourself

When trying to flirt, it’s important to feel good about yourself. If you don’t feel like you’re attractive or interesting enough, you won’t be able to project an air of confidence when flirting. Take some time to focus on all the things you like about yourself and boost your own self-confidence before attempting to flirt.

Start Small

When you’re feeling shy, it can be overwhelming to try to jump right into the deep end. Instead, you should start small and slowly build up to bigger, more flirtatious conversations. Start with simple questions like, “What did you do today?” or “What’s on your mind?” to get the conversation going.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is one of the most important aspects of flirting. If you can’t make eye contact, it will be hard for you to appear confident and attractive. So, make sure to look up frequently when talking to the person you’re trying to flirt with.

Be Playful

Flirting should be fun, so make sure to keep your conversation playful. Don’t take yourself too seriously and find ways to insert humor into your conversations. Doing this will help to loosen up the atmosphere and make things more comfortable.

Be Honest

When flirting, it’s important to be honest. Don’t be afraid to make your true feelings known to the person you’re trying to flirt with. Being honest and upfront will not only make the conversation more interesting, it will also show the other person that you have nothing to hide.

Be Yourself

Above all else, it’s important to be yourself when flirting. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress the other person. It’s always best to be yourself and let your natural personality shine through.


Smiling is one of the most effective ways to show someone that you’re interested. Smiling makes you appear more approachable and can do wonders for your flirting game.

Be Positive

When flirting, it’s important to focus on the positive and stay away from complaining or gossiping. Keeping things upbeat and cheerful will make people feel more at ease when talking to you.

Take it Slowly

Flirting is a delicate process that should be taken slowly. You should allow your conversations to evolve naturally and take your time in getting to know the person you’re flirting with.

End with a Compliment

When ending your conversation, make sure to leave your conversation partner with a good feeling by making a sincere compliment. This will make the person remember you in a positive light and will leave them eager to talk to you again.

Flirting can be hard for any person, but the challenge is especially difficult for shy people. But don’t worry, there are many ways to overcome shyness when trying to flirt. To recap, here are 11 ways to improve your flirting game as a shy person:

•Be prepared
•Feel good about yourself
•Start small
•Make eye contact
•Be playful
•Be honest
•Be yourself
•Be positive
•Take it slowly
•End with a compliment

By using these tips, you can overcome your shyness and start to have more successful and enjoyable interactions with people when flirting.

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