Rock music has its deepest roots in the United States. It is true that it was then declined, often in a very interesting way, in England and Europe, and that by now rock is transnational, ranging from Sweden to Japan. The USA, however, remains the homeland of that musical genre. And the American singers are the most representative performers.

The guitars of the fathers of rock’n’roll in the ’50s, the contestant vein in the’ 60s, the instrumental exaggeration in the ’70s, the mixing with pop in the’ 80s, the metamorphosis into grunge in the ’90s: an important part of history of rock music was written in America. And there it mixed with social and political history. Continue to read and find out who are the most famous american singers and for more go on and read about your famous celebrity. On upcuz you can read about your favorite celebrity life, net worth, personal life, controversy and more.

Female singers 


Absolute queen of the charts with her albums. Rihanna singer from One Hit Wonder was soon confirmed as one of the most solid realities in the Pop music field. Her music varies from Urban to Dance tones, and has proven to be a true force of nature, as well as an example and style icon for this generation.


Rebel of Pop, with her long-lived and often discussed career, Pink is certainly one of the greatest Pop performers of the present day. Although she has always overshadowed her contemporaries Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Pink has managed to maintain a much more consistent career and to this day she is still a sales and touring force of hers.

Mariah Carey

American singer, songwriter, actress and producer, Mariah was born in Huntington, a county of New York in 1970. Incredibly famous around the globe since the 1990s with more than 200 million albums sold. Carey is in the ranking of the most iconic artists in the history of music. Mariah had the record for most weeks of first place in the USA with the song One sweet day in 1995. But then thanks to the song Touch my body in 2008 she had a record of 18 songs at the first place in the charts, thus surpassing even Elvis Presley. 

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello was a member of one of the most popular female groups called Fifth Harmony before moving on to a solo career in 2017. The young singer was criticized for leaving the band, but her first single Havana became one of the biggest successes of the year. Since then, she has released two albums (Romance and Camila), which have so far earned her 4 American Music Awards, 2 Latin Grammys and a Billboard Music Award.

Iggy Azalea

One of the most famous and talented rappers of this generation, Iggy Azalea was born in Australia. In fact, he is the only non-American rapper to have been to the top of Billboard’s best R & B / Hip Hop albums ever. He has climbed the charts with songs like Work. He has also had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest stars on the planet, such as Rita Ora, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez. The rapper continues to make headlines, often for her awesome songs but also for her infamous relationship with plastic surgery. She has had nose and breast surgeries and people have examined her for it.

Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson is a well known name in the pop world, as part of one of the most iconic female bands in the world, Little Mix. Possessed with a great voice and incredible talent, Jesy Nelson stands out as one of the band’s leading performers. However, she hasn’t always been appreciated for her talent as she is now. Until a few years ago, people never cared about looking at the pop star’s personality and appreciating the struggles she went through to reach the top. Nelson made headlines when his BBC Three documentary was released, detailing the online bullying he suffered. She said the vile abuse lasted so long that at one point she just wanted to commit suicide. After eight successful years as a member of the band, Jesy said she is looking forward to starting her solo endeavors in 2020.

Katy Perry

Known for her crazy outfits, charismatic Katy Perry has given us tons of pop hits that we can hear all the time. Thanks to her success as a singer, she was the highest paid female artist of 2018. In addition to a successful music career, Katy has also been successful as a judge on the popular American Idol and has been named Woman of the Year twice by Billboard and has several music videos that make it to the list of the most viewed music clips ever. Katy Perry has been romantically involved with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Russell Brand.

Miley Cyrus

The Disney Princess has been in the spotlight ever since she began her career as a child artist and, just like her father, is on the way to becoming a superstar. However, contrary to her innocent childhood image of her, Miley Cyrus attracted negative publicity due to her craze for twerking, drug use, and exhibitionism. Despite her crazy antics, Miley Cyrus has had numerous hit singles in her career so far, including Plastic Hearts and Wrecking Ball. Though music is the only reason it’s still loved by fans around the world, its dating history has also attracted the limelight. She’s been out of negative publicity for a while after marrying her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but she’s reverted to her madness after her divorce.

Selena Gomez

Another former Disney star who has achieved success as a singer is Selena Gomez. The talented singer has three best-selling albums that made the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Quite similar to other artists on the list, Selena’s love life generates more headlines than her work. After becoming involved in a casual relationship with singer Justin Bieber, the couple broke up in 2018. The singer’s mental health has also been in the news lately and she is rumored to have gone into rehab after she broke down emotionally. Selena Gomez underwent kidney surgery in 2017 and her friend Francia Raisa saved her life.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known as one of the most famous artists of her generation and was named the highest paid celebrity in 2019. She has had an astounding career so far, having won over 300 awards and 11 Grammy Awards to her name. It is safe to say that she is one of the greatest of all time. However, the Reputation star doesn’t take all of her fame and wealth for granted; she helps the needy and believes in giving back to people. She donated large sums to social causes that moved her, including a $ 17,000 donation to renovate her hometown library and a $ 15,000 donation to a fan whose mother was terminally ill.

