The next few years promise to be some of the best for entrepreneurs. Everyone wants to know what the profitable businesses will be for this year, so today we will talk about it to be able to start undertaking a new project.

If you are thinking of being your own boss, want to change jobs and create new sources of income, these business ideas that you will find in this guide will be very useful.

Before sharing these small business ideas with you , I would like to clarify the following for you: although the idea is important within a venture (and there are million-dollar ideas), I think the most important thing is execution.

50+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas Today

It’s no use having great entrepreneurship ideas if you don’t do anything about them with them. It is useless to want to undertake that dream that you have in your mind, but you have the courage to go out and make what you have been planning for so long a reality.

Once I have made this clear, I want you to see this list of small business ideas as a source of inspiration and information, with which you can find, define and combine your own business idea.

  1. Manufacture / sale of prefabricated houses

These types of prefabricated houses are very common in countries like the United States or Canada, but not in US. But everything has changed, for some years people have preferred to give prefabricated houses a try, either because of their low costs or because of the assembly time. It is a very profitable business that promises great growth.

  1. Manufacture / Sale of mobile homes

Mobile homes are a great advantage for all those who want to take a trip, and in the last 2 years there has been a great increase in sales throughout US. Where RVs became the first choice for all travelers. The manufacture of mobile homes leaves a very high profit percentage, which is why it is an interesting option to ride.

  1. Offer credits and loans online

As we all know, requesting a loan from a bank is not an easy task, because they require many requirements and not to mention the interest rate. Therefore, online loan companies are in high demand, becoming a great business opportunity. If you have a lot of capital and don’t know what to do, here is a great option. Of course, before starting you must learn what raised you must have when starting this type of business.

  1. Mobile restaurant or food truck

Food Trucks have become one of the most successful businesses, due to the ease of starting them and also because of the opportunity to move the business wherever you want. At the moment the Food Trucks of beer type beverages have shown great interest towards public, being a great opportunity.

  1. Rental of soccer field 5 (artificial grass)

Soccer fields 5 have been one of the most profitable businesses to the past year and it is expected that after the pandemic it will continue to grow. The main reason why it is an excellent venture is because of its low investment and also because of the recovery of the investment, which is short-term. Therefore, if you are looking for profitable businesses this year, this is one of them and even more so that the world one is approaching.

  1. Installation of solar panels

Renewable energy has sparked interest in people, and many of them have started with the idea of ​​living a green life. Solar panels are a great business opportunity, as it is a business that is booming. Therefore, it is an opportune time to sell and install these panels.

  1. Manufacture and rent / sell chemical toilets

Both the manufacture and the rental and sale of chemical toilets are highly profitable, although for their success a high population is needed since the main clients will be companies that organize different events, concerts or construction companies.

  1. Sale of drones

Since the launch of drones on the market, their popularity has not stopped growing. Well, drones are very useful, currently they are used for several things, but their main use is in the audiovisual world. If you were looking for small business ideas, this is one of them, where everything related to Drones will have a great increase throughout this year and the next year, and not only drones, but also the different tools that are coupled to it.

  1. Cafeteria and bookstore

Reading a book while enjoying a good coffee has become a true passion, which is why this business is becoming a traction for entrepreneurs. Many people have decided to select this style of cafeteria, due to its tranquility.

  1. Products and services for pets

Pets are undoubtedly one more member of the family, so the care and attention is the same as for any other member. For this and much more, products and services for pets are one of the best small business ideas to undertake. In addition, they are businesses that do not need a great planning to start it, nor a great investment.

  1. Sale of Plotter for Vehicles and Windows

Currently the plotter is used in almost all things, but the most common is the use in vehicles, either to promote a business or only for anastomized. But not only vehicles, but emerging businesses also use it to promote their products or to decorate their windows. This micro-enterprise does not need a large investment and its profits are very high. Without a doubt, it will be one of the best profitable businesses for this year and the next year.

