The Best Costumes Worn by “Bridgerton’s” Kate Sharma Every period drama includes elaborate costumes that transport us to a different era. From traditional South Asian garments to the sophisticated gowns of 1813 Regency England, the costumes of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” do not disappoint. Amongst all the leading ladies, Kate Sharma’s wardrobe stands out the most. Here is a look at some of the best costumes Kate wore in the show.

Kate Sharma is a young actress who portrays the character of Kate Sharma in Netflix’s hit period drama “Bridgerton”. She was born in Leeds, England, where she still lives today with her family. She has a graduate degree in theater and also loves horseback riding. As the older half-sister to Edwina and Padma Bridgerton, Kate is a headstrong woman on a mission. Her quest to find true love and a good match drives her to wear the most beautiful and fashionable gowns of the era.

The Uniquely Designed Dresses of “Bridgerton”

The “Bridgerton” costume design is created by Ellen Mirojnick and varies from traditional South Asian garments to the more sophisticated gowns of Regency England. Each costume has been carefully tailored to convey distinct looks for each character. For Kate Sharma, Mirojnick wanted to bring a unique flavor and spin to her wardrobe. Out of the many different costumes, here are some of the most remarkable ones.

Kate’s Lavender Gown

When debutante Kate makes her entry into the ballroom, she makes sure to stand out. Her lavender gown is made of pure silk and embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals. Its light and airy shape with a full skirt adds an extra dose of drama to her appearance. The cascading sleeves and V-shaped neckline give Kate’s ensemble an extravagant look.

Kate’s Red Evening Gown

When Kate goes to the Bridgerton Christmas Ball, she stands out in her gorgeous red evening gown. The gown is made of a sumptuous velvet fabric and is adorned with intricate detailing like beaded lace and crystals. The plunging neckline gives the dress an added edge. The combination of the black velvet cloak and the red gown makes it one of her most unforgettable looks.

Kate’s Silk Saree

During the course of the show, viewers are treated to an array of traditional South Asian garments. The most memorable out of all these is Kate’s summery saree. The beautiful silk saree is a shade of pink with intricate floral embroidery. The sheer fabric and the intricate details of the saree make it truly stunning.

Kate’s Emerald Gown

The third episode of “Bridgerton” features Kate in an emerald-green gown. The luxurious material of the dress combines with its bold hue to give the outfit a strong impact. The intricate embroidery and beaded lace embellishments further add to the grandeur of the ensemble. The dip-neckline and the capped sleeves make this ensemble even more elegant.

Kate’s Maiden Outfit

The beautiful Maiden outfit is another remarkable look with its floral patterned fabric and beautiful lace work. It is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. The full-length skirt with the high neckline and capped sleeves give the outfit its unique charm. It is truly the perfect outfit for a summer stroll around the park.

The costumes of “Bridgerton” are nothing short of breathtaking and Kate Sharma’s wardrobe is no exception. From luxurious gowns to traditional Indian outfits, she has worn some of the most exquisite costumes in the series. Each of her outfits has been skillfully tailored to fit the Regency era and her look. From her lavish costumes to her unique style, Kate Sharma’s wardrobe surely adds an extra dose of drama to the show.

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