Weight loss diets: which ones to choose? Surely the variety of diets is wide and orienting oneself in the world of slimming diets is not easy, especially if you are looking for one that is useful and fast. We have created this in-depth article to introduce you to the most famous and most effective diets, and to understand what they consist of and on which foods they place their strengths. Each diet is accompanied by a further study that will allow you to study the associated diet.

The best way to cut calories, lose weight, and boost your metabolism is up to you. Obviously, there is a recommendation: that of first contacting your doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist before proceeding with changing your eating habits. This is because each person has different needs and developing a personalized food strategy is the best way to avoid serious health problems. Let us know in the comments which of these diets you have tried or are planning to try and finally find out how to lose weight.

The 35 Most Effective and Fast Weight Loss Diets

What is the most effective diet? What is the best diet of all ? It is impossible to answer these questions, the right question is: What is the right diet for me? Each of us has a particular physical conformation, a different metabolism, a more or less intense physical activity, different food tastes, a subjective psychological condition. Each of us has different goals and needs, some want to know how to lose weight, others how to melt fat deposits, others how to gain muscle mass.

This is because our medical condition may not be optimal for a certain type of diet. Furthermore, it is good to always remember – when following a particular diet – to drink a lot of water (at least 2 liters per day) and practice physical activity (even light) every day. Below we list the most popular diets in the world and their main characteristics. For each diet you will find a corresponding more detailed article and a direct link.

1) The Planck Diet

The Planck Diet is a high-protein diet, which prefers proteins to the detriment of sugars and carbohydrates. To be precise, not all carbohydrates are eliminated, fruits and vegetables can be consumed without problems. It is one of the hottest weight loss diets based on a precise menu to follow in two weeks. This diet aims to speed up the metabolism also through the intake of coffee with every meal. The Planck Diet promises weight loss of up to 9kg in 14 days, according to the creator of this diet, the weight will be maintained over the next 3 years thanks to the radical change in metabolism during the two weeks. It is a strict and difficult diet to follow, definitely unbalanced but very fast. Dont’ miss our article The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

2) Paleolithic Diet (or Paleo Diet)

It is one of the more particular weight loss diets called the Paleolithic diet or the cave diet. According to this diet, you must eat foods in their natural state or that are as close as possible since the Paleolithic dates back to about 10,000 years ago when agriculture and livestock were not yet known. All game and fish caught are fine, no farm animals. Eggs are fine. Fruit and vegetables must be strictly in season. Honey can be used. It is not an easy diet to follow because of the finding of foods that can be complicated, as well as often expensive. It is important to associate physical activity: our ancestors were not sedentary!

3) Scarsdale Diet

The scarsdale diet is one of the fastest weight loss diets: to be followed for 14 days and then switched to a maintenance diet. This diet provides a fixed menu to follow to maintain the following proportions between nutrients: proteins for 43%, fats for 22.5% and carbohydrates for 34.5%. The menu does not indicate the quantities of foods that can be consumed at will. However, it is necessary to follow the fundamental rule that you must stop eating as soon as you feel full. The proteins come from very lean meats and cheeses and all condiments that contain fats, such as oil, butter and margarine, are prohibited.

4) Brazilian Diet

The Brazilian Diet is a diet conceived in the United States, about 10 years ago, to address the obesity problem in the country. In particular, it is one of the slimming diets that circulate the most in the USA: a low-calorie and low-carb diet, therefore with a low consumption of fats and carbohydrates. The food regime developed by the Brazilian Diet is characterized by precise timing on food intake, which should not be underestimated.

In particular, 12 hours must not pass from the first to the last meal, and dinner, for example, must be consumed no later than 18:00. This increases your metabolism, you lose weight quickly and effectively and, in particular, it also promotes sleep. The Brazilian Diet includes 5 meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and after dinner. Breakfast often includes 1 orange juice and a slice of wholemeal toast (the only food rich in carbohydrates and fibers allowed by the diet in question).

5) Blood group Diet

The blood type diet is one of the best known and “ancient” weight loss diets. This diet originates in the 1960s when the naturopath D’Adamo engaged in a research to understand why some foods are good for some people and are harmful for others. He found that the answer was in the immune system. The antigens that react to threats from the immune system are the same ones that determine the blood group. The diet involves the intake of fresh, natural foods and is different from AB 0 blood groups. This theory has never been approved by scientific studies.

