Nothing can make a woman feel more beautiful and powerful than the perfect makeup look. In particular, eye shadow and its bold variety of colors is a great way to enhance any look. With so many shades and formulas available, you may be asking yourself, “What color eye shadow should I wear?” To answer this question, it’s important to consider your skin tone and eye color, the occasion, and your overall style. This article will cover these topics and provide an array of suggestions to help you discover the perfect eye shadow color for you.

Understanding Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Before deciding on an eye shadow color, it’s helpful to begin by understanding your skin tone and eye color.

What Is Your Skin Tone?

When determining your skin tone, look at your skin in natural light to find whether it’s warm, cool or neutral. Generally, if you have warm undertones then your skin will have yellow and golden hues, while cool undertones will have pink and blue. Neutral skin has a mix of both the warm and cool hues.

What Is Your Eye Color?

After determining your skin tone, consider finding out your eye color. If your eyes appear to be hazel then it generally means your eyes have a mix of brown, green and gold. There are four Main Eye Colors:

• Brown
• Blue
• Green
• Hazel

Finding the Right Eye Shadow Shade for Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

Once you know your skin tone and eye color, it’s a great starting point to find the perfect eye shadow shade for you. Here are some general guidelines to help:

Fair Skin
If your skin is pale or fair, you will want to look for lighter, shimmery shades of eye shadow. Lilac, champagne, and light pink are some great shades to bring out your fair skin.

Medium Skin
If your skin has a medium to tan coloring, most shades of eye shadow will look great on you. Look for medium shades of browns, golds, and pinks.

Olive Skin
For olive to dark skin tones, opt for dark shades like deep purples, burgundy, and smoky shades. To keep it light for day time, pick shades like golden brown, champagne etc.

Blue Eyes
Blue eyes really pop under shimmery shades, like purple and rose. Also, shades like copper, bronze, and golds look great.

Green Eyes
Taupe and grey eyeshadows look amazing on green eyes. These shades brighten up the eyes and look wonderful when paired with a hint of warm brown tones.

Brown Eyes
Brown eyes look amazing with dark shades and more muted colors, like dark brown, deep plum, and grey.

Hazel Eyes
If you have hazel eyes, you’re lucky because you can wear virtually any color. Shades like dusty pink, mauve, and shimmery champagne look great.

Choosing an Eye Shadow For the Occasion
Once you have identified your skin tone, eye color, and have looked up the suggested shades for each, you may then want to consider the occasion. Below are three scenarios to make the process a bit easier for you:

Everyday Wear
For everyday wear, you may want to stay light and subtle. Pick shades like beige, brown, or grey. If you want to a little bit more glam, opt for a shimmery light gold or peach shade.

Day Time Events
If you’re attending day time events like an office meeting, you may want to keep it very light and neutral. Shades like light brown and grey are great for these types of occasions.

Night Time Events
For a night time event like a gala or a party, you can go bold! Deep purple, navy blue, and burgundy are all good choices as they add that extra special touch to your look and really make your eyes pop.

Shopping for the Perfect Eye Shadow
Once you have chosen your eye shadow shade based on your skin tone, eye color, and the occasion, shopping for it is the fun part. With so many brands and types of eye shadows available the one that is perfect for you may be overwhelming. Here’s a checklist for you to keep in mind when you’re shopping for eye shadow:

• Price: Make sure to have a budget set before you start shopping.
• Pigmentation: Pick eye shadow that isn’t too glittery or pigmented. You want it to be just right.
• Finish: Choose a finish that you find comfortable and long-lasting.

Once you take these things into consideration, you can refer back to the suggested shades and begin your search for the right color.

Application Tips for Eye Shadow
After discovering the right colors and finding the perfect eye shadows, it’s time to apply them. Here are some helpful tips:

• Be sure to apply a primer first. This is important to ensure that your eye shadow stays in place all day.
• Use a primer with active ingredients like Vitamin E or almond oil as it will keep your eye shadow from creasing and fading.
• Using an eye shadow brush with natural fibers will help achieve a more blended finish.
• Start with a light, shimmery shade at the inner corner of the eye first and then darken the colors towards the outer corner.

Finding the right eye shadow shade for you may seem like a daunting task, but once you understand your skin tone, eye color, the occasion, and the type of eye shadow, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade. Using the tips outlined here and experimenting with colors and shades, you can find the perfect eye shadow look and feel like a goddess.

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