Being a romantic at heart, understanding your secret romantic desires based on your birth month can help you take another step towards fulfilling your desires and give you a better understanding of your romantic spirit. Different months have different character traits that can reveal your secret romantic desires. Here I will look at which of my own romantic desires fits in with my birth month – October.

The Character Traits of October

October is a bridge between early autumn and the start of winter. Generally speaking, those of us born in October are known to be confident, attractive, independent and adventurous. We also possess a strong sense of loyalty and good communication skills. These characteristics mean that our secret romantic desires will encompass a desire for adventure, a desire for commitment and a desire for effective communication.

My Desire For Adventure

I love the thrill of trying something new and I am definitely a person who values adventure in life. I enjoy the excitement of entering into new experiences and the chance to stretch myself out of my comfort zone. This desire has never been more evident than when it comes to the realm of romance. I want to be that daring romantic who isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind and explore the different avenues that can build strong relationships. Sharing new experiences with a love one is one of the most passionate and intimate forms of communication. Whether it’s a geyser field, a mountain hike or a drive through the countryside, exploring something new with the one I love is something I will never tire of.

My Commitment

One of the other traits associated with my birth month of October is a strong sense of loyalty. I am the kind of person who believes in the power of commitment and I place value in monogamous relationships. My desire to commit to someone comes with a strong belief that if I am willing to be open and authentic with someone, then they will respond in kind. When I am in a committed relationship I believe that there should be a balance of respecting each other’s space and individuality, but with also honoring individual boundaries and the comfort of familiarity.

My Need For Communication

Wherever I go, I am the type of person who needs to talk and share words, especially with my loved ones. I have an admiration for communication, especially when it comes to addressing feelings and emotions. I value communication which is honest, open and authentic and I believe it is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. I seek out partners who actively listen and understand, who can express themselves in a non-judgmental environment and who will build trust with one another by taking constructive criticism on board.

My Secret Romantic Desire

It is easy to see now why my secret romantic desire is for an adventurous, committed and communicative relationship. I want all the fiery passion that can exist from exploring new things together, the comfort of being able to trust and rely on one another coming from a long-term commitment and the fulfilling joy that comes from being able to effectively communicate, share ideas, support and understanding.

How To Achieve My Romantic Desires

Achieving my secret romantic desires will take some time and work, but will be worth it in the end.

Here are some steps I can take to achieve my romantic desires:

  1. Get to Know Myself
    Take the time to really get to know myself and become comfortable and confident in who I am. This will be the foundation from which all my romantic relationships will be built and will allow me to stand up for what I believe in and seek out people who share the same values and characteristics.

  2. Be Open and Honest
    Be open and honest with my feelings – both my own and the feelings of anyone I am in a relationship with. It is integral to communication and trust in any successful relationship.

  3. Explore the Unknown
    Do not be afraid to explore the unknown experiences life has to offer. Look at experiencing new cultures, activities, drives and even locations as a chance to share an adventure with someone special.

  4. Be Patient and Consistent
    Be patient and consistent in working towards a committed and communicative relationship. It is important to understand that these relationships take time to build and must be nurtured and cared for.

  5. Celebrate the Connection
    Celebrate the connection between two people for the beauty, joy and romance it can offer. Love is something that should be embraced and enjoyed, especially when two people really do click.

My secret romantic desires are grounded deeply in the character traits of my birth month – October. Having a strong desire for adventure, commitment and clear communication will help me form long-lasting relationships based on shared values and understandings. Achieving these desires will take time and hard work, but will be so worth it in the end.

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