6) Carb lover’s Diet

It is one of the most popular slimming diets: the Carb Lover’s diet ! If you don’t feel like tackling a high-protein diet and can’t give up carbohydrates, the carb lover’s diet can be for you, that is, for carbohydrate lovers. It looks like a balanced diet, but with a precise calorie count that should not exceed 1200 per day. The diet is based on the principle that some starches are digested slowly and keep the sense of satiety longer, moreover they are not assimilated quickly and do not cause the glycemic spike (which is why carbohydrates are drastically reduced in many diets). It is a “classic” diet in which you will have to be very careful to weigh the food in the right quantities, it lasts about 21 days during which weight loss of about 1 kg per week is expected.

7) Lemme Diet

The Lemme diet is one of the trending weight loss diets in recent years but also one of the most discussed. It is a high-protein and dissociated diet. It includes a weight loss phase and a maintenance phase. The meals must be eaten at specific times as it is based on the fact that the body burns calories differently depending on the time of day. It is also a slimming diet with a low glycemic index, therefore it provides for the reduction of carbohydrates and the absolute ban on certain foods starting with sugar in all its forms (and including sweeteners). Salt is forbidden, even from the water of the pasta, which causes water retention. The Lemme diet provides a precise menu to follow for a month and promises to make you lose up to 7 kilos.

8) Fast Diet

It is also known as the intermittent fasting diet. It provides only two days of diet per week during which approximately 500-600 calories must be consumed. Due to its short duration it can be repeated as long as you want without contraindications. The rest of the week you can eat normally, while avoiding binge eating and overeating foods that are too fatty or rich in seasonings. This diet is suitable for those who are unable to carry on a strict diet for too long, even from a psychological point of view it is easier to face only two days of diet a week. The two days of semi fastingthey should be focused on the part of the week when you don’t get much physical activity and can relax and focus on meals. Long-term weight loss is expected.

9) Tisanoreica Diet

The Tisanoreica diet is one of the best known and most followed slimming diets in the world. It is a diet based on prepackaged foods to be associated with normal daily foods and is based on the mechanism of ketosis. It is also recommended for those who do not need to lose weight because it is based on the balance of the organism. The regimen to be followed is of the hypoglucide type (limitation of sugars), low-calorie (limitation of calories), normoproteic (proteins in sufficient quantities and not in excess). It includes an initial intensive phase and a stabilization and maintenance phase.

It lasts a total of 40 days but can be repeated several times. In the first phase (intensive phase) carbohydrates and sugars must be eliminated and during the day four Tisanoreica products must be consumed alongside normal and protein foods such as meat, fish and eggs, plus vegetables. In the second phase (stabilization phase) carbohydrates are gradually reintroduced, but only those with a low glycemic index (wholemeal), and two Tisanoreica products are taken per day. See also the water diet that builds a diet right from the intake of 8 glasses of water before meals to lose weight.

10) Atkins Diet

It is a diet that dates back to the 1970s and one of the most popular weight loss diets in the world. It is low in carbohydrates, it can be said that it was the progenitor of all the ketogenic diets of the following years and that exploit the physiological mechanism of ketosis. By eliminating carbohydrates and sugars, the body needs to refuel itself from the body’s reserves, thus reducing adipose accumulations; at the same time, the intake of proteins allows to maintain the muscle mass and the energy that the body needs. The Atkins diet provides a weight loss of about 1 – 2 kg per week and then a loss of about 5 kg in a month. It is a highly unbalanced diet.

11) Supermetabolism Diet

The super metabolism diet lasts 28 days and is divided into 3 phases. In the first phase, which lasts two days, carbohydrates and sugars from fruit are consumed, while proteins are reduced to a minimum and fats eliminated. In the second phase, nutrition is given by proteins and many vegetables, fats and sugars are prohibited. This phase also lasts two days. In the third phase which lasts three days, we can introduce vegetable fats derived from dried fruit such as walnuts and almonds and oil for seasonings. Are prohibited: flour, dairy products, soy, exciting drinks such as tea and coffee, all refined sugar and all sweeteners, all fats except those indicated are prohibited. The purpose of the diet is to increase metabolism in order to burn more calories.

12) Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a hypoglycemic type diet and one of the most effective weight loss diets. The main goal of this diet is therefore to reduce and keep blood sugar levels stable. The glycemic peak is in fact responsible for the accumulation of fat due to insulin and also promotes the sense of hunger and “desire for sweet” responsible for the failure of many diets. The diet takes place in 6 phases, each of which lasts one week. Precise proportions of nutrients must be respected at each meal: 40% carbohydrates 30% protein and 30% fat. At the end of the six phases that involve the abandonment of many foods, including pasta, bread and pizza, we will reach the “zone” that is the point of equilibrium that allows us to maintain this regime for as long as we want. This is not a quick diet and is nutritionally balanced.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi – More Quotes

13) Dukan Diet

This Dukan diet has reached a recent notoriety, conceived by the French doctor Dukan (but disbarred from the order of doctors in 2012). It is a high-protein diet, it presents a list of 100 permitted foods that can be eaten at will without weighing them and without calculating calories. The diet has four phases. The first phase is called “attack” and provides immediate weight loss, you can consume only and exclusively proteins and fats, in the second phase called “cruise” add the vegetables. The third phase is of consolidation and the fourth of stabilization. This diet promises to never regain lost pounds and provides over 800 recipes. See also: protein breakfast. However, many people have suffered from kidney pain and liver fatigue after trying it.

14) Vegan Diet

The vegan diet excludes the intake of animal products such as meat, fish, molluscs and crustaceans, and all products derived from animals such as eggs, milk, cheeses and honey, this type of diet arises above all from an ethics that rejects the exploitation of animals at all levels. It therefore prefers vegetables, fruit, cereals and legumes. The vegan diet has many deficiencies such as iron, calcium, zinc and selenium and requires food supplements suitable for the purpose. it can be useful for health, but not for weight loss. If unbalanced, in fact, it favors the accumulation of fat and increases the risk of developing certain diseases. The vegetarian diet, on the other hand, is less stringent, but it is not the subject of further study in this article.

15) Fructarian Diet

The Fruitarian diet, rather than being part of the list of weight loss diets, would become part of the diets that completely change a life style. This diet consists of the exclusive consumption of fresh and dried fruit. People who adopt this diet fall within the scope of veganism but pushing it to its extreme. The diet consists in the intake of certain fruit at regular intervals of time, the advice of the experts is to start with a type of fruit (acid – sweet – dry etc…) and wait from 45 to 90 minutes before taking other fruit of the same kind. See also fruitarians and fruitarianism. The effectiveness in losing weight lies in the fact that the daily calories are very low, but the basal glycaemia (blood sugar) increases and in the long term it is not sustainable.

16) Diet without carbohydrates

For the carbohydrate-free diet, you must completely eliminate bread and pasta from the diet. This diet is very similar to the one designed to lose 3 kg in a week in a fast and healthy way. A menu that we have proposed to you in this diet goes precisely in the direction of eliminating any form of carbohydrate as much as possible. The diet will consequently be rich in proteins, fruits, vegetables and also a lot of nuts. This makes it look a bit like the high-protein diet, a bit like the vegetarian one. Surely it can be suitable for those who do not want to exaggerate in one way or another. It is very important to pay attention to the kidneys and liver: if you have problems with these two organs, it would be good to consult your doctor before embarking on independent diets, which should not be done for too long a period without being followed by a specialist. Also, do-it-yourself regimes risk “metabolism blocking” and weight loss.

17) Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a very special diet, which involves the elimination of carbohydrates in favor of proteins and fats. Cutting carbohydrates will lead the body to produce ketone bodies, substances that the body uses to survive in times of food shortage. These molecules are formed starting from fatty acids, in fact ketogenic diets usually consist mainly of foods rich in lipids (olive oil, butter, avocado…). Initially, it was born to treat children with drug-resistant epilepsy, but in recent years it has been very successful because it is able to lose many kilos in a short time, while preserving lean mass.