  1. Vending machine business

If you are looking for a profitable small business business ideas for this year and the next year, vending machines are a great opportunity. Well, if you have a good investment budget, vending machines can be an excellent option, since they can be located in different private or public places. It is a small business ideast hat will be working for you for 24 hours.

  1. English school

Some years ago the language schools have come back, due to the great demand in the jobs. Nowadays it is essential to know English, which is why offering this service is a great small business ideas and opportunity. If you know English or have a budget to invest, it is a great option, you can also offer advice through the Internet.

“Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later.” – More Quotes

  1. Electronic cigarette store

Many people are becoming aware of the damage that cigarettes produce in the body, and most opt ​​for electronic cigarettes, which help reduce tobacco consumption. This is expected to be one of the most successful profitable businesses for this year and the next year, since throughout past year it was in great demand.

  1. Tattoo and piercing shop

Tattoos and piercings never go out of style, it is quite the opposite, every day more people are added to this fashion. Tattoos have always been a profitable small business ideas, due to the work that goes into making them and their designs. If you have a talent for drawing and tattooing, this is an excellent option to undertake.

  1. Crossfit and gym

Undoubtedly, these two smal business ideas always remain in the booming business category, because people never lose interest and it is for a simple reason … health and aesthetics. Most customers are usually constant, so there are always customers and also there are other micro-niches that can be added to the same business, such as zumba, dances or different trainings. If you were looking for profitable businesses in towns, without a doubt, it is an excellent idea to undertake.

  1. Demolition business

In large cities, vacant lots no longer exist, so in order to build a new building, it must first be demolished. And that’s where this business comes in, being one of the most profitable in the business. If you have a good capital, this is a project not to waste, also you will not only work for individuals, but also for companies and / or municipalities.

  1. Interior design services

It is a known fact that not everyone has the glamor or the good taste for things, and that is how the interior design service was born. Which are responsible for transforming the different spaces of the home and turning them into what the client needs.

Like everything in design, it is one of the most profitable businesses since they charge excellent fees and also tend to have agreements with contractors. If you were looking for future businesses, this is one of them.

  1. Wedding planner

Carrying out a wedding requires a lot of effort, organization and strategy. While the bride and groom may be able to do it, but if they do not have the necessary experience it could be chaos. Which is why most couples offer to pay so that planners can fulfill their dream of the perfect wedding.

Now, to start in this good business ideas you do not need a large investment, since what counts here is the experience and the contacts to get the decorations, catering, etc. It is one of the profitable and cheap businesses for this year and the next year with the most boom at the moment, which is why it is the ideal time to undertake this project.

  1. Self defense service

The personal security business has grown a lot in recent months, as people often invest their money to learn a little defense. Now, this service is not only responsible for teaching how to defend yourself against an attack by a stranger, but it also teaches things for day to day, such as competitiveness and discipline. Like other training businesses, it is very profitable and has a high demand.

  1. Bodyguard small business ideas

Nowadays with the insecurity that exists in the whole world, it is always good to have a bodyguard. In general, the people who handle money are potential customers, so when setting up the business, planning should be done. Since as I said, most likely they will hire famous services, politicians, businessmen, etc. Although it is not a business with high demand, but if it is planned well it can be generated very well.

  1. Invest in binary options, forex or the stock market

Investments are usually one of the best alternatives to make more money, and even more so if you invest in a market as magnificent as the financial one. Now, you always have to have a good strategy to invest in the stock market or in binary options. But without a doubt, many people earn thousands just by moving money.

  1. Manufacture of fences or barbed wire fences

The manufacture of fences is one of the profitable businesses that goes unnoticed the most, where its demand is enormous. Since it is used to delimit different spaces or to fence fields, schools, farms, etc. The machinery is usually very inexpensive, which makes this small business ideas very good.

  1. Air conditioning service

The air conditioning business is more current than ever, as each closed space will require this equipment. As well as its corresponding annual maintenance.

