Best Instagram Captions In 2021

Stop following others.
Only you can do like this.

Humans are like insects in this universe.

More you make mistake, more you learn, so keep doing it.

Don’t be afraid to be you.

Age is just a number.

When you and I are together the world stops.

Those who eat eggs but not a chicken then, please anyone should tell them that egg is the unborn baby of chicken.

By hook or by crook.

I wish I have a delete button for my memory.

Hey, you F off!!!

Motivate yourself today it will save you tomorrow.

King will be always king.

Never settle with this.

Success means nothing for Successful people.

This is your life and your choice of how to live it.

You will always be in my Instagram stories.

BAE: Before After Eat.

Love makes people mad.

Meet me now for free because from tomorrow you have to make an appointment just to meet me.

Communication is more important than you think.

Leave me alone or sit on the throne.

Smoking is not a bad thing. People do it for bad.

Work today, fun tomorrow!

I’m not a forgotten thing.

I still miss my ex but now my aim is different.

Prince always comes to his princess.

You are the extraordinary person I’ve ever met.

Change your thinking not you.

Success is not a thing that can be yours anytime.

Flying like a free bird.

Today I’m giving you what belongs to you.

Show them what you are.

Born to rule not to follow.

Be you. Not anyone.

A man born with an attitude and dies with an attitude.

You and I will cross all the hurdles together.

Live an adventurous life.

Run Work Eat Repeat.

Looking for a better one.

Life is like cricket, you have to face every single ball.

A book has soo many chapters to read.

Keep smiling coz you are doing it well.

Its time to let it go.

Silence is better than an annoying argument.

Love you mom, love your smile.

People will judge you, it is their only job.

I want to see your smile for my whole life.

“Results or Excuses” Your choice.

Excuses ruin your dreams.

Never explain yourself to others.

Never ever say NEVER to anyone.

Here or there, Tiger will always be a tiger.

Giving up is a coward thing.

Save trees save you!

Go and find the correct person for you.

Be with it.

People see what they want to.

Don’t let people laugh at you.

Even I have something for you, that’s my heart.

Be strong enough to walk alone.

Whenever you face your death, Say “not today.”

Doing crazy things feels good.

Tall people always have issues with their height.

Unbreakable bull!

Don’t do what people want.

Always respect who respects others.

It will become easy one day.

You will need me one day.

Stop regretting after doing such things.

Attitude can make a huge difference.

You can me or my memories.

Freedom is the right for all.

Best Short Status for Instagram

Respect others to get respect.

You, I and this world.

Animals are dangerous enough to kill humans but still, In the circus, they dance for human being.

Man will always be man but woman becomes aunty.

Tigers never ask anyone to take something. They take what they want.

I don’t need to give you an explanation I know I’m right.

Do not adjust for long whenever it becomes habit.

Be with that one who will take care of you like no one.

Amazing people are always amazing like me.

Be the king not prince.

Let your attitude show who you really are!

I don’t like brands coz whatever I wear becomes branded itself.

Girls are too lazy to play outside compared to boys.

All boys are as cute as little Krishna.

Work smartly or hardly!

Beg it or grab it.

Real men never disrespect girls.

Drinking is not a bad habit… Too much drinking is!

Show your attitude to your problem.

It’s all up to you.

Don’t assume too much

Everybody says that I’m changed but they will never know that their time and I, both have changed.

Don’t assume too much, sometimes assumptions become your enemy.

No one is stopping you to love someone.

I like to buy things which I love.

When your friends start copying you that means you are successful now.

Don’t do stupid things just to impress silly girls.

Change the person who doesn’t like your attitude.

Don’t ask a girl to stay.

I don’t hate anyone.

Will you always do creepy things??

Boys can handle any situation but girls can’t.

Your attitude decides your place in this world.

Begging things is beggar’s work, you have to earn that thing.

Don’t let your precious life go, just for silly girls.

Walk alone coz there is no competitor for you.

Don’t let your precious life go, just for stupid reasons.

Success will be your strength one day.

Love me as you do.