Cardi B

Although Cardi B recently entered the famous celebrity list, she has made her mark as one of the most talented singers around. Her debut album Invasion of Privacy was hugely successful, pushing her into the list of best-selling artists of this generation. The star frequently draws press attention due to her love life, including her stories about her ex-husband Offset, her rants on social media, and the celebrity feuds she has had over the years.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga knows how to stay in the spotlight. If it weren’t for her songs, her quirky outfits draw the media to her. From stepping out of eggshells to wearing a meat dress, the pop star has done it all. The star also does not hesitate to give us moments of leisure by covering herself in blood or shading Madonna! However, what her fans and admirers really love her for is her amazing voice and great musical talent. With 12 Grammy Awards, the superstar is hard to ignore. She also made her acting debut in the 2018 film A Star is Born, also starring Bradley Cooper.

Male singers

John Legend

John Legend has the voice that very few mortals have, and we are fortunate to have witnessed an artist like him. John gave his fans the joy of music that is likely to become more popular as time goes on, with the likes of All of Me becoming wedding songs for times to come. Since his rise to fame, the singer has so far seven albums and has won a total of eleven Grammys! The singer-pianist also won the Academy Awards for co-writing Selma and Glory. He also won the Golden Globe for the same films. The popular singer is married to Chrissy Teigen, who is a model. The two have two children, Miles and Luna. Last year was a bit tough for the couple when news broke that the couple had aborted their third child.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is certainly one of the main pop stars of the current generation. The singer always treats us on the radio with his funny songs or a nice music video. With hit singles like There’s Nothing Holdin ‘Me Back and Treat You Better in his collection, Shawn Mendes not only has a fantastic voice, but he’s the youngest male singer to make it to the top of the Billboard 200 across four different albums. Shawn hit the big stage in 2014 and has since received 10 MTV Europe Music Awards, 13 SOCAN Awards and 2 American Music Awards for his contribution to music. Although famous for his amazing music, Shawn Mendes also made headlines for his love life and for dating his fellow artist, Camila Cabello.

The weekend

The star has imprinted his authority in the music business as one of the best artists of the generation, giving hits like Blinding Lights and Can’t Feel My Face as number one songs on the chart. The Weeknd has also collaborated with famous singers such as Ed Sheeran and Drake and released amazing songs. This famous artist has won Grammy Awards three times, American Music Awards five times, Billboard Music Awards nine times, and an Oscar nomination for creating the Fifty Shades of Gray soundtrack. Although the artist is known for his music, his love life often keeps him in the news. The star dated some of the main stars like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. The singer shocked the world recently when he came out that he was dating none other than Angelina Jolie! This year, the singer led the Super Bowl Halftime Show, where he spent over $ 7 million of his own money!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown made known his arrival on the big stage with his popular hit Run It¸ and the singer hasn’t looked back since. Although the singer has had many ups and downs in both his professional and personal life, he hasn’t really given up: he continues to produce hit after hit. He is easily one of the best-selling artists in the world, having amassed over 140 million records sold worldwide. He is seventh on the Billboard Hot 100 list of most voiced artists with 93 and has won BET Awards 15 times, a Grammy Award and 4 Billboard Music Awards.

Justin Timberlake

Regardless of where you were a ’90s boyband fan or a pop music fan, you would have heard Justin Timberlake’s songs one way or another. He was part of NSYNC before leaving the band and embarking on his solo journey, becoming one of the most successful artists of all time. With multiple Hot 100 songs and best-selling music albums as part of his music career, Justin Timberlake was named one of the most popular people on the planet in 2013 and 2007.


From posting inspirational quotes to alleged links to rap feuds, Drake always finds a way to stay at the top of the trending celebrity list. However, whatever he does, the rapper is loved and adored by fans of him all over the world. He is barely thirty years old and has already surpassed rap legends like Eminem, Tupac and Jay-Z. The Views star has won a total of four Grammys, six Juno Awards and 13 BET Awards in her career so far. Her hit albums like Views remain on the music charts for weeks, while her tours are sold out within minutes. This year, Drake became the first singer to have a combined stream of over 50 billion on Spotify. He was also named Billboard Artist of the Decade.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has had one of the most epic careers since he became popular thanks to his YouTube videos as a teenager. Discovered by Usher and Scooter Braun, the young star has faced a lot of turbulence in his career, but has enjoyed immense success by becoming the youngest singer to have five number 1 albums on the US music charts. Despite having 150 million records sold and being one of the highest paid singers in the world, Justin Bieber has at one point been dubbed “the most hated human being on the planet”.

Michael Jackson

The greatest of all the others and comparable only to the greatness of the undisputed king Elvis! Born in 1958 Michael Joseph Jackson was a songwriter, dancer, composer, producer and choreographer. He also stood out for his great philanthropy. Known throughout the world as The King of Pop, Jacko, this was his nickname, he was one of the most important and significant personalities of the twentieth century.

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