  1. Business to Customize or Customize Cars

We know very well that cars are toys on a large scale and for older children, because when it comes to cars, men are the ones who lose their minds the most and also lose money. Car customization is a way to add that touch of distinction, making it an excellent niche to undertake.

Currently the labeling or the placement of vinyls is the one that is in full swing, and the main modification that is being made.

  1. Advertising and marketing agency

Advertising agencies are one of the profitable online businesses ideas with the most demand in past year and they will be this year and the next year. Well, today all businesses need an advertising and marketing strategy to be able to constantly get new clients.

  1. Develop mobile applications

As we all know, in recent years there has been a great increase in the market for smartphone applications. If you were looking for profitable businesses for this year, this is undoubtedly one of the best, as companies usually pay thousands for applications or ideas.

  1. Automobile services

We know that any car-related small business ideas is very profitable, which is why offering car care services is an excellent investment idea. People often go to different specialists to stay safe, so if you want something profitable and long-term business, this is your opportunity.

  1. Self-service laundry

This business is ideal to set it up in central places, if there are universities nearby, much better. Well, the people who buy this service are those who cannot do it at home or because they are people who need to do it quickly.

  1. Online Accounting Services

Did you know that many companies look for this type of service online? Well, there are many SMEs or microenterprises that opt ​​for an online accounting service, since their costs cannot be covered with their own manager.

  1. Dentistry Center

Every year thousands of dental doctors are received, where many of them do not have the capital to set up their own practice. So if you have money to invest, you can start a dental center and rent it to professionals or hire them. Which is a successful idea that always works successfully.

  1. Make toilet paper

As we know, toilet paper is a great profitable small business ideas for this year, as it is something necessary in everyday life. And the good thing about this business is that it only takes a few machines to manufacture it.

  1. Make disposable diapers

Although it may not seem like it, the disposable diaper industry is very large, since it is used by both babies and older adults. And unlike other businesses, this one can be started with only sewing machines and raw materials.

  1. Make liquid soap

Liquid soaps are usually another of the profitable and easier businesses to carry out, because in addition, no sophisticated machine is needed for their preparation. You just need to have the ingredients and you want to, if you want, on the blog there is more information on how to make it.

  1. Driving school

The driving school is another of the this year endeavors that are always in force, as people need and want to learn to drive with professionals. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to undertake.

  1. Craft Breweries

In recent times it has been seen that people’s palate is becoming increasingly refined, being a great opportunity to start a craft brewery small business ideas. It is estimated that by this year breweries will be one of the profitable businesses with the most growth. This is one of the best business ideas for teens.

  1. Sale of Wines

Wine is one of the drinks with the highest percentage of profits in the market, since there is a great variety and each one with different prices. A wine can cost 10 dollars or go up to thousands of dollars, without a doubt this year it will continue to be profitable as in previous years.

  1. Baby store

Everything that is intended for babies is profitable, be it clothing or different items. Also, people often spend a lot of money for babies, due to happiness and excitement. Being an excellent small business ideas and opportunity for entrepreneurs.

  1. Care services for the elderly

We know that many people do not have enough time to take care of their relatives, and even more so when it comes to older people. Reaching the point of resorting to this kind of services, either in particular or through a company that offers such services.

  1. Make cockroach poison

Cockroaches are usually one of the most well-known pests in homes, which is why the manufacture of cockroach poison is one of the most profitable businesses with the highest growth. The remarkable thing is that this new business ideas can be carried out with a simple or industrialized manufacturing.

  1. Manufacture Disposable Clothes for Hospitals and Clinics

In the different hospitals and clinics they usually use disposable clothes, like sheets, etc. Being an excellent option the manufacture of this clothing.

  1. Hair removal center

Hair removal centers are usually more than a profitable small business ideas, as it is an undertaking that always offers the possibility of growing even more by adding more services. As it can be massages, tanning, and other aesthetic things.