People will break you, hurt you and annoy you, but they can’t stop you.

There are two choices for you – I or ME.

Short & Cute Instagram status for Girls

Overconfidence is not a bad thing, it is just OVER.

Dad’s angel.

Love, Lust, Like, what you want.

Love her take her to respect her.

Don’t need sunglasses.

I love you!

Barbie doll!

I don’t believe in explanations, I only believe in actions.


Pink everywhere.

Judge me or do gossip about me, (I Don’t Care).

Never cheat a loyal girl it could ruin her life.

Women are the key to many things. Either she can rise you like a star or she can pull you down to earth.

LOL (Love Over Lust)

Instant love is bullshit, there is no love without benefits.

My New look and I like it.


Don’t underestimate girls coz they can do anything.

If you are loyal to a girl then she will never leave you.

Respect her.

I deserve better than I have.

Pink lips.

Wear shorts on the beach.

Want to grab your hand and walk through this world.

Let the game begin.

The universe is incomplete without women.

Best Short Status for Instagram

Don’t care too much.

The truth is always bitter but better.

Let me in!

Illegal Weapon!

Want you in my mother’s good books.

Sunny Day!


A bad chapter can make a whole book bad.

Love the way I am.

Stand up and play outside.

A smiling face can be your smile.

Sometimes, problem is not the main problem.

I know me very well.

Let the life annoy you.

Focus on the worst so that you can improve it.

Take a chill pill.

Life is nothing without crazy people.

Be better for better.

Your heart is very kind.

Short Status for Instagram Pictures (Pics)

Be Real in the fake world.

Love is a hurtful thing.

Be a part of good books.

You will regret while leaving me.

Just the way you Are!

Never depend on others.

Outsiders will always be outsiders.

Worry less, enjoy more.

Don’t be quit in front of others.

The best is about to come.

Best Short Status for Instagram

“I’m done with you” is very rude sentence but also a true one.

Don’t give multiple chances to the same person.

“YOU” means a lot to someone.

Take breathe and walk.

Ruin the thing that ruins you.

People have their own secrets which is meant to be hidden.

There are only few people on whom you can trust.

I’m not here for you, I’m here for our relation.

Don’t do that thing which makes you feel guilty after.

Always wear a helmet because this little thing can save your huge life.

Not gonna help you anyone.

If someone makes fun of you let them do this.

Share your feelings with others it will make you feel better.

Show off the things only in front of fake people.

I can do anything for you except leaving you.

If you forget your past. This means you learn nothing from it.

When I was a child my father used to play with me but now I have my own excuses to say NO.

Never forget who you really are!

Work until your relatives call you for “NO REASON.”

There is nothing free in this world even water.

Waiting for that day, when you will regret losing me.

I can’t love anyone as I do to you.

No more lies I’m tired of it.

Never get soo busy so that you can’t give time for yourself.

I can’t change until you are same.

This is the first and last we met.

You are here for my care!

Be the reason for someones smiling face.

Don’t let anyone mess your life. It’s damn your life not their.

This is my personality love this or hate! It’s up to you.

Instagram status for Boys Pics

Good people are rare to find.

Sportspersons never give up.

People do what they want. You do what you WANT.

Rare is Care.

Cute selfie with love.

A man with Lamborghini can steal anything.

I don’t have time for worries.

Build your own empire.

School is the place which I like the most.

Boys never settle.

Be the king, not a soldier

Don’t put anyone in trouble.

Make some noise.

Stay handsome, Stay dashing.

It’s my birthday today.

I’m not a good guy. I AM BAD ONE.

Keep Quite, Keep Calm!

Don’t let people decide your future.

Love like everything and hate like nothing.

Cute Instagram Captions

Let people show off because it is their nature.

“Hold on guys” I’m coming.

Ask before Do.

Never let cigarette smoke you.

Motivate yourself every day.

Be the voice of people.

Doing nothing is better than something creepy.

Everyone has different desires in their life.

Let the things happen for some time.

“WANT” this word is very easy to say but very tough to fulfill.

Believe in you.

