Those who travel know it well: after each adventure they can’t wait to leave and to discover a new country, a different city, a more or less unspoiled location. But the budget does not always allow us to wander as much as we would like, the costs of a trip include means of transport, accommodation and many other necessary expenses. For the more adventurous people, who are not really able to give up moving and exploring, we have selected 25 economic destinations in the world, ideal for a low cost tour.

What are the places for a low cost holiday or a weekend to escape the city? Here is the top 25 great places at the lowest prices to visit, for a splendid low cost trip: flights, hotels and what to see in 25 beautiful places! Dynamic, beautiful, colorful, but above all accessible! With low cost flights and cheap accommodation, especially if you avoid the high season, these 25 beautiful budget places will tempt to go and explore. Read below and find out were to go for a fun and cheap vacation. This is one of the amazing articles which will help you to organize better your vacation.

1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is an accessible and economical city ​​from all points of view. Eating in Budapest is very inexpensive and the choice is incredibly varied. In addition to the various attractions such as the Buda district, the Pest district, the Synagogue and the Parliament Building, the city offers about 70 museums, whose entrance is often free or with an average cost of around € 6.00.

2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is a city that has not yet been overrun by large skyscrapers, like almost all other cities in Southeast Asia. All the entertainment in the city is therefore located at sea level: markets, cheap street food and magnificent villas dating back to the French colonization are the main attractions of the center. It is a city in transition: having overcome the atrocities during the reign of Khmer Rouge in the seventies, it is regaining its former glory thanks to the increase of artisan shops, modern bars and restaurants that are located near the National Museum and the Royal Palace, in the heart of the Daun Penh district.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok and Thailand are considered extremely cheap but fascinating destinations. Even if, especially in the central areas of the cities, prices are constantly increasing, the cost of living remains very low: it is possible to move easily by public transport, the presence of many typical cafes that offer mostly rice dishes allow to eat out often without too high a cost. Do not miss the National Museum of Bangkok and the many temples dedicated to the Buddha which, as places of worship, offer free visits.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnamese capital is considered the cheapest city on the planet: here you can enjoy a weekend consisting of an aperitif, a taxi ride, a night in a 4-star hotel in a double room and dinner out for a total of € 111.00 against, for example, the 377.40 of London. Hanoi offers many opportunities to learn more about the war that devastated the country during the 1960s. Very characteristic is also the Ho Chi Minh Museum, which allows you to retrace the life and deeds of the famous Vietnamese communist leader.

5. Lima, Peru

Lima combines the past, modernity, some loans from Spain and the influence of the Pacific Ocean in an exemplary way, giving life to one of the hottest cities in Latin America. The City of Kings, in the heart of Lima, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and includes colonial era testimony in every corner, as well as the Baroque Monastery of San Francisco dating from the late 17th century. Barranco is the area near the beach and is made up of streets decorated with graffiti where you can find typical cheap Peruvian food, bars and places where cocktails are offered at half price. This city will remember you why traveling is so fun and good for your happy life.

6. Faro, Portugal

Faro is often a destination overlooked by vacationers and travelers in general, which has allowed the city to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and its own traditional charm. It is very picturesque, particularly within the old walls and in the area around the harbor. Public transport is excellent and cheap, there are many cafes, restaurants and bars in Faro offering traditional food of exceptional quality at very affordable prices. In this city you will have the vacation of your dream, and you will enjoy all the benefits of the vacation.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a surfer’s paradise and extremely affordable! If you are fond of waves, the advice is to stay in a “surf camp”, which can be an ideal accommodation even if you do not go here to practice this sport, especially if you are looking for a welcoming and youthful atmosphere. By renting a scooter you can move freely, the rental and petrol costs are really negligible, less than € 5.00 per day! In Bali it is possible to visit many religious monuments: the sanctuaries of Gunung Kawi, the Pura Besakih (considered the most “sacred” Hindu temple in all of Bali), the Pura Rambut Siwi and many others. Bali has about 400 kilometers of coastline, the beaches are an earthly paradise: the beach of Kuta, located near the capital Denpasar, is a very romantic place.

8. Sofia, Bulgaria

The capital of Bulgaria is the third oldest city in Europe, after Athens and Rome: the archaeological remains still visible are an excellent testimony of this record. The city is not one of the most popular tourist destinations, but it is certainly one of the cheapest and offers a lot to see. Thanks to a yellow sidewalk, visitors to the city can follow an ideal itinerary that allows them to visit the main city buildings: the Presidential Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the former headquarters of the Communist Party, the Royal Palace (now home to the Art Gallery national) and the Russian church with its magnificent gardens.

9. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Although on paper it may seem like an exclusive resort, Sharm El Sheikh is accessible even to those who do not have very high budgets. Prices in recent times have dropped a lot due to the terrorist episodes and the security problem. The location is undoubtedly full of attractions, first of all the contrast between the desert and the crystal clear sea, the poverty of the villages and the well-being of the resorts and beaches equipped for tourists.

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and boasts glittering skyscrapers, colonial architecture buildings, charming clubs and a myriad of natural attractions. Divided into several districts, its main hub is called the Golden Triangle, which includes Bukit Bintang, KLCC, and Chinatown. KL is widely recognized for a number of monuments, including the Petronas Twin Towers (among the tallest twin skyscrapers in the world), the Petaling Street flea market, and the 400-million-year-old Batu Caves.

11. Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is a city that has been suffering for years and has been rebuilt several times, due to several conflicts that have devastated it. The Old Town has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and is made up of characteristic streets, courtyards, hidden squares, gardens and Renaissance buildings. Do not forget a visit to the places where the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw was located, the Jewish Historical Institute, the Monument to the Heroes of the Ghetto and the Jewish cemetery. Food, transport and entertainment have a very affordable cost: Warsaw is one of the cities most chosen by Erasmus students, who manage to live with a certain ease with only € 200.00 / 250.00 per month.

12. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is the most populous city not only in China but in the whole world, with its approximately 20 million inhabitants. It is well served by public transport, tickets cost around € 0.50 and there is a lot to see. The financial district of Pudong, called the Manhattan of China, includes numerous skyscrapers and splendid record buildings, including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, in the shape of a lute with five spheres, inside which there is a revolving restaurant, a museum and a hotel.

13. Prague, Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square, the National Theater, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Gardens and the Charles Bridge, the most representative monument of the city: these are just some of the attractions of Prague. The famous astronomical clock dominates the town square, the Jewish quarter is rich in history and charm. Prague is particularly popular with young people for its nightlife and cheap entertainment.

14. Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is the fascinating treasure of Turkey, one of the unmissable pearls of the entire country. In Italian, Adalia, is home to the famous waterfalls, the bridge built in the 13th century and the town of Aspendos with its aqueducts. There are so many restaurants that, with little money, will be able to satisfy your hunger and your desire for typical specialties.

15. Riga, Latvia

Riga is also a destination that is rarely featured on travelers’ itineraries, but it is definitely a budget destination when it comes to accommodation, food and entertainment. It offers a lively nightlife and beautiful architectural scenery, for less than € 20.00 per day you can visit the city, eat and have fun in the evening! One of the symbolic places of Latvian history is the Riga Castle, which has been destroyed, rebuilt and occupied several times to date and is the permanent residence of the President of the Latvian Republic, which houses two museums. Getting around in the Latvian capital is simple and cheap, thanks to the efficient public transport network, whose ticket costs around € 1.15.

16. Madhya Pradesh, India

If you love to observe wildlife, this region of India is the place for you. Because? Excursions to see animals cost much less than in Africa. In the wildlife reserves, including Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Pench National Park, you can encounter many animals including wild boar, pomellated deer and langur monkeys. But not only can you admire the famous places such as the temples of Khajuraho and the ancient towns of Orchha and Mandu.

17. Buffalo, United States

Planning a trip to Buffalo means taking advantage of the new low cost flights and the ever-widening offer of hotels and restaurants. Other compelling reasons are the new highly interactive Children’s Museum and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Graycliff Estate and Martin House residences. The best way to get to know the food scene is the EXPO Market. Buffalo is also the cheapest way to visit Niagara Falls which is an hour away by bus.

18. Cape Winelands, South Africa

As the name suggests, Cape Winelands is the South African wine region, concentrated around the towns of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. Here the protagonists are the vineyards. You can participate in tastings at reasonable prices, to discover the best of local wine.

19. Athens, Greece

Athens is a large open-air museum, with Byzantine churches and neoclassical buildings and beautiful streets. The ancient city is also low cost. What are you waiting to book?

20. Zanzibar, Tanzania

If you want to live an experience similar to that of the Caribbean, without spending a fortune, Lonely Planet recommends Zanzibar. In Stone Town, stroll through the ancient alleys and enjoy the magical sunsets before taking advantage of the cheap meals served in the evening markets or in the multicultural cafes of the city. On the north and west coasts you can find all kinds of beach accommodation at affordable prices. 

21. Puglia, Italy

One of the most desired destinations in the world can only make you experience an extraordinary holiday! Excellent cuisine, great hospitality, unique cities of white stone, a lot of history and nature will give you unforgettable moments.

22. Krakow, Poland

The Poland is generally an inexpensive place to spend a low cost holiday, yet it is rich in beautiful places. In particular, we recommend Krakow, which will immerse you in the thousand facets of Polish culture and will surprise you with its romantic atmosphere of other times, to be enjoyed in particular in the main square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for its excellent cuisine: typical dishes they should really be tried all, but in particular do not miss the pierogi, ravioli filled with different delicacies.

23. Paris, France

Ah Paris, Paris! The city of love, the Ville Lumière, the real capital of Europe, for its history and lifestyle… which can also be an economic European city! Paris conquers, captivates, with its large boulevards or romantic and narrow alleys, illuminated by the dim light of the street lamps; with its sophisticated atmosphere, steeped in art and culture, and with its romantic and hipster air at the same time.

24. Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is perhaps an unusual destination for many, but we assure you, it is beautiful and super cheap. The capital of Slovakia is a city that knows how to seduce even the most skeptical of travelers with its attractions, first of all the castle and the famous blue church, but also the futuristic bridge over the Danube, reminiscent of a spaceship – as the inhabitants. And then the cultural vivacity: suffice it to say that the Biennial of Illustration takes place here.

25. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest could not be missing, one of the low cost European cities. Usually Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is only a passing stage for those moving towards the magical Transylvania. Yet this is a capital that knows how to amaze: here the communist past and the Balkan traditions meet Europe and the cultures that come from the west. And where there are such interesting encounters, the atmosphere that is created always deserves to be fully experienced.

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