French-style nail art, delicate pastel nails, abstract designs: this year has made our nails into real artistic mini panels where each one can express its personality. And when it comes to celebrities, it’s Kylie Jenner, Billie Ellish and Lady Gaga who dictate fashion and new trends in the manicure world.

You might not be surprised by taking into account the latest fashion trends shown on the catwalks in Paris. In this list of trendy manicures, you are going to find an aesthetic inspired by the 2000s, but also super futuristic and modern designs.

Let’s not forget the big fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Versace. So, if you are a trendy lady who wants to be one of the first to try out these trendy manicure colors and designs, then don’t wait any longer and scroll down to the bottom. You will find plenty of ideas that will sublimate your hands in an exceptional and super elegant way.

The history of manicure

Flashback, more than 3000 years before Jesus Christ

The beginning of varnish would have started in China or ancient Egypt. The Chinese used a colored lacquer for their nails (a lacquer obtained from powdered rose petals, orchid petals, and alum). The Egyptians, on the other hand, tinted their fingernails a reddish-brown color obtained with henna.

The colors used had a very strong symbolism and determined the social rank. For example, red and black represented royalty. In Egypt, varnish characterized your social order: “Queen Nefertiti, wife of King Akhenaten, colored her fingernails and toenails ruby ​​red. Cleopatra preferred an intense rusty hue. Women of lower rank who colored their nails were allowed to use pale shades and no woman dared to display the color scheme used by the king or queen ”.

The Incas, on the other hand, were known to decorate their nails with representations of eagles ”. And yes, the first all nail art dates from the 15th century! Colored nails almost completely disappeared in Europe during the Middle Ages, only to return several centuries later, during the Renaissance.

From 1800 to today

The aristocrats let their fingernails grow (sometimes up to 25 centimeters!) To show that they were not doing manual labor. Here the varnish served to highlight its heritage and its privileges.

It will take another decade for varnish and manicure to “professionalize” and be used for purely aesthetic purposes. A big step for freedom of expression!

Finally, at the beginning of the 21st century, we saw the appearance of the first real nail polish. Indeed, in 1920, the professional makeup artist Michelle Ménard had the idea to put varnish on the nails by using car body paint. At that time, nail polish was considered vulgar, associated with actresses or prostitutes. It was the icon Marilyn Monroe (among others!) Who popularized the famous bottle in the 1940s.

In Europe, this new family of products will take off in the post-war years. From 1970, the main actors of beauty will gradually launch their nail polish.

Nail colors trends

On your nails, get set, go! It doesn’t matter whether we do our nails at home or go to a nail salon, as long as they are neat and presentable for the day at the pool or the aperitif on our favorite patio after work.

Nail polish is essential for makeup. Each season has its share of new colors and new effects. To not miss a single trend in nail polish, discover our file on the most beautiful trends. And of course, as some colors will never go out of style, discover the IT to have in your special manicure vanity.

Long Nails

We already know about this nails, but what’s amazing is that they will continue to be one of the major manicure trends. Maybe it’s because of Kylie Jenner showing off the latest incarnation of the trend on her Instagram profile. This abstract design inspired by designer Emilio Pucci has influenced quite a few manicures that you can find under the tag #abstractnails or #puccinails.

Nude or natural manicure

Natural nails fit perfectly into every outfit. So no need to try to match the manicure with your clothes. It’s the perfect design for women who are busy with their little babies or who don’t have time to go to the manicurist. So don’t worry if you haven’t hit your nail polish collection since the first lockdown started! The only thing to consider here is that you must have perfectly filed nails.

French manicure

The French manicure has officially become the eternal classic in the feminine universe! What a surprise ! We can already see it everywhere, but in a cooler version than ever – in color! Instead of a simple white tip, add a bit of glamor in the form of glitter, a fun color, or an unexpected touch. Another super trendy option for fall is to varnish the base and tip the same color, but in two different finishes – matte and gloss to create a delicate contrast. Awesome, right ?!

Glitter nails

Kiss the child in you and take the glitter out of your wardrobe! Manicures can be chic and cool, but why stop there? Whether you are looking for a sophisticated look or just want to have some fun at home, a little bit of glitter is never too much. You also have the option of combining autumnal shades such as orange with a metallic touch for an instant mood boost.

Purple Nails

On the nails, the trend will be a slightly paler and shinier purple, reminiscent of the infinity of the cosmos. The Butter London brand has an exclusive partnership with Pantone, declining its varnishes in different shades of purple.

Blue-lilac Nails

We will see it as much in beauty as on the clothes. It is a perfect color for spring since it evokes the softness and the blue of the sky!


Such a feminine, exuberant and joyful color! It’s the perfect balance between red, pink and mauve.

Robin egg blue

We have a real love story with this hybrid color between blue, green and turquoise, which alone succeeds in putting us in a good mood.