It has several scientific studies behind it that demonstrate its effectiveness, but it must absolutely be drawn up by a specialist in order not to incur useless protein excesses that would only tire the liver and kidneys. In addition, accuracy is essential: overshooting, even if slightly, would take the body out of the state of ketosis and undermine the effectiveness of the diet. The reintroduction of carbohydrates must then be gradual and based on precise timing. It is not an easy regimen to follow and the first times you may have symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, which will disappear after about 5 days, in correspondence with the entry into the state of ketosis.

18) Detox Diet

Detoxing with a Detox diet is not only useful for purifying the body after a period of overeating, but it is also excellent for losing weight. It is also sometimes ideal for lowering transaminase levels in the blood. The detox diet in fact involves the use of foods that do not tire the stomach, liver, intestines and that do not have a large caloric intake or an overly elaborate preparation. At the base of the diet we find cereals (whole and not), extra virgin olive oil to be used raw, nuts, seeds, white meats possibly from organic farming and legumes. It is also very important to drink lots of liquids (in different forms)to be able to increase diuresis and thus help the body to eliminate toxins much faster. The detox diet can be carried out over three or ten days depending on the purpose you want to achieve.

19) Parker Diet

The Parker Diet comes from the idea of ​​a British fitness and wellness expert: Louise Parker. In recent years it has been enjoying great success, especially among the famouseties including the names of Emma Thompson and Kate Middleton. In addition to establishing a mainly high-protein diet, the Parker Diet is also based on methods that reduce stress and increase physical activity. In particular, it is forbidden to use electronic or digital devices (mobile phones, smartphones, computers, TVs) beyond nine in the evening and in the context of physical activity you must not take less than 10,000 steps a day.

Curiosity: As for nutrition, however, it is a matter of dealing with 3 main meals a day and 2 snacks. These are divided by: 1 serving of protein of about 150-200 g (for example, eggs, fish, chicken breast, meat, tofu etc), 1 limited amount of low glycemic index carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, bran, fruit, grain-based foods etc) and 1 limited amount of fat: nuts, seeds, vegetable oils for seasonings.

20) Lipophidic Diet

The Lipophidic Diet is an effective diet and promises to lose 20 to 30 kg in four months. This type of food plan, however, is very limiting and drastic so it is advisable to follow this diet for a short period. Although it is a strict diet, it must still be said that it includes 3 main meals a day but also 2 snacks throughout the day. The diet of the Lipophidic Diet essentially consists of two phases:in the first, the body must get used to a series of limitations in nutrition (there is, in fact, a real list of prohibited foods: rice, pasta, white bread, fatty fruit, vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, etc.). The first stage lasts about 3 months. The second phase, on the other hand, provides for a period of maintenance time, always referring to the allowed foods and prohibited foods (you can find them at the direct link).

21) Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet is a strict diet, training and healthy lifestyle program that allows the champion to remain at the highest levels even at the age of 33. In detail, the diet includes a daily menu based on six meals a day with two snacks in the morning and one in the afternoon. Furthermore, dinner is always done by 8.30 pm in order to allow the body to digest completely before going to sleep.

22) Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that includes a very varied diet based on the seasonality of the products. It is one of the best weight loss diets in the world since it is considered the one that combines health, balance, conviviality and well-being. It is structured according to the pyramid scheme that shows the portions of food and the type to eat during the week: this diet is very vast and if it is not correctly declined by a dietician it may not achieve the desired dietary results. In our dedicated article we have elaborated an example of a weekly menu so you can get ideas while consulting a dietician / nutritionist.

23) TLC Diet

The TLC Diet is one of the best known slimming diets but it was born for other reasons and not exclusively for weight loss purposes. It is so called as an acronym for Therapeutic Lifestyle Change s and was born to lower cholesterol levels. Thanks to its low-fat diet it is also excellent as a diet to lose weight so as to keep cholesterol low at the same time. There is associated the need to do 40 minutes of daily physical activity such as brisk walking, running, gym, trying not to exceed 200 mg of cholesterol per day.