Nature f**k the whole world when it comes up to it.

Sunshine of my life.

Funny Instagram Captions

Take a deep breath and take rest.

Loving is caring but caring is sharing.

I love you more than Instagram Stories.

You will never break my heart, I know this.

Winners don’t make excuses.

I don’t need to be perfect coz “I AM PERFECT.”

In the end, it’s all about “SEX.”

Don’t be desperate.

I don’t need to show my attitude in front of anybody.

I’m happy enough to make anyone jealous.

Dream big, Work big.

Think before speak.

Be strong, live strong.

Only you can deserve my love, the rest of the world is useless.

I feel better when you’re with me.

You make my day wonderful.

You are not perfect for me, you just keep me smile.

Success will never come to you until you want it hard.

Bitter is little.

A vodka shot is enough to make you high.

Don’t wait for it, work for it.

No one will wait for you, just move on.

I believe in myself.

Attitude is like a brand new shoe.

The attitude should have its limits.

Your beautiful smile makes me strong enough to fight with any situation.

People deserve better than they think.

My GF is my GF none of your GF.

Nobody dies virgin coz life f**k us all.

Only a mother can understand inner YOU.

Girls are like an object which is most distractful.

When you smile, my heartbeat stops.

Best Short Status for Instagram

It will be your duty to bring her smile.

There is no comparison between boys and girls.

Respect who respects you.

Suicide is not the solution to solve all your problems.

Uniqueness is not the bad thing, it’s a different thing.

A mirror never lies, you should just have the power to face it.

Suicide is for cowards So, if you really are, then do this.

Stop Being nice to someone, it could be worse.

Attitude is the only thing that you can’t afford.

Girls are very complicated to read.

A real girl never asks a single penny from boys.

I know how to handle a guy very well.

Trust is like thread once it breaks. It Breaks.

Don’t let anyone distract you from your goals.

Pubg is not a girl thing.

Let the people know who you are.

Stop hiding your feelings, let them know what you think.

Every smile has its own story.

Everyone has a love story but mine is different.

Sorry but I am happy with my attitude So, keep the things out of me.

There is no one in this world to support you.

I don’t know why the world sees girls through different eyes.

Baby Doll!

No need to be afraid until I’m with you.

Short Status For Instagram Bio

You can’t force anyone to stay.

Always be real to get real.

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

Push yourself to do more.

Hate me, it’s your loss.

Be strong to be hard.

Work hard until you grab it.

This is my passion and I will do it.

Win, if you CAN.

Let’s have some fun.

There is nothing cheap in this world you just have to know it’s value.

Excuse makes no sense.

Money has no value if you have so many.

Never quit in front of anyone.

Raise your voice to the world it will know your value.

Peg after peg.

I will never let you go if you go then I have no reason to stay in this world.

I just want you in my life.

Success only goes for those who are worth it.

Run if you RUN.

There are two people in the world. one is real and one is fake, it’s your choice with whom you wanna go with.

Instagram Captions

Life is all about Sex.

Don’t miss it.

Truth always hurts.

Think before anyone judges.

Style makes your personality good, not your inner soul.

Better to be strong from inside than outside.

If you can’t love then don’t pretend it.

People always do crazy things when they are happy.

Close your past book, just open a new book and read it.

Love needs people to trust.

Treat me well or go to hell.

You don’t need to be perfect.

Who cares.

Always wear some cute smile on your face.

Trust is like a thread once it is broke then it will never be as before.

Never cheat on anyone.

Social media is just a way to show people how cool your life is.

I will do it for you if you want.

A photograph is all about the angle.

I don’t trust words I trust actions.

Instagram Status is just an illusion reality is different.

Sometimes saying NO is OK.

Attitude is not for those who pretend to be Cool but are actually cool.

Sometimes reality is different.

Mirror doesn’t lie.

I don’t like my personality, I’m mad about it.

Quitting things is only for looser.

Winners make their own way.

Marriage is an invisible jail for men. hahaha…

Now I ask from my life to give problems because I know how it resolves it.

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