  1. Candy Bar

Another profitable small business ideas for this year and this year is the Candy Bar, a venture that leaves many profit margins and the great possibility of continuous growth. For those who do not know, the Candy Bars are in charge of offering the catering of sweets for parties and different events.

  1. Real Estate Business

By this year it is estimated that sales and rents will increase considerably, so the real estate small business ideas for home will continue to be one of the best businesses to undertake.

  1. Second Hand Business

Although it the best business that has existed for a long time, today it has once again become one of the most profitable due to the economic recession in different countries.

  1. ​​Start a restaurant

Restaurants will continue to be one of the most profitable businesses and this year and the next year the best is coming for this area, which had had a recession this year. If you are good at gastronomic you cannot ignore this business, for more info

  1. Home health services

This is another of the best small business ideas to start that you can implement today, since many people avoid leaving home to protect themselves during this pandemic, but they still need regular medical check-ups or tests.

Offering the home sampling service will allow you to generate recurring and significant income, given the number of people interested in this.

  1. Furniture restoration

Furniture restoration is one of the businesses with the lowest investment, it is a small business idea that can be started from home without any problem. Where the knowledge and skill for such work is mainly needed.

  1. Mobile bar business

The mobile bar is one of the new trends in business, if you are looking for an easy idea to start and that is booming, because a mobile bar is an excellent micro-enterprise for you. Which can be implemented in many ways adapting to all projects, both low investment and for higher budgets.

  1. Water bottling plant

If you were looking for profitable businesses, bottling water is one of them, a high investment venture but that provides security and very high profits. The good thing is that it allows us to undertake in many ways and anywhere, without the need to be near a spring. If you have enough money to invest, this is an idea that you cannot miss.

  1. Hairdresser / Barbershop

Hair salons and barbershops have always been profitable businesses and will continue to be this year. In addition, it is a low-investment micro-enterprise that can be set up even from home, if one wishes.

Well, this was the list of profitable businesses for this year and the next year. In the week the second part will come with more ideas and ventures …

  1. Sale of AutoPartes

As we know, vehicles always need some type of repair, so the sale of auto parts is always in great demand. You can set up your own store or go online and resell from home. The good thing about starting from home is that you avoid making large investments. Of course, it is recommended to carry out a preliminary investigation to determine which brand is the one with the most demand.

  1. Personal loans

This is one of the profitable businesses in US that is generating the most money, since many people require loans to be able to undertake their projects or to give themselves some personal taste. If you have a clear understanding of finances, you can offer such services that make big profits.

  1. Pet bakery

Healthy pet food has become an idea in high demand, which can be started from home without any problem, because it falls into the category of Internet businesses. You can bake the food and sell it online. It is a home business ideas that leaves excellent profit margins and is low investment.

  1. Coffee Bike

A start up business ideas that is becoming fashionable in US and also in many other countries. It is about offering mobile cafeteria services, where the good thing about this system is that a quality product can be offered, just like a cafeteria but on the street. In addition, it gives us the possibility of trying different sites, being a great advantage compared to a cafeteria with a local.

  1. Car Rental

Car rentals are a great business opportunity for those tourist cities or areas where students reside. An easy-to-start micro-enterprise that does not involve much investment capital, where the return on investment is 12 months, being one of the best businesses that leave money.

  1. Spa business

There are many profitable this year businesses, but the Spa is one of the best opportunities to undertake, due to the high profit margin it provides. In addition, it is an idea that works very today, because many people have taken the Spa as a way to relax and at the same time to take care of themselves. If you want your own business, this is an excellent option.

  1. Boutique Clothing Sale

The sale of clothing will always be on the rise and will be one of the best small business ideas to undertake. A clothing boutique gives us job flexibility and excellent earnings.

I hope you liked these small business ideas for women with little investment (little money), if you want to learn how to make a plan to set up your idea, I recommend reading: What is a Business Plan and how to create one?

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