24) Fasting Mimicking Diet

The Fasting Mimicking diet is not properly part of weight loss diets. It is a diet that simulates fasting for a few days a year, without really fasting. This causes the body to regenerate and purify itself. It is a diet to be followed for a maximum of 5 days a year and which is designed for cell regeneration rather than for actual weight loss. In fact, Fasting Mime has as its objective a sort of purification of the organism in order to decrease the possibility of formation of tumor masses and slow down cellular aging. The Fasting Mimicking Diet® is an entirely plant-based low-calorie food protocol. It lasts 5 days and provides 1150 kcal on the 1st day and approximately 800 kcal from the 2nd to the 5th day.

25) Diet of Dr. Nowzaradan

Doctor Nowzaradan’s diet, broadcast on Real Time with his ” Vite al confine ” program, is a high-protein diet that can be structured in different menus of 800 or 1200 calories based on the historical moment of the slimming program developed by doctor. It is one of the slimming diets designed specifically for specific and problematic cases of severe obesity (BMI> 40 kg / m2). Low carbohydrates, non-starchy vegetables and proteins in different forms are the guidelines of a diet to eliminate excess weight quickly.

26) Diet 16/8 Intermittent Fasting

The intermittent fasting diet is one of the weight loss diets that are having success in recent times. It is also a useful diet to purify oneself and provides the possibility of breaking up the day by dedicating the time of the meal to “only” 8 hours a day. For example, you can eat from 12 to 20 and outside these hours only take water or liquids. This helps metabolism and cell turnover.

27) Rice Diet

The rice diet is a diet that is part of our list of the best weight loss diets to lose weight. It must be said, however, that this food strategy was born about 70 years ago even if it is not yet outdated since it is based on a main food to combat excess kg: rice. Thanks to its properties, in fact, rice was chosen as the staple food of this diet in order to improve the functioning of the kidneys in individuals and at the same time improve nutrition and lifestyle. This particular diet is based on 3 specific phases:

  • the initial one – which lasts 3 days – where you eat almost exclusively rice, fruit and vegetables
  • the second – which lasts about 9 days – where foods such as cereals and white meat are introduced
  • the third – maintenance – which serves to regulate the patient’s general lifestyle

28) Diet for celiac disease

This diet is not properly part of slimming diets but it is a mandatory diet for those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten. The Celiac Association divides foods into three large groups. The first includes permitted foods and are those that do not naturally contain gluten. The second group includes unsafe foods. Foods of this type should not contain gluten greater than 20ppm, and foods that should not have gluten but are at risk of contamination during the industrial processing process are also included in this group. Among these foods, an AIC handbook is created which, after checking their suitability, approves them as ” Gluten free”. Forbidden foods are those that naturally contain gluten, such as wheat.

29) Rina Diet

The Rina Diet is a type of diet that is characterized by the subdivision of nutrients to be taken from the day to day of the diet. In fact, it is a Dissociated Diet, which is based on the combination of different foods in order to enhance the weight loss process. For example, the first day of the diet is dedicated to proteins, the second to complex carbohydrates, the third to simple carbohydrates, the fourth to vitamins and so on. Furthermore, during the 29th day of the diet there is also a fast in order to cleanse the body and detoxify it. The Rina Diet is a fairly complex food strategy which, however, promises to lose about 25 kg in 90 days !

30) 3 Day Quick Diet

The 3-Day Quick Diet is a restrictive and strict eating regimen that, since it only needs to be followed for three days, could be the solution for many people. After a strong period of stress, improper nutrition or large binges, in fact, the 3-day fast diet is ideal. It is based on the basic concept of significantly reducing carbohydrate consumption by increasing protein intake. It is a variant of the Detox Diet to be followed exclusively for 3 days in order to deflate and improve water retention. (See also: Liver cleansing diet ).

31) Sirt Diet

The Sirt Diet is one of the food regimes that is enjoying the most success in the last period, thanks also to the effective results achieved through this diet. The witness of excellence of the effectiveness of the Sirt Diet is certainly the English singer-songwriter Adele who, in the space of a year, lost over 30 kg. It is a diet also known as the Lean Gene Diet and is very restrictive because it is based on a set of particular foods called Sirt Food. At the link above the complete diet with an example of the menu and the foods allowed.

