Nobody likes to cancel a date, especially if it’s with someone they are interested in. Cancelling a date is a surefire way to end up feeling frustrated and guilty. But sometimes, it’s just necessary to call things off. The etiquette surrounding date cancelling is different depending on the person and the situation—but there is one consistent rule of thumb: it’s important to stay respectful and not be rude. Here are a few tips to make sure you cancel a date without being rude.

Explain Your Reasons

When it comes to cancelling a date, being honest and explanatory is the best way to go. Be sure to explain your reasons for wanting to cancel rather than trying to just brush it off. Let your date know why you feel that you have to call it off. You don’t owe them a detailed explanation of what’s going on, but letting them know that something has come up will show them that you respect them and their time.

Be Clear

It’s important to be clear and direct when cancelling a date. Be straightforward about the reason for cancelling. If somebody has been looking forward to the date and it’s cancelled suddenly, they may be disappointed. Let them know that you’re not interested in seeing them again and explain why. Make sure they understand why you’ve chosen to take this route instead of going through with the date. It might be awkward, but it’s better to be honest and upfront instead of trying to soften the blow.

Be Honest

When it comes to cancelling a date, it’s important to be honest about your reasons for wanting to do so. Not only does it show respect for the other person, but it also reduces any potential awkwardness or confusion in the future. It might be easier to come up with a white lie and make cancelling a date less painful, but this will only create more trouble in the long run. Being honest with your reasons for cancelling speaks volumes and shows that you care about the feelings of the other person.

Don’t Make Promises

Once you’ve made the decision to cancel the date, it’s important to not make any promises of rescheduling. It’s OK to say that you’ll keep in touch, but don’t promise a future date. Making a promise may give your date false hope and only make things messier if you’re not sure if you actually want to reschedule. It’s better to be upfront about your feelings and intentions than to leave the door open for a future date.


• Be clear and direct.
• Respect the other person.
• Explain your reasons for wanting to cancel.
• Be honest about your intentions and feelings.


• Don’t lie to soften the blow.
• Don’t make promises of rescheduling.
• Don’t ignore the other person and pretend like nothing happened.
• Don’t be rude or inconsiderate.

Cancelling a date is never easy, and there’s no right way to do it. But one thing that is certain is that it’s important to stay respectful and not be rude. Being clear, honest, and direct is key. Explain your reasons and be sure to show your date that you respect them and their time. Following these tips will ensure that you cancel a date without being rude.

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