When it comes to beloved franchises, the reboot of Ghostbusters stands out as a particularly exciting one. The 2016 film is a much-anticipated reboot of the original 80s classic and is being helmed by Paul Feig, the same director responsible for hits like Bridesmaids and Spy. With this fresh take on the supernatural comedy, anticipation has been high to learn more about the highly-anticipated cast. Below, we’ll take a look at the new Ghostbusters lineup and what makes them perfectly suited for the challenging task of honoring the original film.

Kate McKinnon

The first member of this new Ghostbusters quartet is the hilarious Kate McKinnon. McKinnon is no stranger to comedy, and has established herself as an essential piece of the Saturday Night Live ensemble since 2012. Over the last few years, McKinnon has become an SNL MVP, delivering iconic characters like undecided voter and Hillary Clinton to a new generation of fans. For the new Ghostbusters movie, McKinnon brings a perfect blend of comedy, charisma, and enthusiasm that will make her performances the highlight of the film.

Leslie Jones

Joining McKinnon on the team of Ghostbusters is Leslie Jones, another stalwart of Saturday Night Live. Jones joined the cast of SNL in 2014 and has been impressing fans and critics with her hilarious and self-assured comedic performances. Like McKinnon, Leslie Jones has the ability to bring a uniquely creative energy to the set and her performances in the movie are sure to be standout. As a part of the Ghostbusters team, Jones brings a unique energy and characters that add a unique flavor to the movie.

Melissa McCarthy

The remaining two members of the Ghostbusters lineup, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, both come from the same impressive comedy pedigree. McCarthy and Wiig are both SNL alumni, and both women have starred in wildly-successful movies like Bridesmaids and Spy. McCarthy, in particular, is a master of physical comedy, able to seamlessly blend jokes and stunts with impeccable timing and undeniable charm. Her performances in the movie are sure to be entertaining and memorable.

Kristen Wiig

The fourth and final member of the Ghostbusters team, Kristen Wiig, is no stranger to comedy. Wiig is a master of character comedy and can switch between awkward physical comedy as well as relatable and nuanced performances. Wiig is also no stranger to quick-witted dialogue, having led such hit movies as Bridesmaids and her recent, if frowned upon, interpretation of the character of Lara Floyd in the Ghostbusters new movie. Wiig’s performances are the perfect blend of strength and vulnerability, of which will be perfectly suited for the Ghostbusters family.

The cast of the new Ghostbusters movie is sure to deliver an idiosyncratic mix of established comedy and character work that is sure to please longtime fans of the original movie, while also creating a new generation of fans of the franchise. The combination of four unique comedic talents will result in funny and memorable performances, and will give the new film a fresh vibe and tone.

Fans are sure to love the new quartet of ghostbusters, and the new energies they bring to the franchise. With their respective sets of unique talents and experiences, the foursome of Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig will make this reboot the Ghostbusters movie that fans have been dying to see.

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