Sun yellow

It’s definitely one of the hottest colors this spring, and nails are no exception! Moreover, we will see many clothes with lemon motifs. If you are not sure if you want to dare this sunny color on your laundry, yellow is easier to wear as a varnish.

Pink ballerina

A neutral, classic and very soft color. Because you don’t always want to make a statement with your manicure either!

The trend of small squares

We rather like it on the side or the top of the manicure, with a wise base in nude or transparent shade, quite simply. Notice to the more agile among us: you will need some patience if you do it yourself and are not necessarily used to it.

50 shades of green

Do you love the color of hope? That turns out well ! All its shades are very popular this spring! Of course, we’re not here to sport special Christmas or Saint Patrick’s Day nails. We like shades like earthy green, chartreuse, shiny neon or even chic emerald. We are no longer limited to mint green or sea foam!

Velvet effect nails

A winter trend that continues to rise in rank! No, it’s not really velvet to stick on her nails. Here, we are talking more about a mirror effect. You may need a special magnetic polish or gel polish in order to achieve this famous color change by moving the nail. You can achieve a fairly similar result using a holographic varnish.

The trend of nails clouds

After this long winter, we finally see the blue sky and the white clouds that made us dream so much during our childhood. The most poetic among us will succumb to this very soft cloud manicure. We love ! And you ?

Alternate colors

We continue to add color to our lives with this pretty alternating colored manicure. You can of course play with pastel shades or go for a variation of colors. From red to pink for example, or from green to blue. Let your creativity and your desires speak for themselves!

The colorful French

Its popularity rating has not weakened, on the contrary! Except that we upset the codes by abandoning the famous white French manicure. This year, we dare all the colorful combinations on the tips of our nails.

Milky nails

Since pastel and nude colors are very popular for spring, milky nails are no exception! We love the softness, simplicity and chic of this manicure. As a bonus, it will be very easy to match it with all our spring outfits.

The permanent manicure

After having created a great craze when it appeared about ten years ago, the permanent manicure caused some disappointments due to a bad pose and especially a bad too aggressive removal technique. Yet, when done right, it is still very practical for flaunting pretty fingernails and toenails over time.

What is a permanent manicure?

The permanent or long-lasting manicure has become for some people a perfect cosmetic solution: it provides a flawless finish to the nails and no touch-up is necessary for two or three weeks. But this aesthetic practice has led to an increase in cases of dermatitis or allergic contact.

According to experts, acrylates are the main culprits. It is a type of substance found in nail polishes and cosmetic glues, such as those used for false eyelashes, as well as a variety of commonly used products such as adhesives, paint or dental materials, gel and acrylic nails. When used in glues or hardeners, their quantity is often not dosed correctly. This is often the case with kits found on the market (false nails, extensions, eyelashes, etc.).

What results can you expect exactly?

At the end of the service, the nails are dry, causing no risk of accident. The color is brilliant and the appearance is slightly rounded on the nail due to the thickness of the product. In terms of duration: “The optimal hold observed is two weeks,”

The pitfall would be to try to postpone the removal of your permanent manicure to make it last even longer. On the one hand, the nail grows below revealing the lunula. On the other hand, oxygen exchanges with the nail and the skin underneath no longer take place, which can eventually suffocate the nail and weaken it.

Why is the permanent manicure accused of damaging the nails?

Two steps are crucial in this manicure, and if done improperly, can damage the nail, according to the professional manicure:  

●Treatment of the nail before applying the semi-permanent: if the natural nail is too sanded on the surface, it will be damaged no matter what. Watch out for too abrasive “polishers” and electric sanders.

●The removal of the product: it must be carried out gently, with a specific solution. Tearing off the product or pulling on it will damage the natural nail by removing its surface layers.

Why choose a gel manicure for your nails?

Would you like to go for a gel manicure, but not sure if it’s a good idea? Here are some elements to help you make the decision to do this type of manicure!

A neat manicure to hide damaged nails

The gel manicure is ideal for camouflaging damaged nails or avoiding biting them if you cannot reason with yourself! So by applying this UV gel, you ensure an irreproachable manicure ! Are the nails sometimes brittle, streaked or not very pretty? The gel manicure ensures a perfect appearance. With great shine and smooth appearance, your hands will be beautified.

A natural look thanks to the gel manicure

Don’t worry about the look of your manicure ! Made with the application of a gel, you will get a truly natural look. The gel manicure guarantees a very close to natural look and much more realistic than the application of a resin. The gel is applied in a thin layer and does not create layers that are too thick and which would appear too artificial.

Vary the pleasures by adding fantasy to your manicure

The gel manicure has the advantage of giving free rein to your creative spirit! You can choose from a multitude of colors and varied shades. But you will also have the possibility to make a nail art decoration if you are gifted or to opt for the application of stickers. With a few tips you will get a really nice result! And the advantage is that you can easily remove the stickers without damaging your manicure.

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