32) Macrobiotic Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet is not a real diet but rather a real lifestyle. There are also many celebrities who have focused on this food strategy for a healthy lifestyle, such as the singer Madonna. It is a very ancient diet that dates back to the diet of Zen monks and the theory of Yin and Yang to establish a perfect balance in association with the foods to be preferred. Precisely for this reason it is very similar to the Mediterranean Diet because it is more about making a change in habits in relation to a healthy and active lifestyle. On a typical day of a macrobiotic diet, the substances to be taken are divided into:

50% carbohydrates from whole grains
20-30% of seasonal vegetables, cooked or raw
10-20% of white meats or fish with white meats, to be alternated with legumes, seitan, soy-based foods, etc.
10% seasonal fresh or dried fruit or seaweed and sugar and dairy free desserts

33) Liquid Diet

The Liquid Diet is a slimming strategy to be adopted exclusively for short periods in order to eliminate toxins, detoxify the body and give a boost to the metabolism in view of an effective weight loss. This diet, as the name suggests, completely eliminates the intake of solid foods. Therefore everything that can be taken must be liquefied. Below is an example of a menu to be adopted:

Breakfast: unsweetened fruit juice (eg orange or grapefruit) and a cup of herbal tea, infusion or tea.
Snack: mixed fruit smoothie of your choice (except banana apricot), unsweetened and at room temperature.
Lunch: mixed vegetable soup + herbal tea (e.g. fennel or anise)
Snack: a sugar-free fruit juice (eg orange, pineapple or peach) + vegetable juice or fruit smoothie with the addition of a little milk.
Dinner: vegetable soup + 120 grams of chicken or fish

34) Blackburn Diet or Dietary Liposuction

The Blackburn Diet, also known as “Dietary Liposuction” is a diet that has already been followed since the 1960s. Developed by Dr. Blackburn, it is designed to combat medium to severe obesity and promises to lose about half a pound a day. It is based on the drastic reduction of carbohydrate intake, activating the famous ketosis process with a fast and effective “liposuction effect”. Below is an example menu of the Blackburn diet:

Breakfast: whey protein drink or sugar-free coffee + multivitamin supplement
Snack: Supplement
Lunch: portion of about 180 gr. of lean meat such as chicken, turkey, veal or white fish such as cod, plaice, hake, sole + vegetables allowed (spinach, zucchini, aubergines, cucumbers) in quantity, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and lemon
Snack: supplement
Dinner: protein drink

35) Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet is a particular food strategy that is based on a very specific theory that divides foods into alkaline and acidic. We start from a reference scale of PH of foods ranging from 0 to 14. If the value of a particular food is lower than 7, it is an acidic food. Unlike an alkaline food. This diet, also known as the Alkalizing Diet, is therefore based on the consumption of alkalizing foods, that is: vegetables, fruit, legumes, dried fruit and excludes all those acidic foods such as meat, fish or dairy products. Ultimately, it is a very restrictive diet at the basis of which there would seem to be no specific studies that would demonstrate its benefits. As in all diets, in fact, we always recommend theI consult with a nutritionist or dietician who can explain well the overall economy of the diets we choose, going to develop a personalized food plan.

Diets and physical activity

Physical activity is always recommended in all diets. For those who are not used to it, it is not easy to decide to go to the gym, both for the timing, for the costs and above all for the willpower. Losing weight on an exercise bike at home is a great way to burn calories. First of all it’s handy, you can start with 10-15 minutes at a time, you can do it while listening to music or watching TV, it’s not expensive (you can also find cheap used exercise bikes). It can be practiced safely at home even in winter with bad weather. The exercise bikes have a stopwatch, a kilometer counter and a calorie counter, it is useful to record the progress made every day. You can start with two to three times a week for a few minutes and gradually increase to40 minutes every day, to have a really effective workout. See also: foods that make you lose weight.


These are examples of many of the most popular diets and diets in the world, without listing what is instead a diet that remedies gluten intolerance: the Gluten Free Diet, because in this case it is not made for weight loss but for remedy a chronic condition. Among the most common problems when dealing with a diet is the psychological aspect, the distortion of one’s eating habits in the type of food, and in the quantity. It is important to choose a diet that can be extended over time and that includes healthy and balanced foods in order to achieve lasting weight loss.

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