Dorm pranks are a classic way to liven up the college campus and make the college years a little more fun. College is the perfect setting for these sorts of tricks and pranks, as odds are that you and your friends already live together in close quarters and already know each other well enough to come up with something good. It’s important, however, to take safety into account when planning a prank, since you never want anyone’s safety to be compromised. In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 best dorm pranks and how to carry them out.

What Is a Dorm Prank?

A college dorm prank is a way of causing some lighthearted fun or mischief around the college dorms. There are dozens of different ways to prank your friends in the dorms, from the classic whoopie cushion to some more complicated and intricate conspiracies.

In order to pull off a successful dorm prank, you will need certain items and supplies, such as a sense of humor, cardboard boxes, balloons, tape, and creativity. You may also want to make sure to have the consent of all parties involved, as college dorm pranks should not cause physical harm or disrespect to anyone involved.

Best Dorm Prank Ideas

  1. Water Balloon Launcher

This prank is as fun to carry out as it is to have it done to you. You can use a large telescoping fishing pole to fling water balloons with a range of up to 50-60 feet. All that’s needed is the fishing pole and a filled water balloon!

  1. The Toilet Paper Mummy

This prank is bound to have the victim saying, “What the heck?!” Take a roll of toilet paper and wind it around the victim’s door, making sure to leave no part of the doorknob visible. When your victim opens the door, they’ll be greeted by a spooky mummy that you’ve created just for them.

  1. Classic Whoopie Cushion Surprise

The whoopie cushion is a classic prank that never gets old. Do you want to see your roommate jump out of their skin? Just put the whoopie cushion on their chair, so that when they sit down it sounds like a fart!

  1. The Disappearing Toothpaste

This prank is always popular for the shock factor it can create. Squeeze the contents of a toothpaste tube all over a bathroom sink, allow it to dry and then leave without a trace. Once your prank victim goes to brush their teeth and opens the tube, they’ll be left with an empty tube and an unforgettable surprise.

  1. Frozen Clothes

This prank is not only harmless, but also hilarious. Just fill a large bucket/container of water, then place items of clothing in the freezer overnight. When it’s time to go to bed your victim will be shocked to find that their clothes have been frozen solid!

  1. Fake Roommate

Do you want to play a prank on your roommate? Create a fake person that your roommate thinks is living in the same room as them! All you need is some cardboard, tape, and paint to create a replica of your roommate’s head. Place the fake head in the bed when your real roommate is away and wait for the reaction when they come back and find it gone.

  1. Milk Carton Mafia

This dorm prank takes a bit of planning and a few accomplices. Fill an empty milk carton with water and, when your victim opens the fridge, pour it all over the unsuspecting victim. For a little extra effect, you can also have everyone involved wear all black.

  1. Fake Noise Prank

This prank is ideal if your victim tends to be a light sleeper. Bring in a small, portable amplifier and set it up near the victim’s bed. Then start playing some eye-opening sound effects such as a “bang,” “boom,” or even a lion’s roar!

  1. Fake Alarm

Do you want your victim to be terrified? Place a fake alarm clock right next to the victim’s bed, set the alarm time to 3:00 a.m., and wait for the reaction!

  1. Don’t Go Upstairs

This prank takes a bit of convincing, but it’s worth it! Have a few of your friends or dorm-mates go upstairs and make as much noise as possible. When your victim comes up to ask what’s going on, tell them that you heard a scream come from upstairs and that you’re not sure if it’s safe for them to go up. They’ll be shocked and surprised when you reveal the prank!

Dorm pranks are a great way to have fun and make your college years a little more interesting. Despite their potential for causing a stir, these pranks can have a positive effect, as they can help build camaraderie and bring people together. Just remember to use common sense when planning and carrying out any prank and always respect your victim’s feelings. That way, everyone will have a good time and no one will be hurt in the process.

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